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    by , 05-09-2018 at 10:00 AM (195 Views)
    old friends part 2
    I am talking with ELoise, another old friend, and catching up. But she then turns into a guy I hardly know, but in the dream I seem to know him very well, and I have had a relationship with him (although in real life it was actually with Eloise) I tell him thank you, for going through all of that (now becoming semi lucid) and that strange awkward relationship, because it made be become who I am today, but then I get a pang of something else, like there was a way I am now that isnt right, but it is too late to turn back and change things. I do an RC and check again the weight of my arm (thanks #hukif ) and go searching for my daughter, I call out her name and find her. Then I tell her to do an RC, and she pinches her nose, and I fly high with her, and drop down fast and finally put her back home, where she now has changed to my youngest daughter, she asks if we can dream together the next night, and I say sure thing.
    2 Trap Door
    I am busy renovating the house, I knock out the bottom of the kitchen area to reveal the original real floor of the kitchen, which is about 20 inches deeper than the current floor. I can see all sorts of differences with this original floor, its like peeking back in time at the old kitchen. Suddenly a large rock is moving and it is a huge spider carrying a rock on its back. It creeps me out, and then something else is coming foreward, out of the ground, in this dark scary place - and creature with a swirling purple body. And I spot another that is following it. I say we need to block this part off of the kitchen again and not think about it!!
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