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    27-04-13 : The moon, Cardia and getting back into action

    by , 04-27-2013 at 01:55 PM (351 Views)
    I take some melatonin (3 pills) 1 pill of Galatimine and after going back to bed and wait for the vibrations to kick in. It's been a while and my natural ability to WIlD or even get lucid has all but disappeared - need to train again and stop relying on pills :/

    .... I go under, a nice comfortable sleep paralysis, trying to raise the vibrations by focusing them into my chest chakra. I scream releasing the energy, I still can't raise it to be as strong as it was though, something is missing.

    ... I walk a bit, the dream is not fully formed, I scream at it to clarify, to become clearer - but it only comes to for a few minutes, crisp then blurring into fading into nothing. This happens a few times, the lucidness only lasting for a brief few seconds...

    (partial lucid from this point)

    ... I am on a boat, sailing somewhere - it is a steel mechanical thing - we have quite a few passengers - possibly 10 - 20, we seem to be travelling to the same place....

    .... inside a shack, a man is standing opposite me - I use telekinesis to lift a cup (or sponge?) and fly it around the room - to my surprise he counters my powers and uses telekinesis on the cup as well. It is time to go to my destination - but where? Where is the clock tower - where is Cardia? (The images on the page did not work (IRL) so I realize I have no way to locate it)

    SO I take the second option - I try to go and meet Raven and Nomad on the moon as I know they are all back in action - I chant and create a portal - both using a strong intent on the destination and the people. The portal starts to open, but stubbornly so - not much of an opening really - so I leap through - but everything goes black, the dream has just fallen apart, I have to will the dream to reform and then try again, the portal opens and I jump through a second time - and the dream starts to fall apart AGAIN - now this is really pissing me off - one last time, after the portal has opened and I jump through I force into being the surface of the moon - but no, this is all wrong, this is just a pale comparison to what is should be like - this is just my own rough sketch of the place but not really the place.

    I am able to go anywhere I like now, why is the moon still causing me trouble? I will ask my dream guide to take me there next time

    .... Back on the boat, we are heading back, people are sitting in rows, lined up on the boat. The water is murky - really dark and dirty, the floor of the boat is made up of sheets of metal - but I need to go back - to get someone? I think I need to go back and get someone?...

    ... We have come to the shore, our journey is over - I get out and come onto a street, we seem to be in a town, it is at night - I cannot remember which way I came from though - up or down the street? I choose down and get lost in a small shopping center - where am I ?
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