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    27/04/18 -

    by , 05-08-2018 at 11:21 PM (264 Views)
    27/04/18 -
    Pre Sleep - focused on target, was able to keep focus a little longer this time.
    1 I am at some kind of a party, inside a large building going up some stairs, lights are flashing in time with the music, and I am going up to the top room. (the Actress) Jennifer Lawrence is with me for some reason, and we are hanging out, then (the actor) Antonio Banderas starts to talk to me, he's actually flirting with me which makes me feel uncomfortable, then approaches me and kisses me! Jennifer Lawrence, who apparently had other ideas thinks I swing that way and excuses herself. I manage to escape the clutches of Mr Banderas and start to mingle with other people in the party. Now I am at a bar, and talking to a french Actor. And I get a long shot now of where I am sitting, the camera zooms out - the whole party is taking place inside a small caravan, and on the outside it is rocking back and fourth, the neighbours in the area are not impressed! Inside I am talking to this actor (who usually plays a good ball) and actually is a great guy
    2 I remember that I have a dentist appointment (which I really did have first thing in the morning) and I rush out of the house, in reality the dentist is just down my road, but in this dream reality this street is made up of many places I have visited in dreams before, and places that I lived close to in real life - its all mingled together. SO I walk past the cinema (which I recall from a few dreams years ago) and think I have gone too far - I am SURE the dentist was around here somewhere! Then my friend from childhood is walking along with me, trying to help me find the dentist, I am now semi lucid, even though I still feel I need to get to the dentist. My friend is telling me about his marriage, his life, and how happy he is - but its not about his waking life, but about his dream life, he s been married since '82 (he would have been 4 years old) and has kids and just prefers this reality better, where in real life he is single, has an on again off again relationship with a woman who has a kid from a previous marriage. I feel for him, its good to see him happy but isn't it all an illusion? Or maybe it isnt, thinking about Hukif's dream life, maybe it isn't.
    3 I am walking back home on a dark road through a forested area, my dad and my family are with me. Suddenly we come across a whole herd of animals crossing the road from out of the forest, it is a beautiful sight, animals of all shapes and sizes, of all colors. My dad stands there as some huge white fluffy squirrel things climbs up his arms and perch on him for a while. And as I continue to walk I come across a strange fox, he has short stubby legs and a grumpy face. He has the proportions and size more similar to a crocodile. He is blocking my path, at first I am a bit hesitant, but then I realise he is not dangerous and so I gently pick him up, his grumpy face still not changing - and I set him down carefully on the other side of the road
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