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    6/5/18 - 7/5/18

    by , 05-09-2018 at 10:03 AM (310 Views)
    I am at a boxing club, with my family; I am looking at some photos they have around the place and see a signed photo of Rocky Balboa - which underneath says 'you're the best - around' (apparently he trained at the boxing club) and then that same song comes on the radio (from the karate kid) as everyone trains and it is super cheesy. I then hang out with Mike Tyson for a while because apparantly we are friends
    2 Watching a tv show about a sci themed thing, a virus has escaped or something. Some guy is supposed to be a donor, and everyone is super impressed, but then he runs away in a dark tunnel because he is scared.
    1 Titus
    dream fragment of hanging out with titus andronicus, from that tv show, and he is dressed in a black sheet, and looks like a character from Howls moving castle, like a ghost or something so I tell him perhaps he should change
    2 Step dad
    I'm with my step dad, driving around , and he is causing issues, he's drunk, and flays around making me swerve and crash the car. I get out, and I need to fix these gifts I got for everyone, but they are broken, and I dont have a ride home and my step dad is just sitting there in his own drool totally drunk
    3 Lucy - again
    I'm walking around a shopping centre, and my hair is long again, but its also twice as large in volume and seems a bit silly, but I try to straighten it by flattening it with my hands. I see Lucy, but I want to act cool, I dont hate her this time, but I feel I need to talk to her, but dont know how to approach her. So I kind of, drag behind her, the plan was to pretend that I was just walking right past her and bump into her, forcing us to speak, but she sees me following her and tells me to get lost, stop being a creep
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