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    by , 05-09-2018 at 03:24 PM (311 Views)
    waiting for dream to solidify
    I drift to sleep, try to remain focused and start to play ball in my bedroom (in my head) and slowly it becomes the rest of my family there with me, and we are throwing the ball to one another, however I dont feel like the dream has solidified enough for me to walk away from this and before I do I wake up
    Children sacrifices
    Children are being hauled onto this Pirate ship, and thrown to this great beast in the see, a terrifying scary thing that needs to eat these kids , and it grows bigger and more powerful. I sneak onto the ship with a friend (for some reason it is the actress Melanie Lynskey) and we take out some of the pirates with kung foo, but just as we think we have defeated them my female companion is taken from behind and stabbed quick and fast in the neck, she grabs her neck and is thrown into a large net that is on the ship, laying there bleeding out. As I watch this on tv I shout out, I LIKED that character! why are they killing her off? The character I was is now played by Dean Winchester , and while he is reeling by the attack of his companion he is taken by surprise and is held down, trying to fight off his attacker. Suddenly the stabbed neck lady jumps out of that net, which she was previously dead from (this is terrible writing I think) and Dean and her run to a missile solo which happens to be on the pirate ship and launch some missiles at this beast, and just to be sure they also hack into a nuke and fire at at the beast as well.

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