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    another lucid dream in snowy place!

    by , 11-05-2011 at 02:08 PM (547 Views)
    nonLD lucid dream

    dream 1 - I was chatting with my friend on computer,(it was our cell group chatzy. weird!) and I said "I have to WILD in next dream".

    lucid dream - I woke up from dream 1 and it reminded me of doing WILD. lol

    I stand up from bed. still blind. I rub my eyes in the bathroom like I did in the lucid dream from weeks ago. worked!
    I open up the veranda and the thick sheet of ice has covered the whole town. snow!! yay!! and it's not cold at all.
    I fly, grabbing the tree branch. it is so vivid. I land on the roof of a house then fly away.
    there's a very sloppy roof, and I climb on it, hearing "no lucid dreamer cannot fly over that roof!" from a DC.
    I climb up to the end of roof and there's huge green sea below the house. it is scary. but I think, what do you have to be afraid in lucid dream?!
    so I jump over, then fly away.
    I land on the street where the houses that looks like from English 1850's house style, but the people are modern.
    this reminds me of my vampire comic, and I transform into Stella and do the summoning jutsu to meet Amy.
    what?! it doesnt work. really?! I imagine popping smoke but it doesnt come out at all. so I try to summon her by looking behind.
    after doing that for several times, I see Amy sitting on a bench. I approach to her and bring her to the street.
    she is somehow taller than I think. I did not see her face exactly, but she is wearing black cloak and she has black hair.
    I am Stella, not me. I hug her, as if Amy is really sick or something...

    then I shift into non LD, but dont recall anything!

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