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    floatinghead - 03/12/2011

    by , 12-03-2011 at 11:15 AM (414 Views)

    I am walking through a town with my wife, kids and Danny Devito. Everyone is dressed up, we are celebrating Halloween on a different day this year - as France celebrated it a few weeks ago!?! So I look around and see this huge guy, around seven feet tall and he is dressed as the Terminator from the first film and looks exactly like Arnold from that film. He is wearing a t-shirt with an black and grey American flag stretched across is and the arms of the t-shirt is in black and grey camo style. But his hair is blond and has a large spike of hair in the middle of his head sticking upwards making him look even taller!! As he walks passed I nudge my wife so that she sees him, she is so surprised that she gives out a scream. Danny Devito reacts in a similar manner 'Jesus Christ, that guy looks like his brains are coming out of his head!'


    I am somewhere desolate, like a dirty empty part of a town. There is a pint of milk that is going for free. There are a few people scattered around but nobody seems to want the milk, I take advantage of this a say that I will have the milk (yay - what an opportunity - lol) The milk is in a saucepan, I take the saucepan and pour the pint of milk into my partially filled 4 pint milk carton - what a great deal, I have more milk now, the carton of milk is almost full! But then I take a closer look at the new combined milk carton - the milk was off!! There are little bits of off milk floating around in my milk carton. For some reason this is a pretty big blow - I've lost some valuable milk!!!!!!

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