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    floatinghead - 05/12/2011

    by , 12-05-2011 at 09:44 AM (526 Views)
    edit: All night I was repeating to myself 'go to the giza pyramids - find windhover' I woke up quite a few times (I took 3 htp-5 pills) but kept repeating this mantra over and over and over.

    Hide and Seek

    I am going into somekind of nightclub, it looks kinda like a castle. We are all lined up ready to sign in or pay to get in, I am with my wife who hasn't been hear before but apparently I have. I hear somebody from further back in the line say something like 'you have to watch out for Sean, he's tricky - he's not scared to where a dress!' When we get into the club I find that we are outside. It is not a club though, it is a massive game of hide and seek - it seems kinds random who hides and who seeks, I think we can chose. So I run out into a clearing where I see a large fallen tree and hide beside it - I am good at this game and it will take them a while to find me!


    I am at a school, it is not the one I went to when I was a kid, this one is more ethnically diverse, for some reason prominently having boys who are black in the class, and perhaps a couple of white boys in the class also. This school is a very rough school and it makes me feel uneasy being here. When I walk into the classroom I feel a hand smack me on the back of the head, and a guy with a pissed off look tells me to watch where I am going. This makes me feel real angry but I keep my cool and sit down. Some other kid walks into the class room and the same thing happens to him though he was smacked by a different kid. In the classroom the teacher is trying to teach us something about science, and is showing us a handgun. I hear an insult fire across the room at me, thats it - I've had enough! I run across the room and start punching this guy, and then everybody starts to join in - fighting each other, it's crazy! Suddenly there is a gun shot - the teacher has shot the hand gun and the bullet has gone into the wall next to us - this brings the class to silence. I am pretty shocked that a teacher would do this, I walk out of the class room and see that in another classroom near us exactly the same thing has happened, which I think is strange - but then I see that the bullet in the wall is not a bullet but a set explosive - it's been set up to LOOK like a gun was fired. That's what happened then, the teachers just need something more in order to control the kids...


    I am coming to waking up, my dreams are become looser, less defined - but then I hear a voice penetrate my dream - it sounds like the voice of god - lol! It is a female voice, she has an accent when she speaks, it's not a Chinese accent, but she pronounces English words in a similar way. She says:


    This totally wakes me up from my dream, I am lucid now but everything is breaking away around me, it's becoming more like hypnagogia but in reverse (I can't remember what that is called) I call out 'what water do you mean?' but it is too late, I am waking up

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    1. Windhover@'s Avatar
      lol....that's not me.... I dont have particular Aisan accent XD and unfortunately no synch