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    floatinghead - 14/10/11

    by , 10-15-2011 at 06:12 PM (381 Views)
    I woke up quite a few times this night but found it really difficult to recall any dreams, and when I did recall any they seemed to be very short:

    School Teacher

    I am a female school teacher, I think I have blond hair - I am talking to someone (in an interview?) I am saying how I have been a teacher for a number of years, first as a primary school teacher and then as a secondary school teacher.

    New Tim Allen film

    I find a film in my dvd collection that I haven't seen yet. It is a fairly recent Tim Allen venture, he has many wives - one of them is Sigorney Weaver - for some reason she is in the back of a white convertible and has an afro!

    Toy Alert!

    I'm watching a kids tv show, the presenter is very annoying - he's trying to convince the kid to take part in some kind of activity - but the kid looks shy. So the kids tv presenter gets some toy from beside his and says
    'uh-oh Toy Alert!' And shovesthe toy in front of the young girl to try to get her to come forward 'Toy Alert!' he says again but it just makes her go further back

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