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    FloatingHead - 18/11/11 Zombies and Lucid Fail

    by , 11-18-2011 at 09:35 AM (446 Views)

    I have been up all night due to my daughter being ill so when I finally get back to sleep I familiar vibrations! I am very happy about this, it's been a while since this happened, WILDs are the best, my mind is so clear and focused - BUT, I forget what to do. I try to rise up and go with the vibrations - I go through my ceiling and into the attack, but the imagery is faded/difficult to see, I think I'm rushing it and before long I wake up

    Tsunami Zombies!

    I am with my two daughters and we are staying/living in a house which is located right next to the sea, we hear an announcement that the is going to be a huge Tsunami, everybody has already ran and vacated the area. The only thing left for us to do is barricade the doors and get to the basement. It's too late - the flood of ZOMBIES have already arrived!! One comes into the front door as I run and close it on him, he's stronger than I thought, it takes all my strength to push him out so that I can close the door. If I can barely handle 1 zombie how am I meant to protect my kids against a whole hoard of zombies?

    I wake up, urgh, horrid dream!

    I get back to sleep a few minutes later and I am back in the same house, I can hear the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of zombies approaching from outside. They are banging on the windows and doors. We didn't have enough time to barricade the house - how are we meant to stop them? The bathroom! For some inexplicable reason I think the bathroom will be the safest part of the house, I grab a handfull of knives from the kitchen and grab the girls and run to the bathroom with the sound of zombies smashing through the front door

    cut to the Bathroom

    I am in the bath, I have no weapons and now the zombies are gonna be in with me any moment, I feel my eyelids, my real closed eyelids and try to open them - this is tough, it takes all my effort and strength to open my eyes and escape this nightmare - I manage to just in time!

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    1. Windhover@'s Avatar
      cool zombie dream ^^