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    Future Earth and Recurring mess

    by , 12-17-2020 at 05:59 PM (125 Views)
    (night of) 16-12-20

    Future Earth
    1) Early night (3:04 - 3:21) I'm part of a team of people, sent to fix things, the Earth is dying. I am standing on the Earth, the perspective is strange - even though I am just regular sized and so is the Earth, I cover continents just standing here, both of my feet stand on the northern Hemisphere, I'm pulling something, it's like a rope attached to the land. I'm pulling to make it all ok.

    We are now being told that we will be put to sleep until they need us. 100 years go by and we are awoken, it feels just a few seconds, I wonder what I have dreamed in the time I was asleep . I wonder about reality and how it works, what is real and what is false

    Recurring mess (recurring themes in dream: theme park, not getting food, being late for the train)
    2) I'm in a theme park, though it's all based inside a giant interior. It's a series of rooms and corridors until you exit. Me and my wife are waiting for the kids to finish on a ride - so we decide to get a dessert before the park closes. the lady that serves us is super nice and tells us she will come right over with our desserts shortly. We wait and wait, and I wonder what's taking the lady so long. I go to ask but there must have been a change in the shift as there are all new people now. Doesn't look like we will get our yummy desserts after all, AND we are gonna be late for the train.. damn

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