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    future problems

    by , 12-18-2020 at 07:26 PM (150 Views)
    (night of) 17-12-20

    Future problems

    1) **time missing** I'm shooting down a small interior pipe , it's sort of suctioning me in and then blows me out into a small apartment. It seems to be the door to the apartment. A lady, who has been helping me comes behind me and show me around the place. The front room, which is linked to a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. The lady tells me I'll be safe here, she tells me she needs to get back to work before anybody notices and shoots back up the fireplace door pipe. now I am on my own, I wander from room to room wondering what I am gonna do. It feels like a 1950's idea of what a house in the future may look like. The rooms are kind of vacuum formed, so that where the floor meets the ceiling it has a gentle curve. I go over to the 'door' area and look at it for a bit, I look inside and prod the surrounding then I head back to the bathroom and go to the toilet, after I'm finished I flush the toilet and an alarm sounds off - I have no idea what is happening but where the 'door' is suddenly water start spurting out everywhere, it falls down and floods the whole apartment. The lady comes back at that moment landing in water up to her ankles - I try to tell her I don't have any idea what had happened - I just 'looked' at the exit. She tells me I need to go (clearly thinking I broke this) I thank her for the time I spent here, and for the time before - recalling now that she 'saved' me and a woman I was with from inside an old tavern, this is twice I owed her now. I ask her how much would cover all damages and help and she tells me '50' It doesn't sound much - but then I don't know what the currency is (even though I have it) I give it to her and wake.

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