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    Katsuno 10/14 Living in a zombie-apocalyspe

    by , 10-14-2011 at 10:46 AM (386 Views)
    I was inside a military base and I was a soldier. I got into a helicopter and it flew me away to a farmhouse. They said that it is one year after the zombie apocalypse now and they haven't seen any zombies lately. I should check out if there are still a few of them. Then another huge helicopter carried a tank and dropped it near me. I jumped on it and the soldier driving the tank said I should watch his back. It was sunset. Suddenly a zombie rushed out of a bush and I took my rifle (I suddenly got one) and shot him down. I told the driver to get the hell out of here because a zombie horde was running towards us. The driver called the helicopter but he said we should defend our position until it arrives. I shot a few zombies down and ran away. The helicopter arrived and I got into it. It flew me back to the military base but this time it had a jail attached to it. I walked there and saw some of my classmates. They were eating and I walked to them. I grabbed some grilled meat and ate it. It tasted really good and for some reason the food got more and more. Then the dream gets foggy and the next thing I remember is that I'm talking to a guy (In waking life I hate that guy...) and he apologized for something. The dream began to fade and I noticed that I was dreaming. But it was already too late and I woke up immediately after that.

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