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    Katsuno 12/10/2011 - Fighting dream bullies + fragment

    by , 10-12-2011 at 01:18 PM (458 Views)
    1st: (Fragment) I was walking down a street with a friend of mine. For some reason he carried some bags and the street was pretty crowded. I look around and see that there are many shops around me. (Fragment ends)

    2nd: I was inside some kind of bar/restaurant. It was pretty small but for some reason I liked it. I was with 2 people, a red haired girl who was a bit smaller than me and another guy who had black hair. We were sitting on chairs and suddenly I noticed 3 guys next to us. They looked strong and I guess they were typical bullies. Suddenly one of them insulted the girl. I got mad and said something that really boosted my self-confidence when I woke up. He said something like "Freaking ginger" to her and I answered like this "Hey you! Are you insulting others again to feel stronger? Maybe you just want to distract from yourself. You look pretty fucked up and to be honest I bet that your mom still does everything for you!" He then got angry and I said "Haha are you going to beat me up just because you are too stupid to fight with words? Pathetic..."
    For some reason I knew that this would end in a fight. We walked out of the restaurant and downstairs. On the way the guy locked the girl up in a locker and I told my friend to help her get out while I take care of them. Me and the jerk were standing in a hallway now and I got into a funny fighting position. It was like I could do Kung-Fu. He tried to attack me and I could punch him 2 times in his stomach. He got angry and grabbed me to do a Bear-Hug. I punched rapidly at his head and he let me down. We ran outside to continue. It was a real hard fight. My fists seemed to do almost no damage. He grabbed me again and I kicked him. Then suddenly the other 2 guys came and the dream got weird. For some reason I had Fireworks in my pants and that really hurt ^^
    The girl and the boy came back and I ordered them to help me. The boy suddenly looked like myself (:O) and ran towards me. At this point I almost got lucid but then my mom woke me up...

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    1. Windhover@'s Avatar
      fireworks in pants loll