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    Katsuno - 13/11/2011

    by , 11-13-2011 at 01:38 PM (425 Views)
    1st: I dreamed of being in school and talking to a girl. I don't know what we talked about but at some point I realized that I'm dreaming. The strange thing was that the dream suddenly switched into 2D and it was like I watched a movie. I didn't feel my body but I had influence on what I did like in a video game. Because of this I woke up <.<

    2nd: I was standing in front of my school and for some reason I had won 4 Bilion . I was like "I never have to go to school again and I don't need to work in my life!" and I was so happy. The first thing that came to my mind was to travel the whole world. I wanted to take some friends with me and this is where the strange part begins. I was now in a car and in the backseats were Zoro from One Piece and another person (I don't remember the face nor if it was a girl or a boy). Suddenly my crush walked by and I said "Hey, cmon in and join us! I won alot of money and we're going to travel the world!" and she was like "Wtf?! Really?!" and got inside. The next thing I remember is her saying that the money was stolen and the police is searching for us. I didn't believe her and we drove into another city. We rent a house and there was a time leap. It seemed like we already lived about a week inside that house and we had lots of fun. We went shopping everyday and whenever we saw something we wanted we just bought it
    Then suddenly the police came to our house and surrounded us. I asked "How did they find us?" and my crush said that she called them...she did it because she couldn't live like this while knowing that the money was stolen. A helicopter flew towards us and it seemed like the police wanted to capture the whole building. Then a strange thing began. The house suddenly had a huge rocket-propulsion system and we escaped with the whole building. It was so weird ^^

    I woke up but I wanted to go back into the dream because it was so funny. I focused on the dream while falling back asleep and I wanted to be lucid so I raised my awareness. But then something happened. It felt like in WILD and my whole body began to spin. I thought that I'm entering the dream but I didn't. Instead of this that weird stage continued for a while and then it stopped completely. I lost consciousness and I was inside the dream again.

    I got lucid again but it was like before and I had absolutely no control of my body so I lost it after about 10 seconds. The dream continued and I was now inside a new house and my crush promised me to never call the police again. I walked into the basement and saw Zoro. He trained with a training dummy and just learned how to do Rankyaku (Kicking the air with force so the wind forms a blade). He cheered and told me that he won't use it because he still has to learn other techniques. Supposedly he already knew how to do Soru and Shigan (If you watch OP you know what I mean ). A couple of moments later many helicopters approached. My crush said "She didn't do that!" and I told everyone to run in the nearest forest and hide while I distract them. The weird thing was that in front of the house 2 huge trucks arrived but instead of policemen, some marine soldiers and a admiral arrived. Suddenly I was Luffy and I fought them. Everytime I attacked the massive amount of soldiers I shouted "GOMU GOMU NO ....." and did my techniques. It was so awesome and I totally owned them. Then the Admiral was standing in front of me. I shouted "Gomu Gomu No Pistol!" but he evaded and punched me. For some reason I didn't feel pain. I noticed that some of the soldiers almost got into the house so I went into Gear Second and knocked them out while being ultra fast. I thought about a way to defeat the admiral and got an idea. I used Gomu Gomu No Pistol again and missed on purpose. He wanted to dash towards me but I did "Gomu Gomu No Whip" and hit him. He got smashed into the wall and I finished him off with the Rifle. When I hit him his face got completely smashed and he was done for. The dream scene skipped and the next thing I remember is that me and the others were walking up a mountain road. We were already pretty high up and looked down on a huge city. Just for fun I tried to blow into my thumb (Like Luffy in One Piece when he goes into Gear Third) and it began to snow in the city. It stopped after a few seconds. I knew that it was because of my action. I tried it again but this time I blew with more force. A huge snow storm started and the windows in the city were about to shatter because of the cold. We all laughed and walked on. When we arrived in a village I tried to blow on my thumb without it being in my mouth and it began to rain food. I was like "Holy shit!" and all the villagers jumped on the food to get some. I did it again and again and the villagers thought it was god who did this. I stopped doing it and they got angry on me. We walked on and got to some kind of altar. There was a cooking pot and some toys that looked like food-bags. I could turn the toys into real food bags and started to cook. The villagers helped me and I woke up.

    This dream was so awesome and I guess I dreamed that stuff because I told Windhover that we're going to have epic shared dreams that night.

    3rd: I was inside some kind of factory. Everywhere was a liquid that looked a bit like Lava. There was again a person with me and I don't know who he/she was. We walked on and found the owner of the building. I noticed that he killed a man and threw him in the liquid. I realized that this whole liquid was made out of dead people. I got scared but the guy already saw me. I told him that I'd work for him if he lets me live. I had to add ingredients into the fluid and suddenly 4 huge purple butterflies approached and the owner shouted "Get in cover or you'll die!". We hid under a blanket and somebody killed the butterflies. We walked outside and saw a huge army of them waiting to attack us. There were many other workers from the factory and they ran for their lifes. The butterflies attacked and me and another guy hid under a huge covering sheet. I noticed that the butterflies tried to get in but they couldn't find a hole. For some reason I jumped outside and had a rocket launcher with me. I had some kind of Devil fruit ability and shouted something like "Rocket Rocket No, Purple Scatter Missile!" and shot at the swarm of butterflies. My rocket scattered and hit many of them. It was really weird but I managed to kill them all. Suddenly a friend of mine was standing near me and asked me something. I knew that something was wrong and said "Get away, you're only a Dream Character!" and I cut his head off :O
    I didn't get lucid though...

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