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    1. Searching for V

      by , 03-31-2022 at 12:10 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)

      1) WBTB As I float off to sleep I try to create a dialogue to myself, a bit of self hypnotism and a bit of describing where I am.

      Now I am writing it all down next to my bed, this story I telling or possibly the dream I just had? As I try to read it back I realise it is not really here, it keeps changing, changing what I wrote. I sleeping already, but not fully asleep enough. So I continue writing.

      After a while I have written myself into this dream, I am in my house helping Fabi looking for something in a large wardrobe. There is a big secret we are trying to hide from the police. I've had enough, so I decide to leave the house. Fabi is calling after me - but it's my dream, my story so I continue out of the house. I need to look for V
      As I open the front door it's just a void outside, avoid and awakening is my guess. Fuck, I've written myself out and into a dead end.

      SO I continue narrating: I have to go to a train station, to travel into the city for important business. Now the dream forms around me and I am just outside a quant train station in the countryside. It's sunny, the train station is made of a beige colored stone and I appear to be in a kind of garden area for it. (this is interesting because I thought I would end up in the city) Dream is still washy though, not strong enough to leave and search for V yet. SO I look around, stare at the flowers and the courtyard area around me. It's starting to solidify a bit. A dream character tells me to smell the flowers - great idea! I go to each flower and take a strong sniff, beautiful scents enter my nose. The first is like a rose, the second is more of an exotic type flower. I do a few flowers, each has it's own particular scent. (I'm impressed at how well I can smell in a dream!) then I smell the last flower, and it stings my nose a little because it has a kind of gingery peppery type of scent (I mention this to the DC) and then try to get another flower and grab at it's stem, but I get a bunch of small thorns stuck into my palm so I pul back my hand immediatley

      'ouch!' I say. Then I look at my hand more closely - wow - I just felt pain! I'm impressed again! But... just as I am about to search for V I awake. grrrr

      AWAKE: Now there is only 30 minutes before getting up, so I figure try to continue focus, meditate, self hynotise and observe V from this vantage point. SO I spend 10 - 15 minutes feeling myself go deeper and deeper and when I feel like I am relaxed enough I instruct myself to see a screen in front of me - a blank tv like screen, and that screen is broadcasting a direct image from 'V's mind. I use a kind of tuner to get a signal (searching) and then I start seeing images. Now I feel I am inside the mind, I am drifting through images left and right, swiping left and right to look for anything interesting or relevant. I see people's faces, woman, men, older and younger. I see objects I can't quite understand what they are and objects that are simple everyday things. I see some furniture in a house, and UI grab it and pull toward me to inspect it and this causes more things to appear. I see a man outside with a spotlight on him like a UFO - hmm - interested in UFO's? I put aside as a maybe. (each time I feel like I am associating and putting my own thoughts in I put aside, I am only interested in what is in her head) some more images, a large guy, tall and quite big, I overlay Keven from the Office (series) onto his face because he reminds me of him. (ack, doing it again, stay out!) I see another UFO, this time it's flynig through the sky... interesting. I then see V, she's behind an old wooden framed 4 panel window. Looks like it belongs in a garden out house. she looks .. trapped? There are paints around the window, a bunch of paint brushes I think. She looks at me and simply says 'this sucks' I cna't quite recall if the brushes are outside or inside with her. But as she says this I am pulled out a little, because it's a delicate balance, and not reacting I would simply forget, but reacting too much I pull myself out of the scene and now she is gone
      lucid , false awakening
    2. Dream artifacts

      by , 01-12-2021 at 04:25 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)

      1) Hopefully no one in the dream group was at the swimming pool this time...

      At the swimming pool, well, either getting ready to get in or I just had gotten out. I'm hanging around one of the changing rooms waiting for someone to come out, it reminds me of the swimming pool we had in junior school. I'm standing there and realize I am totally in the nude - (seems like I forgot to put my swimming costume on) so I do the thing kids do at school and tuck my bits in between my legs, and stand there for about 2 seconds before realizing I'm a 38 year old dude and not a kid! ha ha, so I quickly get a towel (which happens to be on top of a table I'm standing next to) and wrap it around my waist. As I stand there waiting I figure I could play a prank and jump out at the person, so I crawl underneath the table and wait. I'm in a kind of awkward position and feel my bowl groan, and all of a sudden I ... well I do a poo on the floor. I'm horrified, everyone in the room is looking at me in disgust, I apologize over and over, telling them I will clean it up and run out looking for something to clean the mess up with.

      2) I drift into the dream, lucid, I fly over a city looking and start calling out for '7', I can't find her, this is becoming frustrating, I feel the dream close so I just try to keep it open for as long as possible. **time missing** I'm sitting with a bunch of friends, dreamers, we're discussing an artifact that one of them has. It has the power to grant wishes - you kind of put it next to your bed when you sleep. It's the Tasmanian Devil (from the WB cartoon) holding a yellow submarine. It's very funny and interesting. We are discussing that we now have 2 artifacts, one deals with space (Taz) and the other deals with time - I can't quite recall exactly what it is, but one of the dreamers have it, and I 'think' it may have been related to the dark fog that @stranger' told me about in a dream the night before (dark fog = time? or maybe it was dark fog = space and taz=time?) I start to wake, and shake it off, I'm gonna make the most of this time. I look at the taz again, but now it's a small bird of prey - like a kestrel. I go to pet it and it attacks me. I think in the dream this artifact turns into a bird, and the guy with the bird/Taz tells me it's the reason why he has it, because nobody else will look after it! He's been looking after it for years apparently. The bird lunges at me again, starts scratching and clawing at me, I wake up now.
      lucid , memorable
    3. Searching for the dream tree ship

      by , 12-16-2020 at 01:49 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 15-12-20

      Pre-sleep meditation: after meditating I close my eyes and try to stay focused, aware, I see something in front of me - actually I see THROUGH my eyelids , or do I have my eyes open? I'm confused, I open my eyes and I see what is really there (my bedroom)

      Lucid attempt 1 (don't close your eyes in a dream)

      1) Walking through a forest, I do a little look around, I'm a little confused - how did I get here? I woke up in my house - my step father was near by... no, this either did not happen or was just a back story in the dream, I recall what I was really doing - I just did a WBTB , I'm lucid now. But.... everything is wavering, nothing is solid, I've not slept well tonight and this is just a continuation of it. (also I always seem to get unstable when I become lucid)

      I stop. Take time to pause.

      I close my eyes.....

      BIG mistake! fuck, I feel myself waking up. I start running, feeling my feet touch the ground, grabbing out in all directions to get the dream back. I feel I am in an apartment store now, men's clothing. It's too dim to see details so I reach out and take a shirt off of the rack and bite down on it. It doesn't taste of much - but it's enough to solidify me into the dream. Now I am on a street corner, people are everywhere, I see some cars down the street, they are kind of glitching out, flying in loops off of the road and into the air. I pull myself from this distraction, think about my dream goals, but I'm pulled off again, waking, I can't hold the dream...

      Lucid 2 (don't travel by forced flight)

      2) I'm walking down a corridor, looks like a university corridor. The walls are kind of drab, classrooms left and right. I realize I am dreaming, This pretty lady approaches me and smiles, I kiss her. I'm getting pretty into it then realize I need to snap out of it and focus! I walk out of the building, wanting to achieve my dream goal and find someone from my dream group. But I feel the dream is slipping again. Fuck. I see this swimming pool and I think - nice - I ll sit in there, feel the water around me and just focus on the dream surrounding me so I can get stabilized! I jump into the swimming pool and... WOAH!! it's freaking freezing. I kind of do a little yelping sound. I was NOT expecting that. It sends a cold shock to everywhere on my body. I gently lower myself into the swimming pool again and sit there for a couple of minutes just clearing my mind and focusing on everything around me. It feels better, more stable (yes!) So I stand up and call for '7', I try to draw her symbol on my hand, then I shout for her to come, I get a little impatient -where the heck is she? I think I see her in the distance. 'come on 7! what are you doing?' Now I am walking down the street, my second option - to get transported directly to the dream tree! I put my finger to my ear to turn on the 'comms' and speak directly to '7' 'Can you transport me directly to the dream tree ship?' I ask her 'but don't teleport! that just wakes me up , fly me there please!' I have to say this a few times until finally I hear static and some distant voice. That's good enough for me! I stand there , in the middle of the street waiting to be flown upwards. A gang of thugs are walking toward me now, they are shouting, asking why I am just standing there like an A-hole? Come on 7... what the hell.... Suddenly I am lifted off of the ground, I'm floating, it's slow to start off with but then I am shooting super fast, I zoom past some kids who are travelling in a kind of sphere like blue and red craft. I'm trying to keep my eyes open for the dream tree - it's gotta be around here somewhere? But then I realize it's not, it's deep in space because I'm going even faster now - it's so fast I can feel my stomach in my throat, the g-force of the travel is making the whole experience so intense, that I can feel EVERYTHING (much more intense than a roller coaster) , I'm just shooting through the sky, above the atmosphere shouting 'fuck, fuck... fuck... fuckkkkkkkkk' seeing the ground below me getting smaller and smaller, but I can't hold on, these intense feelings, I can't and I wake before I see the ship (damn!)
      lucid , memorable
    4. Looknig for Dog

      by , 12-09-2020 at 11:36 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      (night of) 09-12-20

      Presleep - chanting to find the dog and discover it's name, I get a name while chanting randomly come to my head - not sure if it is the correct one or not....

      Searching for 'Dog'

      1) I'm having a series of False awakenings, it's dark, I know I am asleep so ignore the false dream around me forming, I fall back asleep, now it's dark, and I try walking, I walk into my bed where I wake again, still lucid - I get out of bed, but it's really dark now, I have to feel my way around, it's not entirely solid either so I have to make sure I am focusing so it is there. I walk down the stairs and what I feel like is my front door - I open it and... Still darkness. Fuck. I go to what I know must be the front garden and take a handful of soil and shove it into my mouth. It's awful, but I feel I am being more solid in the dream now, the area is lighting up around me. I'm in a kind of open space. I hear people talking, from the waking world - an older couple. Then I realize it's just my dream playing tricks on me, I need to focus. I recall my dream goal with Becky - and call out for 'the dog' I here a small voice shout back to me -
      'I'm over here - I'm trapped!' I run over to a pile of rubble and lift the largest piece (a broken piece of rock) off of the body. A small boy crawls out, he has round glasses and messy brown hair.
      'Hmmm, you're not the dog' I tell him
      'YES I am!' he answers back indignantly. I give him a kind of look that says 'you are not fooling anyone'
      'OK... I'm not' I look around me and I call out for the dog again. Now I hear a deep bark from somewhere in the distance. I look where the bark is coming from and see a kind of building site and a dark - very large -silhouette.
      ' He must be HUGE' the boy looks into the distance. Maybe bigger than a person? I don't know - but I want to find out. But before I do I wake up.

      Past Times

      2) In a small Cafe with a friend, I'm younger, hair is longer. We look how we did when we were going out, gothed up, dark make-up etc. One by one old friends come through the door, I get emotional again. I'm semi lucid. I left these friends too suddenly, I miss them terribly now, I wish I could go back but it's changed, I'm older, so are they. Anna comes through the door, I give her a big hug and start crying, telling her I don't understand why I am doing this - why I keep having this dream. When I wake up something dawns on me, back then I dressed and took my introversion and made me extroverted, I had much more confidence, and then I kind of shrunk back into the shadows as I got older, becoming more introverted. It's not just the friends I miss, but the confident younger version of me


      3) Dream frag - of training someone, or getting trained by someone (influenced I think from the Queen's Gambit series) and seeing a mirror behind me and noticing I have a huge bald spot on the back of my head - I never saw that before.


      4) Something about wrestling, Andre the Giant is coming out of retirement and fighting again (he's not dead in this dream!) a poster of him shows he is huge, gigantic, and super super muscular like the Hulk. some older guy is takling about when he first found Andre in a small town, and it was like striking gold - getting a super sized wrestler for the same price as a regular one. Now Andre is doing a spot for TV, advertising his come back - he is dressed like a viking, and his female viking warrior princess (with long dark hair) is standing opposite from him. His name is 'UG' - he tells her that he loves her but surprises everyone by saying his lines in this old Nordic language, the viking lady is surprised at first but then answers something back in Nordic as well
    5. 1/5/18

      by , 05-09-2018 at 10:00 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      I am back at school, for some reason I am retaking the final year, I am pretending that I am 16 again and for some reason nobody thinks this is weird, they totally buy that I am 16 and fit in this class. I am with a group of other guys, we have just been up to something , but we missed the bus to get to school so we are running late. When we get into the class the teacher is crazy angry at us, at me in particular. She shouts and puts me down, and even though I am an adult and shoudlnt take this shit, I need to keep my mouth closed because I know it would just cause trouble to answer her back. But she is being way out of line. I then try to catch up with the course work but the book I have in front of me is a cooking book and I have no idea what is going on
      2 old friends
      I am visiting some friends from my town, and it is a social gathering , my friends introduce me to their friends - a couple of jolly chaps named Fred and George Weasley. They then introduce me to their brother - Milo - then I become partially lucid. It has been so long since I have seen him, and he tries to make light of it, that it is nothing, but damn I have missed him. I force him close and give him a big hug, and weep, because it hurts, something hurts, and I know I need to do this.
      3 cancer
      My wife is panicking because my daughter has a problem and the doctor said there is a 50 percent chance, if tested, that it could be Cancer, I say 50 percent that it is NOT cancer, but she focuses on the 50 percent that it is
    6. 30/04/18

      by , 05-09-2018 at 09:59 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      1 Troubled past
      I see Lucy in my dream again, I don't want to talk to her after she shot and killed my cat (a dream from a few weeks ago) but she is trying to find me, she says she has to tell me something. I am in a large library , searching for something else. Then she confronts me, and this time she is with my wife, and they are both having to, needing to tell me something. But I just block it out, I can't hear at the moment, I'm not strong enough, if I do then I may break and not come back from it. SO I run, and leave. But I do an RC and realise I am dreaming, and then I need to hear it, whatever it is, it's been going on for too long. So I try to head back and find her, even though she repulses me. But now I have found her she is beautiful Lucy again, and her eyes sparkle a light blue color, and she smiles and gives me a hug, but this is not who I was supposed to see, the time has past
      #hukif advice
      2 I am sitting on a chair on a boat, and do a nose pinch RC, and I can kind of breath, so I double check by doing a gravity RC as recently read from #hukif 's journal and find my arm is much lighter - wow! so I go and find #hukif , but , I recall him talking about feeding his dream body , so I go to a nearby restaurant, which happens to be a kebab shop, and purchase , pita bread, because well they dont have anything else for vegetarians. I am surprised at the taste, I dont taste much in dreams so it is surprising and tastes quite nice. I then go and find #hukif but the teleportation seems to black me out, and this time I cant hold it so just wake up
      3 Mattius
      A guy I don't like is coming to see me again, I panic and try to hide!
    7. 28/04/18

      by , 05-08-2018 at 11:22 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      28/04/18 -
      1 #hukif land
      I am at a restaurant with my wife and friends, looks to be pretty fancy. My wife has her hair like Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. We are all at a table chatting away and the waiter comes to take out orders, everyone says what they want but I have forgotten to look at the menu!! I try to look quickly before they go but cannot find anything vegetarian, so I look around the restaurant and try to speak to a waiter but they are all ignoring me now, and now it looks like a college cafeteria and I see a lancashire hotpot and think I will get that - but see they have bacon strips in it! ahh! I do an RC and realise I am dreaming, so I look at the large wall of the cafeteria and think about trying to locate Hukif, I call out his name several times, searching for him. I listen, and feel for his direction, but instead of flying there - I sort of fade out. It's different, like teleportation , but unless I stay asleep I'm gonna wake up! so I pinch myself, scratch myself, lick my arm and punch my stomach in order to stay in the dream. Gradually everything begins to fade back in, the place I find myself is light , happy.
      There is a house in the middle of a large street, it's unassuming, not too large but something of a good size. It has a large area around it and I don't pay attention to what else is in this neighborhood - this is Hukif's house I am sure of it. This place, it reminds me of a children's tv program, or how a memory appears to be nostalgic: it's so innocent and fresh. I walk into the house , which has a nice interior, light colors, and there is a fish tank in front of me, and in front of the fishtank a door that goes down a set of stairs, and down the stairs is Hukif. I know this because I have seen this all before - in a previous dream? I don't know how I know it , but I do. And I go into the fish tank and find a key, and go to open the door but suddenly I hear some booming steps, and Hukif is coming up - I suddenly become a little scared, I know of the powers he has in dreams and I dont want to get on his bad side. He throws open the door and has an angry look on his face. I see him as a big guy (not fat) with short cropped hair (possibly buzz cut) and for some reason is dressed as a sailor or captain of a ship. I back away a little and I say 'Hukif?' and he suddenly smiles, putting on this show - he wasn't really angry and then I say 'HUKIF!' with a big grin on my face and we give each other a hug.
      I fade out at this point and dont think I get to tell him the target
      2 Skater Hawking
      I am watching Einstein and Nikola Tesla discuss something together in a basement, and Stephen Hawkin comes rolling in on his wheelchair, he has a baseball bap on and bright skater style clothes on. They both welcome him in and he is a little shy, they tell him how impressed they are of his work and he lightens up, saying how he didnt think he was in the same league as them
      3 #stranger land(edited)
      I am watching a Documentary about something and I start to lose interest, I do an RC by pinching my nose, but am not sure if it works or not, so I try to read something instead, and finally I become lucid. So I decide to find #stranger and start calling his name out, I call it again and again and then the same thing happens as did with Hukif, I fade out, teleport and then my surroundings fade back in. I am in a cold dark place, it is snowing heavily, everything is covered in snow, I think I am in a field and a silhouette of a bare tree is all I can see against the dark blue sky, I wake before I get a chance to find him though
      4 Superman

      I become semi lucid and decide that I am superman, I need to get out of this place, this warehouse that I am in . I fly out of the building to see myself surrounded by more tall walls. A small church lays in the corner so I fly down and head into the church, I see a false library area that I have just thought up in the corner of the church, and then I think up a secret passage so I pull out a book and a false door opens up that I walk through. Can't recall what happened after that
      5 Party Karaoke
      I am at a party, in a room and with friends, there is a karaoke machine and I put it on and start singing to what I think is a song from Grease 2, with Michelle Pfeiffer doing the main vocals on the old video screen , I try to sing along but have no idea what the words are. I then get talking to someone, become semi lucid again and start talking about dreams. This person is telling me about a dream they always have every night, being stuck inside this dark house - and I realise that this person has depression, that the feeling of being stuck in the same place, dreaming of the same thing is a sign of depression
    8. 26/04/18

      by , 05-08-2018 at 07:23 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      26/04/18 - target (me)
      Pre-sleep - focused on target to project, but fell to sleep pretty fast as my mind was groggy with toothache!
      1 My dad had a new camera, and he was taking crazy zoomed up photographs of everyone, did one of my face and it was all distorted, and then another of my chicken's face, who was looking pretty surprised about it. Then my cat started playing with my rabbit, and my dad got worried because he thought the cat would eat the rabbit, but I said it was cool, and as we looked over they were dancing around with each other
      in between sleep, tried focusing on the target
      2 I am back on my own street where I grew up, cromer rd, a woman I used to work with is inviting me and my wife to her wedding, but we notice my car has been broken into, I think by one of my family (in this scenario my family, my kids are rough, like I was when I was a kid) and she helps us pick out the broken glass from inside the car. Strange dream - it felt like my present wife and family put in the place of my family when I was growing up
      3 I am walking from school with a group of people, we've missed the bus so we have a few miles in the countryside to walk back. After walking some it starts to get really cold, snow is coming down and I realise I forgot my coat back at school (which is now an older building) I tell the group this and they just shrug, so I tell them I need to head back and they just nod to say ok and continue walking forward - so I head back alone. I'm cold, I can't see the school, just miles and miles of fields in front of me. Then I realise I am dreaming and for some reason have the urge to search for HUKIF (even though now I am naked ha ha) so I call out for him - and my voice is just so huge and sharp here 'HUKIF.... HUKIF' I shout, trying to locate the direction he is in, but then I start to fade, my dream is ending already? I try to hold on, and then after a few seconds everything goes black, and and fades in again and I am in this beautiful house, either a entrance or front room - is Hukif here? does he live here? there is some real nice old wooden furniture around, the general color of the this room is pretty light. In front of me are some stairs, that lead up, and I shout 'Hukif! Hukif!' but my voice is softer here, even though everything around me is so crystal clear. But I can't find him, can't feel him around and then I wake
    9. Dild

      by , 12-16-2011 at 04:34 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      finally!!! my lucidity is getting back !

      dream 1 - I become lucid right away when dream starts. I'm at my hometown holding a dark blue umbrella; it's raining like cats and dogs. I see bricks falling from a tall light tower... the dream is so vivid and long. holding my unbrella I fly all over the town. near me there's my elementay school, but the buidlings that surround the school are all unfamilar. I fly over to the top of the buildings and find a port. the raining stops. I see a huge steam boat coming in the port and hear people below talking. I was afraid of being found out that I'm actually flying, so I leave the port behind.
      I dont know how I get to somewhere where there's TV, maybe I am at a train station? I am watching a TV.(it was LCD monitor)
      I want to see my comic PPM as an animation film so I imagine my character Yerin from PPM on the Tv. her face is vivid but the animation sucks. she is waiting for the bus, which reminds me of Dong-in so I imagine him coming toward her. he's wearing that school uniform, but his hair was in weird shape, so I think 'what? that's not his hair!' and then his hair starts to change in a very weird way..... it was funny, but very weird.. -.- anyway Dong-in walks in, greeting Yerin friendly, but she says 'what', being tsun-tsun and all. they sit separately on the bus. Yerin's face blushes.
      at this moment the anime ends and 2 commercials air.(the commercials were so old, like 90's) after that a question about my PPM anime appeared on the screen: raise your hand if you feel the anime version is different from real comic. I think, of course it is different, and there are 7-8 kids beside me, then 4-5 kids raise their hand. another question appeared: raise your hand if you want PPM comic to be animated.(!!!!) and everyone raises hand including me! I am kinda excited. lol

      when I turn around I am suddenly in kind of big theatre/ auditorim/ big building with bunch of rooms. I look around and walk, and find a music recording studio, which an orchestra is preparing for recording. I also find a room where 'cartoon culture content award' ceremony is going. I recognize a man who has to do with PPM anime... I feel a little mad toward him when he gets an award. (bc the animation sucked?) I pass the music studio again, seeing women talking in their seats while the players playing their instruments. I do the internet in a computer room I've found and have an urge to search PPM opening song video on Youtube. the video is really weird. it's just a slideshow of retarded high schoolers, and the song is completely unrelated (song by singer Cool?). I scroll down because it's so embarrassing... so I watch that PPM anime again. it's exactly the same anime I saw a while ago (even though it was dream, the anime was still the same, I thought it would change) seeing Dong-in's hair changing in a weird way, again -.- Yerin says 'wut' then she gets on the bus. at this moment I suddenly put myself into the anime scene(?!) and get on the bus before Dong-in comes. I take a seat in the same row with Yerin, and when Dong-in gets on the bus, I forcefully push his shoulder so that he can sit with Yerin. He sits with Yerin, making puzzled face toward me, then I sit like a badass, saying
      "hey you guys. if you guys sit like that, then what am I? huh?'
      I think I say this because I kinda want to tease the 'couple'. (forever alone....) Yerin blushes her face again.
      I laugh because this situation is so funny, and then I wake up.

      I was still laughing in my bed.
    10. Finding Vincent.....

      by , 12-03-2011 at 09:15 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      WILD again!

      I lift my dream body up, roll down from my bed. I turn into Re-l from Ergo Proxy, but from then I dont remember what I (did) at all....I try to find Vincent.(to exlpore the world of Ergo Proxy)

      I am at the backyard checking from my mom(?) if I turned into Re-l. I say

      "hey mom did I transform?"
      I do my tranformstion jutsu again.
      "oh! you have transformed!"
      "have I? do you see the blue eye shadow around my eyes? "
      "yea you have something blue"

      I can feel I'm wearing Re-l's white coat and gloves.
      my voice was still mine and do voice transformation jutsu. lol my voice is Re-l's/

      "Vincent! Vincent! Vincent!"

      I go to the parking lot and find Re-l's car. it looks similar to one in Ergo Proxy;it has wheels...and it looks a lot like 1900s British car. it was black. anyway I get in and imagine Iggy coming in. He comes in and we go to find Vincent.

      Idk why but I am out of car. I recall the changing scene in dream method in DV; falling back, so I try it, but it doesnt work then I recall other method which is back-flip but this doesnt work either. so I imagine a portal over the field. I find some kind of water? filled puddles. I jump into the puddle and I sink. then I float up. I'm all wet. even my hair. but with my lucid power, I dry it.

      I dont know what happens here.

      I go to a top of building and I find Vincent and Pino. they were having dinner. I remember Pino's face but I did not see Vince's face. I sit together and laugh for no reason ....I think the whole situation is kinda funny. lol then I wake up
    11. Shared Dream with Yellowcard members in snowy place?

      by , 12-02-2011 at 03:56 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      maybe the nighttime cold medicine put me to sleep very deeply. I could do WILD in first dream!! I've never done this..

      --------------------WILD in the first dream---------------------

      I lift my dream body up and crawl on the floor. when I look up, I am in the room where I had lived before I moved.
      With the feeling of spooky atmosphere in the room(the scene was dark-blue), I am afraid of a ghost that's gonna come out at anytime...
      But I know this is a dream so I just ignored and jump down the stairs then open the door, but I'm still scared.
      I fly away over the town. It is covered with thick sheet of snow. the sky is all white-out, slightly snowing. I can't even see the background; it's smoggy.

      I unconsciously think of meeting O'Donnell from Yellowcard rock band. I land in front of a house and see a man coming out.
      I recognized him as O'Donnell. I don't see his face exactly, but I grasp his shoulders saying
      "Are you O'Donnell? hey! you're dreaming right now!"
      and suddenly ignoring test comes into my head. so I turn back and walk slowly, really trying to ignore him.
      but I can still hear his footsteps. then I try to ignore it too, but I still feel that he's there. I get shocked with amusement.
      (now that I think of it O'Donnell may have been an entity.)
      "OH MY GOD!!! we are having shared dream??! O'Donnell you are real!!!"

      I don't recall at this moment. We walk together in freezing weather to somewhere, looking for other members, and I am holding some kind of paper pockets.
      Inside the pockets, there are sheets with amount of dollar written on it. near me Ryan Key says to me, or I recognize it as 'drugs for having deep sleep'.
      I remember the nighttime medicine I took last night and I think (thought) that I consumed drugs. I was kinda scary but here I am, in dream.
      the costs were over thousands of dollar.

      I remember exactly that this dream was the most vivid dream I ever had. I could feel the cold weather, thick clothes I'm wearing, footsteps, just everything.

      I recognize that Yellowcard members are shared dream members, and Ryan Key and I are conducting this experiment.

      So Key, O'Donnell, and I are in an auditorium. The auditorium looks a lot like my high school's...
      Then we find Sean Mackin in the seats. We greet him and I sit beside him. I say to him "Sean, you're dreaming right now! do RC! this is a dream!"
      There is a middle-aged woman doing some kind of lecture on the stage. She didnt have face; or I dont remember her face ...I'm sure that it isn't human's face, but she is human.

      We are very frustrated that we have to get out of here, but the woman wants to keep us in the auditorium. My heart beat is getting fast. I am a bit surprised that I can even feel hearbeat in dream. It was so real.
      Key and I had a chance to stand out to claim that we are shared dream members, but the woman keep denying it. I think Key finally say to her that we have to get out, and she is convinced.

      We finally stand up and get ready to get out of the auditorium. When I get to the exit door, the woman is standing there. I am kinda mad to her because she tried to lock us up here. so I say to her
      "You don't even know what dream is."
      then she says,
      "Of course I know. It's the Internet you see over there."
      She points to the outside where there's some kind of group of people having fun in the snow.
      I think, dafuq, woman? sheesh, you're stupid. I ignore and walk outside with members.
      (of course I didnt feel anything weird when she said that. but when I woke up after, it was very weird that she can answer like that. Dream is the Internet... )

      I feel the freezing wind slapping on my face. I walk over to the group of people, and at this exact moment, I wake up.


      I couldnt go back to sleep for 10 minutes. I checked time; it was exactly 3 am.
    12. Vampire

      by , 11-22-2011 at 04:46 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      dream 1 - (I could remember how the dream started!) I am lying on the floor of some kind of school dorm of private school. I am wearing its uniform: red tie and dark pants. then my very close 'blood' (I'll call her D) comes on to me holding a bowl of water/ some kind of soup? she seems she's gonna spill the water on me. first I think she's just doing a prank, but she really spills all of the water on my stomach. I am puzzled saying "hey what are you doing?!". D grinns very maliciously, then she poses as if she's gonna fight with me. suddenly I get angry and fight with her. the fighting was really long, I cant recall them all, but I can even see and feel the blood tickilng on my face and bloody fists. I am both really angry and sad thinking how could D betray me... I still want to be close with her because of our 'blood line'. I think of apologizing her but I cant, so I say, frustrated, "what's wrong with you?! how could you do this to me?"
      she says... "I want your hair to be silver-hair."
      when I look close into her eyes, her eyes were bright red with cat's pupil. I recognized that she's a vampire right away. I get angry again, but then I am also scared. after some minutes of exhausting fighting(it's weird that I didnt feel any pain.), we are in an awkward position grabbing hands to each other, panting, blood tickling.
      "I'm sorry." I say.
      I feel her getting sorry too. but then she gets angry again and attacks me.
      maybe scene jumps? I am suddenly Stella character(from my vampire comic. I think I was her because this whole vampire thingy mixed with my comic in the dream). I am still in my dorm room, looking over the veranda. (I notice that the dorm is actually a 'house' rather than an apartment.) the weather is cloudy. I see the people of prosecutors of vampire crowded over the veranda. and Hairless Man(from my comic) is standing there with his poker face. I can see his black hood and ominous feeling around him. he reaches to me with his long fingers like an alien. I get really scared and pierce a sharp wooden stick into his palm, and throw him away with. I lock the veranda door and sit on the floor, very exhausted, with despair and sadness.
      this dream was very disturbing...

      dream 2 - I am hovering along the ceiling in some kind of factory/ huge building. I see big pipes. suddenly I notice that there's a meeting of shared dream members. I go to the entrance door and meet Traeumer... he was half naked. wtf?! then here at this point I get lucid, but loses right away...

      dream 3 - I play with cute dogs for 5 minutes.

      dream 4 - I meet my friend in school. we go to resource room and talk about pokemon Digda... I drew it on the board lol
      lucid , nightmare
    13. Mulan and Eating Contest

      by , 11-07-2011 at 04:42 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      I am Mulan(due to re-watching Mulan 2 days ago).

      I am in some kind of white building. I feel like it is somehow has to do with military thing.. there are bunch of people in Chinese restaurant.
      in the kitchen, there is giant person, showing-off eating a whole chicken very easily, as if he chewing a gum. then he says
      "who wants to challenge me?!"
      and people start to have 'eating contest'(this is due to having watched eating contest episode from High Kick). I hold my rice bowl and sit near the wall. there is my 'real' mom, too. I see some other characters from Mulan.

      I think I eat almost 8 bowls of rice... at last I order one chicken wing from the kitchen. tastes real honey wing chicken... I am really full.
      next to me there is a girl and her daddy. the daddy bring a package of sweet-rice-cake sticks? for her daughter. he open it and we share together. when I put one rice cake stick in my mouth I am worried that this 'made-in-china' stuff will make me sick. it is in my mouth anyway, so I just chew and chew, but it's just sugary, there's nothing 'tasty'... I feel like chewing rubber. -.-

      suddenly a man presses his finger on my throat.(I am still Mulan) the man says a line along with this meaning: if you keep swallowing then the food at the end of throat wont go down...
      what the hell, is he demonstrating something on me?! so I say
      "hey I almost threw up!!!"

      scene jump

      my parents and I at a snowy place. kids are sliding down the hill. some people are making fake hills for sliding with water, digging snow. I see a person with snowboard.
      next to me, one man puts a cost for sliding. its not free anymore..

      scene jump

      I am at school. I see someone I know coming toward me, then passes. she is holding a baby who is familiar to someone I know well. then I recognize that she had a baby between....other girl I know.
      I am like, WHAT THE F**K??!? how can two females.... have baby?!?! I am really shocked. at this point I am almost lucid. but the scene jumps again.

      I am at book store with my mom and brother. I see lucid dream book by Stephen LaBerge and other books that are related to lucid dreaming on a counter.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. another lucid dream in snowy place!

      by , 11-05-2011 at 02:08 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      nonLD lucid dream

      dream 1 - I was chatting with my friend on computer,(it was our cell group chatzy. weird!) and I said "I have to WILD in next dream".

      lucid dream - I woke up from dream 1 and it reminded me of doing WILD. lol

      I stand up from bed. still blind. I rub my eyes in the bathroom like I did in the lucid dream from weeks ago. worked!
      I open up the veranda and the thick sheet of ice has covered the whole town. snow!! yay!! and it's not cold at all.
      I fly, grabbing the tree branch. it is so vivid. I land on the roof of a house then fly away.
      there's a very sloppy roof, and I climb on it, hearing "no lucid dreamer cannot fly over that roof!" from a DC.
      I climb up to the end of roof and there's huge green sea below the house. it is scary. but I think, what do you have to be afraid in lucid dream?!
      so I jump over, then fly away.
      I land on the street where the houses that looks like from English 1850's house style, but the people are modern.
      this reminds me of my vampire comic, and I transform into Stella and do the summoning jutsu to meet Amy.
      what?! it doesnt work. really?! I imagine popping smoke but it doesnt come out at all. so I try to summon her by looking behind.
      after doing that for several times, I see Amy sitting on a bench. I approach to her and bring her to the street.
      she is somehow taller than I think. I did not see her face exactly, but she is wearing black cloak and she has black hair.
      I am Stella, not me. I hug her, as if Amy is really sick or something...

      then I shift into non LD, but dont recall anything!
      lucid , non-lucid
    15. 11/4 mild!

      by , 11-04-2011 at 03:40 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Dream 1 – I am driving a car. I am a bit scared that I’m gonna have accidents. Few cars crash. I run away from cops and do the road rage. At this point my vision shifts to 3rd point, feeling like playing a video game. I pick green racing car on the road and drive it very fast.

      Dream 2 – I don’t know how I got lucid but when the dream started I instantly knew it was a dream.(I think I did some mantra )
      I am hanging on the outside of veranda of an apartment. Nearby I see a lake and mountain so I decide to fly there. The sky was blue, some baby clouds, perfect green grass field, sweet soft wind, clear river… I was so happy. I use transformation jutsu to turn into Miho. Worked! (transformation jutsu rally works well )I could feel her pointy fox ears. But my voice is still mine so I use voice transformation(?) jutsu. I was surprised that I had totally different voice. I slide on water surface, flying. Suddenly the yellow hay house reminds me of my ‘goal’ so I go up to the hill on the right side of me. There is some kinda of Korean restaurant. At this point the dream becomes unstable and shifts into non-LD.
      lucid , non-lucid
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