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    the machine, whoop and dog poo

    by , 12-14-2020 at 02:32 PM (254 Views)
    (night of) 13-12-20

    Trying new techniques for dream recall - I'm putting my recall in a kind of 'memory palace' made especially for dreams (though only what I recall while waking between dreams so I don't have to write them)

    The machine
    1) **time missing** (from between 2am to 3:13) I am taking a walk outside of the hotel we are staying at. Me and Matt find an empty sort of abandoned road - though also reminds me of a railway track (though I can see no actual tracks) I spot two two woman standing on the path, they look like twins from behind, both dressed the same way in a kind of white apron over a blue dress, blonde hair in plaits. They are working on maintaining this machine (that seems to reside mostly underground) twiddling knobs and turning screws. We watch them from behind, wondering what they are doing. I see another part of machinery a little closer to us, it is two large discs that are partially underground, they were not spinning, but you could tell that this is what they were designed for (like cogs) they were sticky, lubricated, but full of dust and dirt - so I give it a little clean with my hands until it shines again. An old guy standing nearby - happy that I am cleaning his machine free of charge - tells me I can carry on cleaning the rest of it if I like. I kind of do a laugh that says 'nice joke!' and get back to Matt. We can see the woman's faces now, they are pretty. I decide to go up to one and ask her out, one is a little prettier than the other so I ask her. She tells me, no, she is not interested. Crest fallen I go back to Matt - but I see he is already talking to the other lady, his approach is a lot less direct, and the result is the lady is a lot more eager, I see actually that this second woman IS the prettier one now. Matt asks me how it went and I tell him how I was shot down. I wonder about how I look, compared to him, we seem quite similar in features, was it his personality or looks? I wonder

    2) Dream Fragment (between 5:06 - 5:30 approx): putting together musical version of an advent calendar, each day you would get a different soundtrack. At the moment I am putting old school hip hop, and 'whoop - the Adams family' somehow makes it into the mix (and I have it in my head when waking up

    Dog poo
    3) (between 5:30 and 5:55) Back in the UK, my neighbor is building something fancy and fantastic in their garden, our fence between us no longer exists so he (and his wife) are walking down the garden placing down decking and structures for whatever they are working on. In my (side) of the garden there are huge piles of dog poo that I have not cleaned up, so big that they are like small hills. I feel awkward and rush to get the poo out of their way as they continue planning and putting down foundations (for a small wooden castle I think) and with the wheel barrow I drop the piles of dog poo off at the top of the garden

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