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    (night of) 7-12-20 Maths Test

    by , 12-08-2020 at 12:45 PM (187 Views)
    (night of) 7-12-20

    Maths Test

    1) In a large hall with loads of other people from my class. It's the end of the year and I need to take this exam. The room is light and sunny, feels like it must be warm outside. I'm sitting next to my friend, I'm asking him for some help - but he is getting really annoyed with me. I look at the paper, I don't think I listened at all in class this year because none of this is making any kind of sense, graphs and tables and questions about using another symbol for subtraction. So I just fill it out guessing randomly and then go to hand my paper in. Everyone seems to be finished at the same time and the hall quickly empties of all the students. Another friend - a girl this time, asks me how it went - I tell her how I hadn't had a clue and just randomly filled it out. She tells me how important it is and that I NEED to finish the test properly, and offers to go through with it with me. I ask the 'teacher' who was monitoring the exam - though he's really a soldier or sergeant in uniform, and he tells me I have exactly 2 hours if I want to amend anything. I think about leaving - 2 hours is a long time, is it really that important? I could be outside having fun, though when I REALLY think about it I realize I d probably just goof off for 2 hours. No, I should stay and finish this test. I go to the sergeant and ask him if he has another blank piece of paper so I can write the new answers on, but he shakes his head, tells me no. I may as well give up - this is a sign, everything is against me from completing this....

    Then a friendly female solider (who was standing at the back observing) comes to me and hands me a paper. So I sit down with my friend who starts talking me through it all. She puts her pen to the paper but kind of stumbles and the pencil sort scribbles randomly. I focus on the paper, on this doodle, and it's actually this beautiful drawing of a tree. I ask her if she just drew this? confused. She tells me - no, the tree was always on the paper

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