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    1. Vampire

      by , 11-22-2011 at 04:46 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      dream 1 - (I could remember how the dream started!) I am lying on the floor of some kind of school dorm of private school. I am wearing its uniform: red tie and dark pants. then my very close 'blood' (I'll call her D) comes on to me holding a bowl of water/ some kind of soup? she seems she's gonna spill the water on me. first I think she's just doing a prank, but she really spills all of the water on my stomach. I am puzzled saying "hey what are you doing?!". D grinns very maliciously, then she poses as if she's gonna fight with me. suddenly I get angry and fight with her. the fighting was really long, I cant recall them all, but I can even see and feel the blood tickilng on my face and bloody fists. I am both really angry and sad thinking how could D betray me... I still want to be close with her because of our 'blood line'. I think of apologizing her but I cant, so I say, frustrated, "what's wrong with you?! how could you do this to me?"
      she says... "I want your hair to be silver-hair."
      when I look close into her eyes, her eyes were bright red with cat's pupil. I recognized that she's a vampire right away. I get angry again, but then I am also scared. after some minutes of exhausting fighting(it's weird that I didnt feel any pain.), we are in an awkward position grabbing hands to each other, panting, blood tickling.
      "I'm sorry." I say.
      I feel her getting sorry too. but then she gets angry again and attacks me.
      maybe scene jumps? I am suddenly Stella character(from my vampire comic. I think I was her because this whole vampire thingy mixed with my comic in the dream). I am still in my dorm room, looking over the veranda. (I notice that the dorm is actually a 'house' rather than an apartment.) the weather is cloudy. I see the people of prosecutors of vampire crowded over the veranda. and Hairless Man(from my comic) is standing there with his poker face. I can see his black hood and ominous feeling around him. he reaches to me with his long fingers like an alien. I get really scared and pierce a sharp wooden stick into his palm, and throw him away with. I lock the veranda door and sit on the floor, very exhausted, with despair and sadness.
      this dream was very disturbing...

      dream 2 - I am hovering along the ceiling in some kind of factory/ huge building. I see big pipes. suddenly I notice that there's a meeting of shared dream members. I go to the entrance door and meet Traeumer... he was half naked. wtf?! then here at this point I get lucid, but loses right away...

      dream 3 - I play with cute dogs for 5 minutes.

      dream 4 - I meet my friend in school. we go to resource room and talk about pokemon Digda... I drew it on the board lol
      lucid , nightmare