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    A Puppy and a Bull Dog

    by , 12-09-2011 at 04:34 PM (393 Views)
    I am at my hometown apartment, but the house has different atmosphere.
    My cousin's family is here. I'm playing with a small white puppy in my grandma's room. there's a big green bowl containing chocolate candies on the cabinet. I throw one to the puppy and I try one too. it's really sugary with chocolate-milk taste. it's good anyway!

    then suddenly the puppy runs out of the room and I follow him. there's my aunt in the living room, preparing dog food for the puupy, saying "he doesnt eat anything. he should stop eating those junk foods!"
    so I say "hey Aunt, you should starve him, he will eventually eat the meal. my other aunt once did this to feed her dog."
    I try to find that puupy in the kitchen. he keeps trying to hide in the corner. I find him, and grab him with my hand but then he slips out and turns into...an.... ant. I'm like wtf?! then he turns into a puppy again, but then he turns into little fly and fly away. at this point I felt really weird and thought how could this happen?! but never got lucid....
    I tell my aunt about this and her face gets puzzled.

    I am on the sofa chilling out, and Aunt brought new puppy; a small bull dog. he jumps on the sofa beside me, being shy and all. so I pet his head and he gets friendly and tries to hug me. I hug him really tightly, and he hugs me too. I think he speaks that he's really happy to see me. I feel really really great.

    suddenly scene jumps. I'm on the tour bus with my cousin's family going to some kind of island fishing?
    there is my black bag infront of me. the bull dog and I try to draw a monkey face on it, and we laugh.

    we get off the bus. I'm confused whether I have to take visa with me or not...

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