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    School and Crime

    by , 12-04-2011 at 03:39 PM (433 Views)

    I'm at my elementary school with my old friend. she's wearing middle school uniform, weird.. we are inside the school, and get outside, then go to the playground at the apartment where I had lived. I meet my old friend's friend. he is a boy; he's really nice and kind. we hang out together.

    Running away from crime

    I myself is a little boy. it was at night; this prisoner guy(I actually met him during jail field trip from school..), Ryan Key from Yellowcard band, and I are running away from something bad we've done. I think we helped the prisoner guy to escape. suddenly we notice that the cops are chasing us so we run on the tops of the buidlings. I jump and leap.
    Key and I feet kinda happy and excited because we are having an adventure. Key and I sing "Sure Things Fall" together.(omg this song literally fitted this dream's theme...)
    suddenly in front of us there are few people. these people are trying to help us, maybe? but this one man approched to me, and I flinch back and sink down on the floor, hitting my butt. this black-haired guy put a knife in my neck because I've done a crime, too. he says words something that scares me. but then, behind him, someone put a knife on his back, and I was saved. I wake up.

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