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    School in a temple

    by , 12-15-2020 at 03:00 PM (193 Views)
    (night of) 14-12-20

    1) (from 3:24-3:46) Dream Fragment - setting up Christmas tree lights, but using for something else

    3) (from 5:49 to 6:06) Dream fragment - looking after a friend's niece for the day

    School in a temple?

    2) (from 7:31 - 7:42) I'm sitting in a classroom, looks like a classroom I attended when I went to school. The teacher, a young looking lady, is way up the front while I am sitting near the back. There is talk and chatter in the classroom that she has a student's white sweater. I'm not even sure if the teacher knows she has it - but I can see it draped over the back of her chair. I lean over to the student in front (it Gemma, a girl I went to school with) and joke with her about maybe everyone can make a big fuss about the teacher stealing the sweater? Gemma does not reply, instead she is staring forward. I sit back down and realize everyone is quiet and listening to the teacher. The teacher is writing some things down in English on the blackboard, I copy it down into my book. THis is not that difficult, I can do this... What am I writing? I don't understand it, not in any kind of context. But it doesn't matter, I just need to copy. I think?

    We stop to take a break, I walk out of the classroom and into what looks like the interior or a church or a temple. The huge tall walls are made of blocks of sand stone, with giant windows that reach the high ceiling. I see kids running close to the edge, and I get scared that that they will fall - but forget there are windows. Outside the waves of the sea crash against the large windows. Across I see an even higher tower/temple, perched on a mountain top, I wonder who is living there? and how do they get to the temple? I notice there is a kind of pattern on each window, like stain glass, moons on one, stars on another - but then realize these are actually forms that are moving over the window rather than painted on.
    I see a bar area and go to the far side of the temple, where it is a little darker, and find a table. I see my teacher, a pretty lady with dark hair, she is chatting to some colleagues. I sit down at the table and feel this would be a good time to ask her about the sweater...

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