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    shared dream attempt for Moonage Daydream (1)

    by , 12-14-2020 at 02:13 PM (270 Views)
    (night of) 12-12-20

    Focusing on Moonage daydream (shared dream attempt)

    (early night)

    1) (from around 1:24 - 1:44) This is a deep deep dream. Feels like a memory wrapped inside a memory. I am with another dreamer, somebody from my the dreaming group - either @Becky#4927 or @Hilary#0856 - we are messing around, having fun - possibly dancing? I'm unsure

    Small realities
    2) (from around 2:58 - 3:29) I'm in a top secret laboratory - underground. The halls and rooms are made of thick steel. A scientist and his team are working hard at creating new realities. They are making them into existence, along with space, time, planets, beings and life - everything - but then having to collapse them because they are not stable enough to hold. Just before the collapse of the latest reality a couple of beings (kind of space aliens with strange forms and equipment) manage to escape and jump into the larger reality of the scientist. They are tiny compared to the scientist. They are now trapped in the secure room - nowhere to escape, they look around desperately before they are caught and wiped out.

    Strange eyes
    3) ( from 5:17 to 5:46) I'm in the city (feels like New York) walking through a sandwich bar that is on the side of a busy road, I bump into a lady - she has this red shawl draped around her head and shoulders, and past another man. This other man - his face does not look 'finished' , it's roughly painted, feels like his features, and eyes in particular were painted by a child. This creeps the lady out. We offer to give her a lift in our red convertible car. She agrees.
    **time missing**
    The lady in red has moved into a new apartment block, in the hallway on her way to her room she bumps into the man with the strange features again

    forgetting my dream goal! (lucid)
    4) (from 7:09 - 7:30) I'm at Stevie's house, I'm talking to him about course work which is now due in. I look through my notes and it's all a total mess, nothing makes sense. I think this was the course fault though - everything was not very organised. I ask Stevie if I can look through his notes, and he hands me this impressive binder. Inside the binder all course work it carefully and completely ordered. It looks like I am actually in the minority,. This feels awful - I m gonna fail this thing for sure. I realize the time and run out of the door - into the busy streets of London. I can't find a bus to catch and run down a bridge (crossing the Thames) I see a bus in the distance, which has stopped at the traffic lights and force the doors open and - for no reason I can think of - push the driver out of the seat and take control of the bus. I rev the engine and start turning , but I don't realize that I tried to drive through a red light into on coming traffic, the whole bus is screaming and shouting at me. I realize what I am doing and I leave the bus. Now I am on the streets, this all feels crazy, what the hell am I doing? I don't usually go around stealing buses! Everything feels very real, but also I am aware of everything around me. I look at my hands to do an RC, I count my fingers, it keeps failing - but no, I KNOW this is a dream so I do another check and now I see the RC succeeds. I'm LUCID! I follow a dream character...
    **time missing**
    I'm in Sunnydale high school, (from Buffy the vampire Slayer) I see Willow, this is cool, I am part of the gang- I like the fact I am here experiencing this, lucid - feels like I am really here. I give Willow a wave and kiss her on the lips (just a quick peck) then I back up - sorry - I don't know why I did that, then she kind of giggles and says it's ok because she's not a Lesbian yet (lol) and I turn to see Buffy, and she's about to tell the 'gang' some new adventure that's been going on...
    **time missing**
    ...and I recall my dream goal of looking for Moonage daydream
    and finding out the business of the dog. I fly up high, I'm flying up some kind of very tall red brick wall, but then I can't help it... the dream is fading all of a sudden. I try to stay still when I wake to go back into the dream but it's too late, nothing is happening.

    .... so I lay still and try meditating, going deep into the hypnagogia and visualization, I ask 7 is she can lead me to Moonage daydream
    - I see 7 as a kind of form of dancing purple dust. I follow the dust, then I am holding her hand and now the dust again. I get a flash - I'm in a school field, looks like soccer is played here by a girl's team? Now I am in the main building - there is a sign, a flash of a sign. It's one leg bent at the knee. I wonder what it means... no squatting? (lol) no I am inside Moonage daydream
    home, I see a nice spacious kitchen, pans hanging over head, clean work top...
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