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    Shared Dream with Yellowcard members in snowy place?

    by , 12-02-2011 at 03:56 PM (724 Views)
    maybe the nighttime cold medicine put me to sleep very deeply. I could do WILD in first dream!! I've never done this..

    --------------------WILD in the first dream---------------------

    I lift my dream body up and crawl on the floor. when I look up, I am in the room where I had lived before I moved.
    With the feeling of spooky atmosphere in the room(the scene was dark-blue), I am afraid of a ghost that's gonna come out at anytime...
    But I know this is a dream so I just ignored and jump down the stairs then open the door, but I'm still scared.
    I fly away over the town. It is covered with thick sheet of snow. the sky is all white-out, slightly snowing. I can't even see the background; it's smoggy.

    I unconsciously think of meeting O'Donnell from Yellowcard rock band. I land in front of a house and see a man coming out.
    I recognized him as O'Donnell. I don't see his face exactly, but I grasp his shoulders saying
    "Are you O'Donnell? hey! you're dreaming right now!"
    and suddenly ignoring test comes into my head. so I turn back and walk slowly, really trying to ignore him.
    but I can still hear his footsteps. then I try to ignore it too, but I still feel that he's there. I get shocked with amusement.
    (now that I think of it O'Donnell may have been an entity.)
    "OH MY GOD!!! we are having shared dream??! O'Donnell you are real!!!"

    I don't recall at this moment. We walk together in freezing weather to somewhere, looking for other members, and I am holding some kind of paper pockets.
    Inside the pockets, there are sheets with amount of dollar written on it. near me Ryan Key says to me, or I recognize it as 'drugs for having deep sleep'.
    I remember the nighttime medicine I took last night and I think (thought) that I consumed drugs. I was kinda scary but here I am, in dream.
    the costs were over thousands of dollar.

    I remember exactly that this dream was the most vivid dream I ever had. I could feel the cold weather, thick clothes I'm wearing, footsteps, just everything.

    I recognize that Yellowcard members are shared dream members, and Ryan Key and I are conducting this experiment.

    So Key, O'Donnell, and I are in an auditorium. The auditorium looks a lot like my high school's...
    Then we find Sean Mackin in the seats. We greet him and I sit beside him. I say to him "Sean, you're dreaming right now! do RC! this is a dream!"
    There is a middle-aged woman doing some kind of lecture on the stage. She didnt have face; or I dont remember her face ...I'm sure that it isn't human's face, but she is human.

    We are very frustrated that we have to get out of here, but the woman wants to keep us in the auditorium. My heart beat is getting fast. I am a bit surprised that I can even feel hearbeat in dream. It was so real.
    Key and I had a chance to stand out to claim that we are shared dream members, but the woman keep denying it. I think Key finally say to her that we have to get out, and she is convinced.

    We finally stand up and get ready to get out of the auditorium. When I get to the exit door, the woman is standing there. I am kinda mad to her because she tried to lock us up here. so I say to her
    "You don't even know what dream is."
    then she says,
    "Of course I know. It's the Internet you see over there."
    She points to the outside where there's some kind of group of people having fun in the snow.
    I think, dafuq, woman? sheesh, you're stupid. I ignore and walk outside with members.
    (of course I didnt feel anything weird when she said that. but when I woke up after, it was very weird that she can answer like that. Dream is the Internet... )

    I feel the freezing wind slapping on my face. I walk over to the group of people, and at this exact moment, I wake up.


    I couldnt go back to sleep for 10 minutes. I checked time; it was exactly 3 am.

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    1. floatinghead's Avatar
      cool WILD! I guess the fact that you had a cold/flu made everything seem like it was cold and snowing in your dream?
    2. Windhover@'s Avatar
      lol! maybe? but when Katsuno said he imagined of snowing randomly in school, while I was sleeping that day. maybe coincidence...?