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    10/16/2011 - 1st IOSDP Experiment - Katsuno's Dreams

    by , 10-16-2011 at 11:15 AM (680 Views)
    Last night was really weird...But I count the events as a (personal) success. I'm sure that my dreams were affected by you all. I could feel that something was different last night. Here are my dreams:

    1st: I was walking towards a building. There were other people also walking to that building and for some reason I remembered about the experiments and knew that they were other dreamers. I didn't get lucid but at one point I tried to sit down and sleep. So I fell asleep in my dream and had a dream-inside-a-dream...I dreamed of Call of Duty and I thought that this was the dream of a member of the IOSDP. When I woke up again I continued my way to the building. I decided to fall asleep again and this time I dreamed of some things about Matrix. I woke up and finally entered the building. I was inside a huge hall and it looked beautiful. Everywhere were lamps made out of crystal. I sat down on a chair and suddenly there were some classmates with me. One of the lamps was destroyed but it moved in random directions all the time. I asked my friend what this is and he just said that this is normal. He climbed up the table and tried to touch the lamp. The dream scene skips and I'm now on DV. I chat with some members and tell them about my dreams (the call of duty and matrix dreams) earlier. I woke up for real.

    The strange thing about this Dream is that it felt like it took the whole night but when I woke up I only slept for an hour! It's almost impossible that I dreamed all this in my first REM-cycle and I had no REM-rebound to make up for it :O

    2nd: I don't remember much of it but I know that I was looking at myself in a mirror. I checked my hair and that stuff when I noticed a HUGE mole on my neck. It had a enormous amount of hair growing out of it and it was really disgusting. I took my shaver to get rid of the hair but it instantly re-appeared. I also noticed that my hair suddenly was partly gone and I freaked out. I woke up because of the shock and instantly ran into the bathroom to check if everything's alright ^^

    3rd: I was near my school and I noticed that I was dreaming. I tried to open my dreamworld for all of you and I focused on my password but I woke up again. I could manage to DEILD and I was inside the dream. It was weird because it was a really low-level lucid but it felt stable. I could not see really clear so I focused on my sensory emotions. I felt how my feet touched the ground and I made my way to my school. I wanted to jump down a stair to test if I could ignore the feeling of pain but when I jumped it really hurt. I guess it was because the lucid was not clear enough and I had not much control over it. I walked down to our canteen but 2 guys blocked the door. I made myself slim and sneaked behind them. I walked on and got into a room and remembered that I wanted to find somebody. I stood before a door and said that the person would appear behind it. I opened the door but only a DC of a girl I like appeared. I jumped up to the ceiling and punched 2 holes in it. I tried to climb to the next room but I had no strength in my arms (which is weird because I can do that in waking life, too). I tried to float up into the room and it worked. When I was up there it was empty so I jumped out of the window and flew to another part of the school. I remembered that Nomad said I should stay in one place but I thought that they would find me anyway. I landed and a girl appeared. She said...well...that she wants sex and you can figure out the rest... I woke up

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    1. floatinghead's Avatar
      That whole large building in the first dream you described sounds REAL familiar - I think I may have been there...