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    The IOSDP shared journal

    43rd Shared Dreaming Attempt-(Vesterguard's) Dreams

    by , 10-10-2011 at 04:00 PM (881 Views)
    Vesterguard's Dreams

    non-lucid - Notes - lucid

    10-10-11 Intentions were simple meeting up with people from the IOSDP (secretly targeting Katsuno, though he isn't the target till next Saturday =P).

    “You a Wizard or a Witch boy!?”

    I am put in a situation where I have to choose my professional progression path in the field of magic. There are two ways to go. The first is the wizard way, which involves evocation magic and direct energy channelling. The other is the Witch way, which relies more on potions, rituals and props though it is equally as powerful.

    I am with someone that may be my parents and they may have been ghosts. I remember the male, which I believe to be my dad looking at me looking like a zombie with bright red eyes. I am walking amongst some streets that have a winter/autumn feel to them, it is quite cold. I leap up onto one of the buildings, defying gravity a bit using wizardry powers.

    I get a simultaneous narration on what it will be like if I choose one profession or the other. It goes even further to explain that even beneath the two main categories there are further specialisation. One of these paths is that you have to work under conditions quite harsh and this is examplified by me receiving a strong cold wind in my face and I understand this to be the standard working condition of this particular path.

    My POV shifts so I am not myself any more, rather I am now my dad or the zombie/ghost version of my dad at least. He/I sit down and I basically tell him that the windy conditions aren't the right choice and that we should be patient and wait for the right path.

    There is more to this dream before this part though I don't remember much of it.


    The dream shifts to something else, though thematically there is still something about ghosts. In particular there is a guy who is creating a water slide attraction. He is a ghost himself and the nature of the water ride is that he takes people for a drive in a train underwater.

    People who are in the train have their eyse at the surface level of the water so they can see for themselves what it is like to drive through water (!?). The dream might have awoken me slightly or at least increased my cortical tone, because I keep having these sensations of having various plants pulled over my eyes inside my eyelids, which is scary and very uncomfortable experience. (one of my biggest fears is having my eyes slashed by reeds).

    There are two girls sitting down on a bench outside the lake where the water attraction is. They are eating sausages with a lot of ketchup and mustard while I am preparing an explanation on the water attraction. I go on to explain that the attraction has existed for about 3 years and it was tough in the beginning. The way it works has changed over time to the way it is now where the driver is underwater driving the train between two layers of ice.

    “Balloon/Free(Jet?) flight instructor stylez!!”

    I am on a patch of land that looks quite fertile and green. It is surrounded on both sides by water. it is daytime.

    I am a flight instructor having radio contact with a number of people who are trying to learn either balloon or free(Jet?) flying or a combination of the two.

    Out in the field there is a crucial point where you have to have taken off before. Otherwise you will get stuck in two trees with branches crossing each other over the flight path we have to take. There is another instructor on my team who complain about this, seeing as there isn't a lot of runway to take off from before reaching this spot.

    I rationalise that by throwing people out in the deep end they will become better pilots later on, though he doesn't really agree with this. I back this up with a particular psychological theory. He says a word, which I hear as Lenin, which I explain that he is not entirely incorrect about this as I am referring to Russian psychologists. He then starts laughing and explains that this wasn't the word he said.

    “Kaomea, Katsuno and an Airport”

    I am walking through a street with a lot of people with various kinds of shops. Food, clothing and souvenir shops. The general feel is that the shops are put up for some kind of event and aren't there normally.


    I am walking through an airport terminal with Pil. There is something weird about the situation so I shout out for him to wait for me while I do a reality check. I look at my hand and I don't notice anything particularly different, I pull my thumb into the palm of my hand while I am looking at the back to see if I can make an additional thumb grow.

    I can't do this and I shout out “Bah I can't even make an additional thumb grow”, but I still keep looking at my hand and all of a sudden I see that half of it disappears so I only have 3 fingers left.. like a turtle hand.

    I spend quite a lot of time trying to calm myself down as I have a suspicion that a lot of my lucids end because of over excitement. So I am standing there looking at the surroundings. The terminal has quite a modern feel to it. The floors and general look of the place is rather metallic though the designers have also found some room for plants. It is fairly bright outside.

    I then start working on my goals, but obviously my memory is not playing ball with my intentions. I start walking into the terminal while I shout out “Pil!” intending on finding Pil. Pil comes around the corner, but then I remember that he wasn't the guy I was supposed to meat up with, so I shout out for “Kaomea” and she also appears from around a corner. She looks younger and paler than her picture (and compared to how she has looked before) and seem to have quite a naïve expression on her face. I don't really have anything to say to her. She is all dressed in black.

    Then I recall that it was Katsuno who signed up to be the mark for dream invasion, though I am cognizant of the fact that it isn't until next weekend I still shout out “Katsuno”.

    I start walking out and jump up towards a sign to see if I can fly a bit, which I am not that successful with, though I don't really care. I continue walking out and there are a lot of plants intertwined with the industrial metallic look of the airport terminal.

    At this point I ask Kaomea if she is actually Kaomea or just another DC, and she confess to being a dream character. I think I stop her before she runs off because I need to see her eyes. I have a suspicion that they are yellow, which could indicate that it is Mitzu playing up and they are, but I don't continue the conversation, also she doesn't really feel like Mitzu. Then I might have punched her in the face down an escalator.

    I then find Katsuno who is a fairly tall Caucasian male with black hair, not really short, but not long either though it isn't spiked. He is dressed in clothes that would indicate that he is German, a tracksuit maybe(?) (think I primarily infer this because I know him to be German, rather than an objective attribute of his clothes).

    Katsuno is talking to someone at the same time as he is walking, maybe another couple of walking with him. I Say “Katsuno”, but instead of responding to me he just keeps on talking to these other people. I get slightly annoyed with this and decide to not waste further energy getting his attention, but then he actually grabs me around the shoulders. I say “I am Dennis, we are dreaming together, this is the goal we are trying to achieve” he replies “yeah I know, I can't believe how vivid this is!”.

    I am then walking outside and inside the terminal towards the exit there are some shops with yellow umbrellas over them, I believe they are 'Tuborg' umbrellas but I don't stop to check for sure. I continue walking outside.

    Once outside I start thinking about the TOTM and recall that it has something to do about trick or treating. I want to do this at a private door, but I can't seem to find any amongst all the shops. So I look down one way of the street and expect there to be a private door behind me when I turn around. It doesn't really work, though I get the feeling that I won't have to walk far to find one.

    Then my memory plays a trick on me and I recall that I have to do something with a shoe. So I walk up to one of the people at the shops and ask her to remove her shoe. She is wearing white priatey clothes and I kneel down to remove her shoe. However I think it might be difficult to get it off, but I mentally remind myself of not acting stupid putting barriers up for myself. So I end up getting off her shoe, it is a white shoe, and I put it on the muddy ground and then the shoe turns into 2D and I wake up, under the commentary of a narrator.



    Unsure if I have a FA, but I recall attempting to WILD by making a dream manifest around me. I am not sure though if this memory is from waking or sleeping condition though I suspect this to precede the lucid from the airport.

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    1. floatinghead2's Avatar
      That's pretty interesting, it went the same way as allot of my share dream attempt goes - I wonder if there is a better way to track down other 'real' dreamers rather than just DC's...
    2. Vesterguard's Avatar
      Really not sure.. such a rookie at this.. though I am pretty sure that I have to learn to spend more time interacting with the people in my dreams ^^