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    floatinghead - 15/10/11

    by , 10-16-2011 at 12:02 PM (417 Views)
    That's my Cat!!!

    I am outside of my house and I can see my cat sitting on top of a roof of someone else's car, while the car is driving away. But that can't be my cat! My cat died a couple of months ago. I point this out to my wife and we start to think that perhaps he didn't die and that we were confused - it was just a cat that looked like him that must have died!
    We go back inside the house and I remember that we have his old collar still, for some reason I find the collar and it is brightly colored and has been printed out of a 3d printer.

    Higher planes inside Kasuno's head
    I am on the dreamviews Forum, we are discussing about the next experiment - one user mentions that we should try to see how far we can travel 'upwards' onto higher planes, he says that he has traveled up to 15-16 planes upward, something that I have been trying to do (travel onto higher planes) but then within the dream I remember a dream I have had during the night while trying to get into Katsuno's dream (dream fragment):

    I am in a colorful place, I think I am in Katsuno's private world, there are lots of colors, like a forest - and I let myself sort of get absorbed by the surroundings - this makes me travel upwards to a higher plane where it is even more colorful and then I get absorbed again and go to plane 3 and once again everything is just so much more vivid

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