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    1. Two completely unexpected LDs in one night!

      by , 07-02-2016 at 04:45 PM
      Wow I'm pretty amazed because the least expected thing happened to me last night. I had two lucid dreams last night! I wasn't even expecting one! I'm so happy lol So let me tell you what happened in both of my dreams last night. The first one is bit long and confusing. Hopefully you don't get bored while reading it. (I'll explain why I wasn't expecting an LD later on)

      First LD: I was at school, in my first period class, non lucid at all. I had an assignment on my desk like everyone else did so I completed it and turned it in. Before I went back to my desk, I did a reality check! I don't even know why though! Nothing weird was happening! The reality check I did was pinching my nose and breathing through it and it worked and I became lucid. I yelled at the other students that I'm dreaming, sort of rubbing it in their faces lol. So I walked out of the class room, into the hallway. (I should tell you now that my first period class is on the third floor of it's respective building) So started running down the hallway, and I jumped out the window hoping that I would fly. Although I didn't fly, I sort of floated down to the ground. While floating down I did a flip. Then I got the idea of trying to run at the speed of light. I guess I just sort of started running like normal, then I imagined myself getting lighter and lighter and it worked. I started running really fast around the school. I stopped running when I got to the old cafeteria. (There's two cafeterias at my school. The old one, and the new one.) I just sort of stood there watching people get their lunches. I wanted to see if something interesting would happen if I did nothing but it was totally normal. Then i went upstairs in the bell tower. (theres a building at my school called the bell tower and it's connected to the old cafeteria. bare with me lol) So on the second floor of the bell tower, There isn't really any walls. Just columns to hold the ceiling up, so you're able to see outside. So when I got to the second floor, I remember what Saizaphod told me about shooting lasers in lucid dreams, so I tried to shoot one by extending my arm and trying to imagine a laser coming out of my hand. Although it didn't work. I tried a second time but still nothing. So I just gave up on doing that, and realized that I should continue doing reality checks to keep the dream stabilized. So I breathed through my nose while pinching it again. Then I got the idea of trying to change the colors of objects. I heard it was a type of reality check but I thought it would be cool to do just for fun. So I saw three palm trees in the distance. One was green, and the other two were red. So I wanted to see if I could make the two red trees green. I just looked away and imagined that the two red trees turned green. When I looked back, I saw that they both went from red to green. So now I was looking at three green palm trees in the distance! So now I ran at the speed of light again back to the building where I jumped out of. I walked towards the bell tower again. Nothing crazy. Just simply walking. I wanted to see if anything interesting would happen. As I'm walking, I saw that it slowly turned into night time, and there were three kids walking behind me talking amongst themselves. I made it just outside the bell tower, but it was night time now. So I yelled "brighten" to the sky in hopes that it would turn to day time again. It didn't work and the three kids behind me asked me why I was yelling that. I turned around and told them that I was trying to make it day time. Then they started to laugh at me like I was an idiot. Getting annoyed by them, I walked up to the door the door of the bell tower, walked in, and shut it behind me, and told the dream to lock the door so these three kids won't come in. But that didn't work either. The three kids just walked right on in. At this point I wondered if I really was in a dream or not, so I pinched my nose and breathed through it again, and it worked. So I knew I was in a dream, but I was loosing control. In the bell tower, these three kids walked through another door and closed it behind them. I remember that I could change the dream scene by imagining another place and opening a door. I wanted to get away from these kids, so I imagined a museum full of paintings and mirrors. I wanted to see if I could hop into a painting or a mirror. So I opened the door, and it worked. I walked into a museum with mirrors and paintings all on the walls. However the three kids were in there joking and laughing. Now I was feeling discouraged. I didn't want to make myself look like an idiot while trying to jump into a painting in front of them, so I just walked up to different paintings and stuck my hand into them and it worked. It was pretty cool. It felt like I was putting my hand in water. I saw that my hand changed every time I dipped it into a painting to fit the style of it. Then I tried dipping my hand into a mirror. Again, it felt like I was putting my hand in water. However, my reflection did the same thing. I saw my reflections hand come out of the mirror as I put mine into the mirror. That was pretty cool. After I dipped my hand into that mirror, I saw that next to it, there was a door. It was an elevator door. I pressed the up button and I walked in and there were three men wearing suits. Then I started to loose lucidity. So the last few seconds of the dream was non lucid and we were basically standing there and waiting for the elevator to go to the next floor. Before we got to the next door, I woke up.

      Sorry about the length of the first dream. And sorry if it was confusing. My school's campus is a little hard to explain lol So after I woke up, I wrote my dream down, and I fell back to sleep again, into my next lucid dream. This one is way shorter and less complex.

      Second LD: I was in my neighborhood with my sister. I was non lucid at this point. We were both walking our dogs together. Then my sister hands me the leash to her dog, and runs away for some reason. I looked in the direction of where she ran to, and she was gone. But I did see this blue scooter driving past me on the road. However, there was no one driving the scooter. It was driving all by it's self. So I took both leashes into one hand, and with the other, I pinched my nose, and I tried breathing through it, and it worked. I couldn't believe I was back in another lucid dream. Although, I got so excited about being in another lucid dream, that I woke myself up by accident

      So that's how both lucid dreams went last night. Now here's why I wasn't expecting any lucid dreams at all. I've gotten REALLY lazy when it comes to lucid dreaming. Recently I've only been doing about one or two reality checks a day, and I don't even write down as much details in my dream journal any more. For example, when I wake up every morning, I write down notes of what happened in the dream, then I procrastinate writing down the details all day, Then at the end of the day, I just go to bed like normal without writing down the details of the dream. So even though it's really cool that I had two lucid dreams last night, I have no idea why! I've barely put any effort into lucid dreaming recently. I didn't even try any methods last night! No MILD, WILD, WBTB, nothing. (well I did wake up from my first lucid dream then fell asleep again into another lucid dream, but I did that by accident) I simply went to bed like normal. Another thing I don't understand is that recently I've only been writing down notes of my dreams right? Shouldn't my dream recall go down? I still remember every single dream I have every night in full detail.

      Anyways, those two lucid dreams were kind of a pleasant surprise! Replies would be appreciated. Also, if anyone could, please explain to me why I had two lucid dreams last night when I've put little to no effort into lucid dreaming recently lol Thanks for reading this long ass essay!
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    2. All I could remember

      by , 06-07-2016 at 09:08 PM
      All I could remember from my dream last night was that I was in a blank, white room. I was wearing a blue shirt, and my dark grey pajama pants. I remember seeing my mom in this white room also. She was wearing a black v neck shirt, black shorts, and sandals. I don't remember seeing my sister in the dream but I know she had to do something with the dream. I recall trying to have a conversation with my mom but I can't remember what we were talking about. Then I woke up.
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    3. My Gem Collection

      by , 06-07-2016 at 02:20 AM
      Ok, so last night I had 3 non lucid dreams. Although non lucid, they were all pretty vivid. I think they might have been connected together. I'll give an explanation of what happened in all 3 dreams but since they were all so vivd I'll just give a short summary instead of explaining with a lot of detail.

      Dream 1: I was at school walking with my friend. Everything was normal except for the fact that he was wearing pearls around his neck. I asked if I could have one and he said yes and broke one off for me. I took the pearl, put it in my pocket, and then told him it was for my collection of gems (I don't actually have a collection of gems). and then I woke up at around 1:00 in the morning. I wrote down the dream in my dream journal then fell back asleep.

      Dream 2: This one was a false awakening. I woke up on the couch in the family room of my house (note: theres a tv in the family room) It was night time and the lights were off. The only light in the room was from the tv which was playing some show on disney channel. The show was about some family, but one of the kids in the family splayed out a bunch of different colored diamonds onto a table. There were a few green diamonds, a few red diamonds, and a few purple diamonds, and all pretty small. After watching a bit of this show on disney channel, I then actually woke up in my bed at around 4:00 in the morning. I actually got up, went to the bathroom to pee, and did a reality check and I found out I was actually awake this time. So I wrote the dream down in my dream journal, and went back to bed.

      Dream 3: I was some where in my neighborhood with my friends (the one with the pearl necklace from the first dream was there, but wasn't wearing the pearl necklace). We were just talking at first until we saw a swarm of bees and we all ran back to my house. I was the slowest one out of all of us because it felt like something was weighing me down. Here's the interesting part though. While running, I went into my pocket and pulled out all the different colored diamonds I saw on tv in the second dream, and the pearl my friend gave to me in my first dream. We got into my house and I went to my room, and remember how in the first dream I said the pearl was for my "collection of gems"? Well I had a bunch of different gems splayed out all over my floor, organized by color and I put the pearl with all the white colored gems, and I put the diamonds I saw on tv in their respective group of gems (i put the purple diamonds with all the purple gems, the green diamonds with the green gems, and the red diamonds with the red gems.)