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    1. Practicing dream control, getting rid of mom

      by , 06-28-2013 at 04:04 PM
      Yay, i think i did a ToTM!I'm in my house, playing minecraft. I get bored quickly, so i go out, grabbing a random DS and Wii (i don't have those) and i drop them. The DS doesn't have a scratch, but the wii breaks. As my usual rush of logic kicks in, i think "WTF? My Wii is heavier, so it shouldn't have been broken.... I might be dreaming... I'll check later". I drop the DS down my LONG staircase, and it still doesn't break. I go get it and while i return i think"Ok, that's 3 signs im dreaming, if i find another one i'll check". So out i go seeking another sign, into some kitchen like place i don't have, until i (drum roll.... wait for it!) think "Oh f**k this lets check now."I RC and it works. (again, drum roll...) My mom appears. I inmediatly try kicking her, but she is the invincible one and she said "Sorry for what i did that dream, but i wanted decorations put up in my room". Thinking my subconsious was crazy at this point, i agreed only for practicing summoning. After about a min, she's happy and punches me, while saying she won't do "that" again (from the other entry).I go out and find a mirror. I tried avoiding it, but i saw inside it and found myself without any distortion whatsoever. I wake up around here.
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