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    A Top 5 Best Lucid Dream

    by , 09-20-2013 at 08:22 AM (241 Views)
    So I'm not really sure how the dream journals work (I'm new). It seems you just describe a lucid dream you've had? I can recount my lucid dream 2 nights ago, one of the most lucid I've had in weeks, and a ball of fun.

    I'll try to keep it as short as possible. I was basically flying over a city and I came upon the entrance of a hotel. Suddenly, a crowd of people rushed towards me and slowly, I began to realize they were all my family and friends. We all greeted eachother and they all seemed to look to me for answers as to where they were. So I simply said "Oh, you're in my dream " They all gasped, claimed it wasn't possible and asked for proof. So I fly into the air and they all look with amazement. Then I said to them "You guys can fly too." One by one, they each started floating into the air above the buidlings. We laughed and then all got into a synchroinized square of some sort, where I can see everyone at once. I told them we'd go on a treasure hunt, just as a cave appeared behind us. We all went in, talking, laughing, people all over the place. Time passed, all sorts of things happen, and then we all fly out. We're all suspended in the air over the city and I could feel the dream coming to an end, so I said to them "Ok guys, ready to wake up?" And they all yell "No!" Lol I laughed so hard. I told them "Sorry guys it's time to wake up" just as I created a giant tsunami wave in the distance. It was amazing. It came roaring closer and closer, and I remember everyone scrambling for safety, flying away and whatnot, as I just floated there smiling, thinking "This was a great dream," as the wave washed over me...

    Woke up still smiling. Until the next one...

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    Tags: cave, city, flying, wave
    lucid , memorable