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    1. Lucid False Awakening

      by , 06-09-2013 at 03:45 AM
      Whoa! I had another Lucid Dream! Wait.. better do a Reality Check.... counts fingers, tugs on pointer finger... Ok I'm really awake this time.

      Saturday, June 8th, 2013
      Well, after sleeping for 5 hours, waking up and going back to sleep... nothing. Slept soundly for another couple of hours, woke up, went back to bed but I didn't go to sleep right away, I laid awake for a while then curled up with my back to the sunlight coming in the window. I didn't think I had fallen asleep so I must've had a false awakening because I got up and started fiddling with my knitting stuff. I found my crochet hook set but a few of the holes where the hooks should have gone, were filled with pencils, pens and other items, even some small crocheted bits of yarn. I pulled all of these out and started hunting for my loose crochet hooks to put them back. I found a small bunch of them, put a few in, hunted around some more and picked up the set again but it was full of the pencils and pens again. Every time I found a hook, the set was jammed with the other objects again instead. After putting the same hook back 3 times, I thought quietly, "This does not make any sense..." That was when I did a Reality Check. It almost didn't work though! I counted my fingers and I did indeed count 5 fingers... and one thumb, that made six. I tried to stretch out my pointer finger but it wouldn't stretch at first... I counted again, made sure that I was dreaming then I focused and tugged on my finger again. This time it stretched out perfectly. As I sat on my bed in my room I tried to imagine that I had a Snickers candy bar and took a bite but all I chomped on was air. I went back to pulling on my fingers, stretching each one out and letting them slowly morph back to normal. That helped, Then I sat in kind of a half lotus position trying to float upwards off my bed. But I couldn't seem to do that either. I know why I didn't just leave my room, because I could distinctly hear my parents voices talking right outside my door (even though my mom is currently in another state: Tenessee) and I was afraid of sleepwalking or finding out that I was actually awake... I was also not wearing anything which would have been quite embarassing. Plus, in taking the time to get dressed I might have lost the dream. So as I sat there on my bed trying to float, I noticed a golfball sized lamp on my bedroom wall, it looked straight out of a Sims game. It seemed to be getting larger, (from golfball sized to base-ball sized to bowling-ball sized) as I stared at it and it gave off a weirdly bright bluish white light. I was vaguely aware that either the bed was shaking or I was rocking back and forth. The luminescent globe had reached the alarming size of a beach-ball when I finally looked away. I looked down at my hands, counted and tugged my fingers to make sure I was still in a dream and still lucid. When I looked up again, the light was gone. I was glad since the light gave me the willies. I went back to my attempts to float off my bed, but in the process of trying to focus, I accidentally closed my eyes. This I knew was an immediate mistake as it caused me to lose the dream. It was a wacky feeling though, feeling my position shift from sitting upright in a lotus position, to lying down on my side curled up under a blanket.
    2. My first time having two Lucid Dreams in one night!

      by , 06-09-2013 at 03:39 AM
      Tuesday, June 4, 2013
      After a loooong time of little to no dream recall, my life got really busy, I finally came back to DreamViews and back to my dreaming. I looked at a WBTB method of going back to sleep after about 4 hours. Here's how that turned out.

      I dreamed that I was in an art studio getting some kind of animation lesson from a few people, one of which was Mel Brooks. As I was leaving, I thanked him and called him Mr. Brooks, but then I smiled and asked if I could call him Mel. He grinned at me, he was shorter than I was. I kissed him on the cheek, and he shouted Halleluljah! I kissed his other cheek and he shouted Halleluljah! again. Then I kissed him on the lips and I wasn't sure if he shouted that time or not... I left the area and it was filled with old props from 1920's era of movies. Then I looked around again and it was like I had gone through a time machine. The entire area looked like Hollywood circa 1920. Then the area changed to a mall and an arcade inside the mall, (I wonder if it was Whimsy in the Sherwood Mall?) I past an old coin opperated kiddie ride and I noticed I was walking with my Dad. Then I realized I must have still been back in time because I saw a younger version of my Dad and subsequently a young 6-year-old version of myself, walk past, towards the arcade. I caught up with my older dad and he turned and waved at my younger dad mumbling something about the guy looking familiar to him. The scene changed and I was alone at Delta College before it became a college and was merely a flea market. The sign on what was Danner Hall, read De Wanda. I notice another guy, he points out a young girl saying that it is his daughter, and that she get's married when she turns twenty. The scene changed again and this time I was walking through some kind of hardware store with Dad and Richard. Some weird guy followed me saying strange things and replied, "Oh go ship your... phone. At the checkout counter, I did a Realiy Check and realized I was having a now-lucid dream. Immediately I imagined holding a hot pocket and heating it in my hand. I couldn't really feel it getting hot but it did and in about 20 seconds it was done. I took a single bite and it was some kind of pizza hot pocket, I could taste it. While I was lucid, Richard in the dream, grabbed a rattlesnake and thrust it in my face several times over, he kept shouting at me, "It's only a dream! Only a dream! You can do whatever you want!" Scary flashes of the snake snapping at me and other horrors began to haunt me, turning the dream very nasty indeed. But I was still lucid so even as I was scared, I focused my mind and shouted, "This is going to stop in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" I opened my eyes and the nightmarish flashes stopped, although I had a rather creepy visual of Richard holding one of his sockets up to his temple as though it were the barrel of a gun and he said he was proud that I faced my fear. Then I woke up. I had my first Lucid Nightmare but the method worked! The entire dream took about 2 hours.

      Since the method adovcated being able to have multiple Lucid's in a single night, I opted to try to get another one in. I tossed and turned until it was 11:00, I kept getting woken up... All worth it though, because I eventually did get to sleep.

      The dream was kind of normal, something about cleaning my room, but there was some kind of show going on with an audience watching it. I could not see nor hear any show going on behind me, but the audience complained that I was being too loud for them to enjoy the show. So I opted to leave, taking a CD that I planned to blast at the rude people from the bathroom. A little old guy also wanted to use the bathroom, I let him go into an orange bathroom, while I went into the joined blue bathroom, closing the door between us. This bathroom looked like one from a previous residence I had lived in. I looked at the mirror at my reflection which looked ok except for one major difference. My hair looked ok from about my ears down, but the top looked like it had a bunch of grass in it. Green grass, fresh and lush. I reached up to brush the grass out, but the grass was in fact, growing out of my head! This thought was quite strange to me and rather horrifying. I pulled some of it out, looked down at the grass I had pulled out of my head, looked up, and now there was more than grass, there were weeds in my hair, in fact my head was looking like an unmowed lawn. I start frantically pulling everything green from my head, sickened by the thought of the weeds having roots under my scalp. As I pulled it seemed that I was finding worse things, I began snapping off small branches from my head, my hair had this lovely Gaia Mother Nature look to it but I was too concerned with removing the green from my head. When I was finally finished, my head was almost completely bald, and rough like a shaved dog or cat. I was mortified, but that was when I did my RC and realized I was dreaming. I was sooooo relieved that this was just a dream and I didn't really have things growing out of my head. Recalling that I wanted to make stuff appear in my Lucid Dreams, I looked at my hands and started trying to visualize making an object appear. A small, transparent, reddish, fuzzy ball appeared to float just above my hand, only becoming solid for a bare second. I tried to make it move around but it was choppy and fake like a bad Flash animation. After the ball disappeared, I looked up at my reflection one more time and my hair was completely back and looked beautiful. I smiled and fluffed it a bit. The scene changed to a brilliant night sky full of twinkling stars. I got a running start and flew up into the night. I loved the view of the stars, they looked like little chips of diamond in a sea of indigo, I was loving it. I tried hard not to look down because it felt as though it would pull me down lower. I did try to make that red ball appear again, but I felt that it was splitting my concentration and I was unable to stay aloft. Then the dream became fuzzy again and the scene changed. I think I was doing magic tricks in front of a store window, in fact it may have been the window of the magic shop. I was doing tricks for kids with some small thing, a coin or a mahjong tile or something, I think that the last trick was throwing it against the window, it did not break the window but instead stuck fast on the other side of the window. The kids and other audience members were amazed when they went up to the window and felt the glass over top of the item. I don't think I was lucid for this last part of the dream though I felt more in control than usual. Then I woke up.

      So that method seems to work quite well! I had two lucid dreams in one night!