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    Archive June 2012

    by , 10-11-2012 at 06:04 PM (348 Views)
    June 1st 2012
    I think I had another Disney related dream, some of it in flashes. One was a large piece of paper that was apparently trying to punch holes in for some kind of pointilistic effect. (pointilism is an art form I like) It was spilling somethingon the table that I had to clean up, and I was either at Dad's house or Mom's old Stockton apartment. Other flashes seem to involve me and Richard making a list (on Dad's fridge) of something, buying candy bars that were long and with an orange wrapper, and doing something I think while at Disneyland but I can't be sure as I didn't see any Disney landmarks. Another part of the dream that was more vivid. I was apparently captured by pirates who for some superstitious reason, good luck or bad luck or whatever, they decided they wanted to tie me to their ship as their ship maiden on the front of the bow. I looked up and realized that they didn't have one, so guess what I became? Although I was tied up, I somehow had use of my arms and it felt like I could steer myself. We were paddling down a jungle river and I kept seeing crocodiles swim towards me and I kept calling out "Crocodile" or "Alligator" and "it's coming off the port bow!" I passed them without difficulty and they apparently didn't attack after I had passed them. The knowledge of a boat behind me was kinda fading away and I just felt like I was either wading through the water or in the front of a canoe or something. The alligators got smaller and more toy-like, at one point a black dog looking like Toto from Wizard of Oz came wading through the water yipping a little. I went through a tunnel and on the other side there were minatures like in Storybookland. Suddenly I felt as though I were now on a canalboat going on the Storybook boat ride. I wantedto take a closer look at 2 pictures that I saw. Without physically getting up or leaving the boat, I stopped and looked carefully at the 2 pictures mounted on top of the minatures. One looked like a young Walt Disney and the other I realized was a very small cross stitch of the first picture. After looking at them I moved forward into a building somewhat like a hotel counter with papers and booklet pads and calculators. (why calculators?) I talked to the lady behind the counter and she smild and congradulated me for seeing the cross stitch picture. As I left I saw a gift shop window that had other, larger cross stitch works. That's all I could remember on waking up.

    June 5th 2012

    Trying to remember a very vivid dream but after a few hours at the polling place. The dream started like a printmaking club meeting and evolved into a kind of nightmarish Ghost Whisperer episode... (a day later I actually wrote the dream down) Started like a Print Club meeting, Dad was picking me up as we were saying goodbye but the other members were clustered around and listening to something Ms Santee was saying. I in the backseat of an already moving car, somehow managed to open the driver’s side door but could not get out. The dream had a movie shot of Dad hitting the brakes and the car screeching to a stop. It was daytime and I got out the passenger side and ran up to the school (not a school I recognize) all because I realized that I had not yet cleaned out my locker and it was the last day of school. (This is particularly bizarre, because I’m sure this was a high school and I did not go to a high school, I was home-schooled. Even though I’m in college now, I almost never have my own locker...) I think I got distracted by an artistic contest thing going on and I tried to make my own art entry quickly so I could get this rubber stamp texture thingy that I liked. I kept trying to find my locker but I seemed to be walking in a maze and passing other students some that were working on their own art projects. The structure of the school kept changing on me, I would walk downstairs and end up in a different building, I took the elevator up and wound upon the floor 0 which seemed to be an ice cold basement freezer! I realized that the ghost of a young girl was making this happen. She had long stringy wet hair and sunken angry eyes. I kept shouting at her trying to make her stop while I kept looking around. Finally I realized my cell phone was ringing. It was Dad who said he was going home without me! I pleaded with the ghost who finally helped me find the locker and there was Dad right next to it! I opened my locker and took out some papers and books and some old food and rotten bananas. I took what I wanted from the locker, embarrassed about the bananas. On the locker door was my art thing. A collage with various metal things on it including a heart cut out of a solid quarter coin! It said something like ‘To the only person in school from whom I actually learned something.’ As I left I saw her parents with a picture of her weeping. I had just decided to give them the art piece when I woke up.

    June 6th 2012

    I had a dream sort of like an alternate Little Mermaid, where Eric didn’t marry Ariel. At times I felt like part of the action and other times like I was watching a movie. At first I was swimming in a pool but the water was very dirty so when I opened my eyes underwater, it was all cloudy and brown, but the water still felt nice and warm, the pool looked a bit like my Grandmother’s backyard swimming pool, it was especially vivid right by the diving board at the deep end, left corner of the pool closest to her house. At this point it turned more into a movie. A girl first with brown hair and brown or blue eyes hugged Ariel and there was a kind of musical girlish reunion thing. Then the girl started talking about wishing she had a sister with red hair and blue eyes and started talking about wild possibilities of how she could have her wish. Ariel knew that Eric was the girl’s father and that she still loved him. She swam down to the bottom of the... pool? The sea? She was talking to the girl who could I guess breathe underwater... and who now looked way different. Short blondish boy hair with black undertones and brown or green eyes with black eyeliner around them. Ariel was telling this girl about how her father was the human she had loved but that he had married this girl’s mother instead. Ariel told about how she had attempted to film herself underwater and had an accident that had made her look ugly and scary. Flashback to the girl hovering over Ariel in the pool, Ariel turns around and is frightened by the girl. Ariel motions needing to go but how can she leave when she’s in a pool? She pushes herself out of the corner of the pool, turns around and flops into a nearby hot tub, then Ariel takes out a small pink potion and either drinks it or pours it into the hot tub. The hot tub glows bright pink for a moment and Ariel strides out of the tub on human legs. The girl thinks to herself about whether Ariel could turn her into a mermaid. Then a long camera shot shows both the pool and hot tub at night, and slowly pans up to Eric’s castle where the lights are all on and a feast is being eaten. The girl with blonde hair runs in wearing a pink dress, Eric her father is eating at one table, the girl takes the other table and sits down, the backs of hers and Eric’s chairs are touching and they can talk to each other that way. Eric greets her and tells her that the chef prepared her favorite foods and to eat them before they got cold. Across the table a butler lifts up the plate covers and shows spaghetti with 4 huge meatballs and she smiles but first she wants to tell him about a friend she met, someone who taught her a lot. She starts singing an operatic version of Someday my Prince will Come in a fast paced beat and Eric started to recognize it. That was when I woke up thinking, ‘Hey, that’s Snow White’s song...’

    June 7th 2012

    Had a vague dream that I kinda wish was true. Richard and I had come into a lot of money, about a thousand dollars. As usual, I wanted us to save it while Richard wanted us to split it 50/50, so he could spend his half. I added up all the money we had and realized that we had enough to get our own apartment. We both decided to find our apartment and move into it before Dad came home in a few weeks. So I was looking through newspapers which for some reason had a lot of Disney in them and saw that an old theater was up for rent. Another dream, or perhaps a flash from the first dream. I was in an old apartment or house that other people kept barging into! I would be going around the house in a normal way and then I’d hear a door slam and call out who was there. Two or three people would come in, do something, look at me strangely, and walk out. One black guy who turned out to be a cop, looked like the black actor Michael Clark Duncan. He stood with me and we had a kind of standoff to stop all the trespassers who were by now, starting to turn violent. I think one girl went crazy and I was either trying to tie her up or trying to strangle her one or the other... I think she ended up dying. I can’t really recall anything after that, but when I woke up this morning, I didn’t think I had any dreams that night! I guess I had started trying to block it out.

    I had a long time after this where I didn't write down any dreams I had.

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