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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Lucid False Awakening

      by , 06-09-2013 at 03:45 AM
      Whoa! I had another Lucid Dream! Wait.. better do a Reality Check.... counts fingers, tugs on pointer finger... Ok I'm really awake this time.

      Saturday, June 8th, 2013
      Well, after sleeping for 5 hours, waking up and going back to sleep... nothing. Slept soundly for another couple of hours, woke up, went back to bed but I didn't go to sleep right away, I laid awake for a while then curled up with my back to the sunlight coming in the window. I didn't think I had fallen asleep so I must've had a false awakening because I got up and started fiddling with my knitting stuff. I found my crochet hook set but a few of the holes where the hooks should have gone, were filled with pencils, pens and other items, even some small crocheted bits of yarn. I pulled all of these out and started hunting for my loose crochet hooks to put them back. I found a small bunch of them, put a few in, hunted around some more and picked up the set again but it was full of the pencils and pens again. Every time I found a hook, the set was jammed with the other objects again instead. After putting the same hook back 3 times, I thought quietly, "This does not make any sense..." That was when I did a Reality Check. It almost didn't work though! I counted my fingers and I did indeed count 5 fingers... and one thumb, that made six. I tried to stretch out my pointer finger but it wouldn't stretch at first... I counted again, made sure that I was dreaming then I focused and tugged on my finger again. This time it stretched out perfectly. As I sat on my bed in my room I tried to imagine that I had a Snickers candy bar and took a bite but all I chomped on was air. I went back to pulling on my fingers, stretching each one out and letting them slowly morph back to normal. That helped, Then I sat in kind of a half lotus position trying to float upwards off my bed. But I couldn't seem to do that either. I know why I didn't just leave my room, because I could distinctly hear my parents voices talking right outside my door (even though my mom is currently in another state: Tenessee) and I was afraid of sleepwalking or finding out that I was actually awake... I was also not wearing anything which would have been quite embarassing. Plus, in taking the time to get dressed I might have lost the dream. So as I sat there on my bed trying to float, I noticed a golfball sized lamp on my bedroom wall, it looked straight out of a Sims game. It seemed to be getting larger, (from golfball sized to base-ball sized to bowling-ball sized) as I stared at it and it gave off a weirdly bright bluish white light. I was vaguely aware that either the bed was shaking or I was rocking back and forth. The luminescent globe had reached the alarming size of a beach-ball when I finally looked away. I looked down at my hands, counted and tugged my fingers to make sure I was still in a dream and still lucid. When I looked up again, the light was gone. I was glad since the light gave me the willies. I went back to my attempts to float off my bed, but in the process of trying to focus, I accidentally closed my eyes. This I knew was an immediate mistake as it caused me to lose the dream. It was a wacky feeling though, feeling my position shift from sitting upright in a lotus position, to lying down on my side curled up under a blanket.