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    May 31st 2012

    by , 10-11-2012 at 05:21 PM (308 Views)
    May 31st 2012
    Well it was definitely a school dream and almost a false awakening too. I dreamt I was going to school for at least a few days I think I dreamt about the first few days of summer semester but I only really remember a dental class where we were supposed to take care of our teeth. Mine were bad, we had the doctors take pictures of our teeth and measured plaque levels day by day, mine were like 25 just around the gum lines, very bad according to the professor he sounded like the main host of the show The Doctors. I feel like I went to that dental class three times but the other classes I don’t recall. At one point the dentist/teacher offered to roll up my skeins of knitting yarn but he seemed annoyed by having to do it, so I did it myself and listened to his lecture, something about it taking 11 days for your mouth to achieve a fully clean feeling. Afterwards the doc gave me some foods to eat for my lunch, one was a plain bologna sandwich, another looked like cow tongue… and a third… I forget. I ate, but after looking at a clock that said 10:20 and wondering if I was missing my other class, I rushed outside but I didn’t know which room I was in so I headed for the library computers to look for my class schedule, but when in there I pulled out a ball of yarn, a notepad, a paintbrush covered in melted chocolate and sand that I kept wiping on the notebook. Then the girl next to me wanted to see my picture and while I showed them to her I daydreamed about her being a princess and dancing to the dance of hours, I also daydreamed about the show space cases and the Thelma robot in the episode about the Problematic Schedule. I started writing what Commander Goddard would’ve done to Ms. Davenport. I totally forgot to log in but I tried to log in unsuccessfully. Then Richard and I were at home setting fire to a ball of new yarn that melted. I dunked it in water and the colors it had were fantastic! I had two other dreams after falling back asleep. One was like some scene from a sitcom involving multiplying 0.49 by 3 to get 1 but it just ended up being a smaller number. This one idiot kept trying to prove he was right by jumping out the window! He wasn’t hurt after falling off a two story building twice! After a while a woman came out offering cheap plastic bracelets I saw two I wanted but after picking up a pink and black one I saw one with the same colors I had on, also the same colors as my knitted scarf the pastel blues and purples and pale teal blue. I woke up after that one but before that, I had another dream, very strange. Sort of a Beauty/ Beast dream, where Richard, a beast and another shy guy (looked like a kid from my printing class named Bobby) were all competing for my attentions. The Beast seemed intimidating, Richard was simply coercing, Bobby I appeared to meet at a theater opera singing Be Our Guest and he sat next to me talking. Then he gave me a very shy closed mouthed kiss. I ended up bouncing back and forth between Bobby who I thought was sweet, Richard who I felt obligated to stay with and the Beast whom I pitied with tears in my eyes. Each time I had almost decided on one, one of the other two would convince me to choose them. I seem to recall seeing Richard and Bobby around the front of the Adult School. I don’t believe I got to make a decision before I woke up.

    Random side note: Can somebody explain to me why the edit feature on this dream journal keeps scrolling me to the top of my entry when I'm trying to add on the bottom of the entry?

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