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    1. Archive August 2012

      by , 10-11-2012 at 06:09 PM
      Still need to write down...

      August 5th 2012

      August 9th 2012

      August 10th 2012

      August 11th 2012

      August 18th 2012

      August 31st 2012
    2. Archive July 2012 (only one dream, ick!)

      by , 10-11-2012 at 06:06 PM
      Still need to write down
      July 31st 2012

      I have utterly no idea why I wasn't writing down my dreams in July...
    3. Archive: May of 2012

      by , 10-09-2012 at 06:51 PM
      May 29 2012
      Just woke up from two of them. Was having a sort of half college half Disneyland dream. Was in a sort of bathroom where for some reason I was hearing a couple of guys talking about being gay. One guy talked about some particular guy he wouldn’t mind being gay with but he would still be the “guy”. One girlish but gruffy voiced gay guy with black hair and a beard asked me if the conversation bothered me. I said kinda, he asked me if I had ever wanted to be lesbian, I actually said yeah I had started thinking of another girl. Somewhere in this dialogue, I seemed to think I had a 12:00 art related class that I went to, but it was after class while cleaning up that I was looking in a trash can finding a poster, bright blue with Disney characters and teaching kids how to read. I carefully pulled it out and gently rolled it up, it appeared to be about 3 feet wide and at least 5 to 6 feet long. After I rolled it up I thought I was going to another class but I soon walked out into the quad which started to look like the Disneyland hub. There looked to be teams of cheerleaders around and I was dressed like one, I believe I had a navy blue pleated skirt, an old world reddish colored top with long sleeves and shiny mary jane shoes. I think my poster turned into something made of cloth with a blue and gold fringe on it. I began walking down Main Street, which was much larger than usual, people were on actual second floor balconies as well as the ground. Ropes had isolated the street which was wet and I smelled fresh water or fresh rain and I recall thinking that the street had just been freshly hosed down. I was happy and I started twisting and dancing as I walked down Main Street. I think the buildings were decked out in 4th of July old fashioned regalia. It was then that I woke up and stared right at my dog’s butt and wagging tail directly over my face!
      Another dream I had, I dreamt about first and the memory is in bits and pieces. I was at Disneyland, with Mom or Dad or someone familiar. We were there before opening and all the buildings looked like stone. We were watching a guy painting this really large spiky looking building and it was the spires of the castle, Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the person next to me was like they put new paint on all the buildings every night and I was amazed. I looked to my left and saw the castle again still getting a paint job, I looked to my right far off and there was the Indiana Jones temple building in its blocky Mayan-temple shape, and behind me I think was Frontierland, and as I looked around I turned to, whomever, and said “You know this is the first time I’ve had to map out Disneyland this way. Usually I recognize stuff right off the bat but now it’s a little harder.” It seemed pretty dark and grayish around me too. It actually seemed a little depressing but still fascinating.

      May 30th 2012
      I was on some kind of spiritual retreat with a few people. I had to scoop water into a plate then carry the plate from one fountain to another, down a small hill avoiding tourists walking around. I also had some kind of family reunion thing going on so I seemed last on all the spiritual tasks. When the other members were eating I had to carry a piece of chicken and throw it in the fountain but it was taken from me by some talkative black haired girl. I went back up the hill and complained about it but the leader seemed sympathetic. Then we were in a theater-like setting about to get spiritually hypnotized. I recall looking at a glass and wood cabinet with very early hypnotist memorabilia. Flyers with a picture of a hypnotist that looked very evil indeed, he looked similar to Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog, and someone told me that Dr. Facilier and Jack Skellington were based on this hypnotist. I visualized some Nightmare Before Christmas footage including some images of Sally making the bottled wine and falling but looking more realistic in the face. Then I was in the theater again and this time we were supposedly going on a spiritual journey but in my mind I knew it was hypnosis. I could hear Mr. Daniel’s voice in my mind though I believed it to be imaginary. The theater was dark, the screen had not a spiral but a moving circular bulls-eye moving out towards the audience, it didn’t have a voice but had numbers counting down but seemed stuck on repeating 5. And 5... that’s it 5... no matter how we count 5... Then I seem to remember everyone waking up. I think some of us were supposed to see some kind of symbol I recall seeing a moccasin which meant spirit guide. A few of the people got up and started doing weird things. One guy covered his head with a black glittery cloth and ran, head bowed, out of the room, outside he huddled under the cloth with another man acting sexy. I seemed to get an image of Mr. Humphreys from ‘Are You Being Served?’ wearing a black dress. I also seemed to recall us being hypnotized again but I was coming into it late. I do remember that after the lights went up, there was a large black raven flying over our heads, in the theater a few people had their arms up. I tried but at first I had a finger up and it scratched the raven, pulling a feather off of it. It flew around landing on the arm of the girl next to me, she reminded me of Marion from Printmaking class. I kept my arm up and eventually it landed on my left arm. It stayed there for a while, I could feel its claws on my bare arm, but it didn’t hurt or frighten me. Soon I raised my arm up higher and it flew away. Both Marion and I said we had seen the spirit guardian symbol the moccasin.
      Then we were driving back home, Marion was driving, I was in the passenger side. Apparently there were videos of our hypnosis sessions and I had both of them. For some reason they seemed to have a loud scary soundtrack like Goosebumps, I had to find the wheel to turn the volume down. Then Marion missed the turn to take me home so she drove me to her place instead. She went inside while I, for some reason, unpacked my whole suitcase and left my stuff in front of her house. I recall that I had over-packed on clothes which were still folded up and clean. I thought I had worn my skirt too long. Then I went inside. Marion had a lovely house, all wooden furniture in the dining room and wooden floors. I caught up with her, she was in the kitchen. We talked for a while about degrees and having a certain teacher this semester (why did I have a visual of a big eye creature from Baldurs’ Gate, a beholder I think, why did I imagine it teaching a class?) She complained that she had a long way to go on her degrees, whereas I told her that I was almost done. We were outside then and the really long waving grasses on a hillside told us that someone was coming just around the corner… but I woke up before that person came.

      May 31st 2012
      Well it was definitely a school dream and almost a false awakening too. I dreamt I was going to school for at least a few days I think I dreamt about the first few days of summer semester but I only really remember a dental class where we were supposed to take care of our teeth. Mine were bad, we had the doctors take pictures of our teeth and measured plaque levels day by day, mine were like 25 just around the gum lines, very bad according to the professor he sounded like the main host of the show The Doctors. I feel like I went to that dental class three times but the other classes I don’t recall. At one point the dentist/teacher offered to roll up my skeins of knitting yarn but he seemed annoyed by having to do it, so I did it myself and listened to his lecture, something about it taking 11 days for your mouth to achieve a fully clean feeling. Afterwards the doc gave me some foods to eat for my lunch, one was a plain bologna sandwich, another looked like cow tongue… and a third… I forget. I ate, but after looking at a clock that said 10:20 and wondering if I was missing my other class, I rushed outside but I didn’t know which room I was in so I headed for the library computers to look for my class schedule, but when in there I pulled out a ball of yarn, a notepad, a paintbrush covered in melted chocolate and sand that I kept wiping on the notebook. Then the girl next to me wanted to see my picture and while I showed them to her I daydreamed about her being a princess and dancing to the dance of hours, I also daydreamed about the show space cases and the Thelma robot in the episode about the Problematic Schedule. I started writing what Commander Goddard would’ve done to Ms. Davenport. I totally forgot to log in but I tried to log in unsuccessfully. Then Richard and I were at home setting fire to a ball of new yarn that melted. I dunked it in water and the colors it had were fantastic! I had two other dreams after falling back asleep. One was like some scene from a sitcom involving multiplying 0.49 by 3 to get 1 but it just ended up being a smaller number. This one idiot kept trying to prove he was right by jumping out the window! He wasn’t hurt after falling off a two story building twice! After a while a woman came out offering cheap plastic bracelets I saw two I wanted but after picking up a pink and black one I saw one with the same colors I had on, also the same colors as my knitted scarf the pastel blues and purples and pale teal blue. I woke up after that one but before that, I had another dream, very strange. Sort of a Beauty/ Beast dream, where Richard, a beast and another shy guy (looked like a kid from my printing class named Bobby) were all competing for my attentions. The Beast seemed intimidating, Richard was simply coercing, Bobby I appeared to meet at a theater opera singing Be Our Guest and he sat next to me talking. Then he gave me a very shy closed mouthed kiss. I ended up bouncing back and forth between Bobby who I thought was sweet, Richard who I felt obligated to stay with and the Beast whom I pitied with tears in my eyes. Each time I had almost decided on one, one of the other two would convince me to choose them. I seem to recall seeing Richard and Bobby around the front of the Adult School. I don’t believe I got to make a decision before I woke up.

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