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    drunken summoning

    by , 03-06-2015 at 08:04 AM (293 Views)
    Lucid--took 3micros of Mel and another b50......dreamed I was laying on my living room couch with Courtney and aiden. I found my Nintendo in my brown pillow case. I asked who brought it down and the both of them denied it....it had a game on it called pacman, but the game playing on the screen didn't look like no pacman...it had a blue screen and it looked like castlevania or something. I then took the game out And asked who it belonged too, Courtney said it was her friends. So then I told her she was lying to me, I told her goodnite to send her to bed, she started to cry, then I looked at the clock and it had some weird time on it...then I looked at my hands and they looked weird, I had an index finger where my pinky should be at on my left hand...I rubbed them together and they got really hot......I walked around my house knowing I was dreaming now....I walked out the living room, into my living room again, with my living room kinda reversed and a big screen clock was in the kitchen over the stove area, time on the clock was 7:61.....looked at the clock in the living room and couldn't even read the time....so I took my time to calm down...summoned Monica but she didn't appear at first....I went to my kitchen, opened the garage door as she was opening the garage door, I called for her to give me the lottery numbers that I need to win.......whatever....Monica was in the garage....and the big door was up.....there was some neighbors or something outside at toms house...watching us.

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