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    the girl on the stairs

    by , 11-01-2014 at 11:37 PM (320 Views)
    Did a wbtb, ,..............then dreamed I was in some sort of academic setting like a school library or something. The primary colors were gray and white and black. This was a big room I was in, and it was very cluttered. Then I saw this girl I knew from back in middle school. It was Jermaine's older sister, and she was walking. Then she was walking up some set of stairs that curved to the left as they went up....in the middle of the stairs I could see her pants had come off....then I went into another room and there was this female black teacher dressed in white. She started arguing with me about where I was going. Im trying to explain to her that I'm on my way to this room that we are currently sitting in and she doesn't believe me so we get to arguing about it.

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