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    1/23/15 Petite Jennifer Aniston "Encounter"

    by , 01-23-2015 at 09:05 PM (388 Views)
    Another quick recap...gotta keep up with my DJ with Sensei's competition starting tomorrow night (for my time zone). I can move whole cars to get around traffic jam (like imaginings IWL)! Aha. then fly around cityscape! Void or DEILD without sense of body IWL...felt different from normal void and a little uncomfortable making me wonder if slight sense of REM atonia but not return to bed feeling present normal dream exits. Scene reforms at a parking garage try to fly, odd back to ground to slither. Awnry old ladies...prank them a bit. Homeless guy-think of past LD punches on DC's but no interest. Float around fun. Find a petite 20's Jennifer Aniston longer hair in a nice silky short dress. Undress multiple sexy layers. Touch. Super petite...wow. Sex.
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