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    11/8/14 WILD Attempt DILD + DEILD, On a Trip Again

    by , 11-09-2014 at 03:17 AM (561 Views)
    I was motivated to dictate my DJ this morning so I might as well dump the full length version in here.

    "This is something where you vote too wide to (the) area...something where you vote too wide to change." Dialogue plays in my head after I awake...after I start playing the dream through my recall...but I am almost positive this was something my still semi-dreaming creative mind came up with after awakening... Not unlike how my mind sometimes goes off on tangents daydreaming about how one thing could lead to another which used to sometimes go pretty far down some tangent. This could happen then this...then this. Anyway I was outside a home. I am waiting for some reason and I hear a good deal of noise that seemed to come from inside of the house as if something was knocked down in there. At some point I see that the door is cracked and can see a smaller SUV parked or crashed near the edge of a pool perhaps in the back yard but almost seemed as if it was inside the house...can't remember but don't remember becoming lucid at all. A woman arrives....is that your (SUV)? Did you see that the door is open? I ask. She wants to go in...I'm not so sure. Others arrive including my wife. Something is fishy about the people who invited us here (day residue from b's mlm attempts?). Someone shows me a picture of one of the guys who is hosting this and he is part of the leadership of this cult? Organization? The picture looked like it was taken from a stone tablet not unlike a grave memorial where you can include a picture but there where other pictures next to him of the other leaders? As I am looking at the picture on her phone, the guy in the picture walks by. I motion to my wife that I need to ask her something and I step back outside and tell her we should just leave...these people are weird (at the very least they are trying to recruit us) she argues we should stay until the end of presentation(?) and then leave. Why? (Wake) This is where I think that continued dialogue posted at the beginning fits. To bed after 12. Wbtb ~615.

    Longish LD chain. I'm trying to WILD and I get to different sensations of my body shutting down and me falling asleep and at some point I feel like I am completely asleep but in an utter void. I decide to try my eye clench thing and I get heavy vibrations and I start propelling myself I imagine far far into space. It is actually quite a fun feeling with almost no visuals and I stopped at some point and imagine that space may be nice and cold way out here. I decide to continue some more further before I seem to arrive back at bed with some slight sounds of my wife snoring, I assume an actual awakening. I hold on for a DEILD and find myself in a bedroom, it is supposed to be our bedroom but different and the TV is on and I think about all of the fun things I could do in this dream even with my wife. On TV is playing perhaps Cinemax but it seems to show a little more pubic hair on the woman than they normally do. This reminds me that I'm still dreaming. I feel a little bit lazy and just decided to lay there and observe the TV and try to figure out who the two actors are so that I can remember when I wake up. The woman maybe looked most like Renee Zellweger and the guy was definitely no one I could remember having seen before. He had brown hair and a bit of an boyish face despite stubble but with a hint of mischievous look. The blonde woman I remember trying to remember what her name was so that I could record it in my DJ when I wake up. At some point the dream seems to be fading but I hold on and my body seems to move with the transition and I just relax and enjoy it. My dream body that is. I eventually really feel myself floating down towards the floor and get a view of Hotel like carpet, very short. I decide this is a great time to push off the floor and get up and explore. I walk towards the front door and before going out of the hotel room in the middle of the night I think to reality check one more time and I remember rubbing my hands and putting my fingers into my palm but not really giving it an honest try so I decided to hold my hands up against the door and I definitely have extra fingers. I open the door and find a fairly dark hall and start making my way through the halls...there are quite a few switchbacks in the halls and I think about how I never seem to experience scary situations in my lucid dreams but then I squash that thought lest it leads to a scary lucid...though I have a lot of confidence and almost no worry figuring that I can do whatever I want if something scary does come up. I think to summon girl friday in the dark halls and tell myself she will be around the next corner but these halls are pretty much devoid of anything but I keep trying at each turn and each hidden corner I tell myself that #girlFriday will be there. It still does not work and I get a sharp feeling as if something has trapped my right foot or is squeezing my right foot and I try to think of a good scenario that would include that feeling to turn it around into something positive. I think that I was starting to return to my body and I was probably feeling some uncomfortableness in my heel like I often do and that is what created that feeling and I did wake up. Counting 2 LD's for the 3 separate experiences but assume only 1 actual awakening in here. 228 & 229

    We are on a trip somewhere and it seemed like we borrowed someone's home that we met only once. I drove very fast over a field of ice plants worrying a litte too late that I might damage something on the underside of the car but I think it is a rental car. I finally came out onto a dirt road took it down to the main road and was trying to figure out my way back to the house that we were borrowing. I made my way to the entrance of the town and it had a very cool statue that I was observing and had some moving parts. It was talking about being historical. It seemed to have some kind of mystical or fantasy tie-in. As I'm looking at it I see an advertisement for "Six Flags something something" maybe great adventure and it seems like we have quite a bit of time left on our trip and I think that my son would like to check that out and I would love to check it out and maybe they have some historical displays like at Six Flags Over Texas. I try to take some pictures and actually do but I have a hard time figuring out if I should take it landscape or portrait to get both the cool statue and the Six Flags display and the moment into the picture. I dig in my pockets looking for something and find one blank short key one short key and one long key...the latter two are cut already. I make my way into this indoor bowling alley type place where I guess I'm meeting up with my wife and son and it is very crowded. I see a security guard being mean to different people but he ignores me and I squeeze down past him down to this lower area squeezing in between maybe a vending machine. I find my wife and tell her something. Oh she said something about the mean security guard and some of the kids look like they're complaining about the security guard also. The security guard gets a phone call and it sounds like all of the sudden he is talking nice. By the way he is talking or maybe I can hear some of the conversation coming through earpiece I get the impression that the police are on the way to shut down this place due to complaints. So I told my wife to follow me towards the front of building and she and indicates that our son is upstairs sleeping. She starts to gather her stuff in the front closet and she has one big heavy bag and two other bags and wonder why she has so much. I agree to take the big heavy bag but then I tell her to wait in the closet while I go and get our son upstairs but I'm dragging this heavy bag with me and wake up before I make it all the way up the stairs thinking I should have left the bag back in the closet and just got it when I came back down. Just before this dream I remember being in a big room with lots of my wife's family and her cousin N is doing this funny joke where he will wake someone up taking video of them and he'll cut back later good video of something else and because they just woke up and disoriented he will be able to convince them that they did something silly while they were waking up. I wonder if he might have done it to me already and I may have said something about all the crazy things I do in my dreams. Interestingly I recently dreamed of an ice plant (as in an ice making factory) being nearby while on a trip and when logging it into my dream journal I thought of botanical ice plants and I get them in a subsequent dream!
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Congratulations on the LD! You seem very aware and observant during your LDs. Lots of questioning of your own state, marveling at reality checks, the differences in what Skinemax shows in LDs vs waking life, etc.

      The sensation in your heel is interesting! So is this like a feeling of returning to your body and you get little pinprick feelings in your heel? What is going on there for you?

      I'm also curious about this eye clench! It sounds super effective! It's basically (from what I can tell) a way to induce that sense of heavy acceleration from the pure void. This is really cool because that acceleration feeling is something I've generally just lucked into rather than induced directly. Nice technique!
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    2. fogelbise's Avatar
      Thank you CL! My LD awareness and waking life memory is something I am proud of.. I definitely have the other kind where I am struggling to maintain lucidity and have less waking memory.

      Heel pain is related to my back pain. It's more of a "more than dull" ache. It has changed my favorite sleeping position of the last decade or so (on my back which is good for my back but hurts my heel) but luckily hasn't stopped me from regular lucidity.

      The dream eye clench is also a bit of an RC for me. Light vibrations I assume not to REM stage yet...possibly light sleep. Heavy vibrations I take to mean that I am already fully asleep and at the cusp of, or already in, REM. No real vibrations I assume I'm awake. It doesn't always result in propelling me forward but when I get the heavy vibrations it usually results in something good as long as I hold onto awareness. If you clench your eyes now, do you get any memories of a rumbling feeling and/or sound? If so you have probably experienced this in some state of sleep I would guess.
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      Updated 11-13-2014 at 08:16 AM by fogelbise
    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Man, you are making this eye clench thing sound amazing! I'll have to put it on my list of things to try.

      I tried it out just now in waking life and no distinct memories of acceleration or vibrations came back to me, but it could still very well work for me. I wonder what the first time you tried this was. I think that I don't do much with my eyeballs in general in dreams / lucid dreams, partly out of apprehension. (Which is a good thing to get over, because lucid dreamers that are unafraid to use things like eye-open teleport techniques are working with a broader set of tools than I've traditionally allowed myself.)
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    4. fogelbise's Avatar
      I am not sure when I first started using the eye clench. It may be somewhere in my DJ entries but I think it was during my early experiments with WILDs and I remember trying to use it early on to help me transition into a dream from what was perceived as HHs. I think it was before I started using the closed-eye teleport, but I could be wrong.
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