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    5/9, 5/10, 5/13 Another Awesome 2 Part LD: Beach in Another Time/Place.

    by , 05-13-2014 at 07:02 PM (798 Views)
    5/13/14*! ~1020 150-2:30 NLD recall+wakefulness 4:10wake from LD up til ~5am DJ+windows. ~6:15; More recall, 735 up

    Notes: Went to bed a little early and early wake back to bed after only sleeping 3.5 hours but did not do much except think about my recent dream scenario/taking control/being bold DILDs and visualizing it happening again and becoming lucid. Also right before bed I do my simulation of the levitation RC and visualizing moving straight to the task of the month.

    I am in a movie theater / restaurant (it was one and then the other) and I head to the bathroom where (on the way) there is a sign that says something like "additional bathrooms to the left with additional amenities!" But I go to the closer one right in front of me am I standing at the urinal when over to the left I see there are a couple of women in another wing of the bathroom taking a peek at me and I let them have a little look but I still don't quite realize I am dreaming yet. I come out and C (wife of A) is in the hall and asked me to wait but I mostly ignore her and I look over into a room down the hall and I think "that looks like M" one of my wife's good friends. I also see M by the same name who is one of my son's friends and that's when I realize this must be a dream to see both of them together in the same odd place (as opposed to a party at my house or something). I say something to that effect and I try to levitate and at first it feels
    more like my simulation but then I try again with more intention and confidence and it works. I float up into the air and fly-float around the room. I continue into another room down the hall already thinking about the musical performance task of the month and there is a band already playing and an empty drum set but no drumsticks and there is a crowd gathered set up more like a cocktail lounge with tables throughout and for the most part 2 people at each table, small round tables throughout the room. I tap on the empty drum set with my finger and then turn around and face the audience and start air drumming while imagining the song and while feeling the strong emotion of it: "I can feel it coming in the air tonight" by Phil Collins as planned. The drums start to appear although a little fuzzy and I keep playing and having a blast. Recalling the additional specifics of the task, I look around at the room for the reaction and the crowd seems mostly disinterested, not paying attention. Each table seems to be talking amongst themselves. (Later after the transition in the dream I try to think of another task and I decide against trying the Limerick and I think was it something to do with getting or giving a flower, no there was Sivason's idea of creating a field of flowers but that didn't become one of the tasks, never mind just have some fun. Back to the transition.) I feel the scene fading but I still feel firmly in dreamland and I start spinning and it works again! I think the trick for me now and why I have time to do the spin is that I no longer believe that just because the scene is fading that I have to wake up)! This time I do not think of anything specific but after a short while I start to feel the sensation of floating in water (again) and the sound of the ocean, and again I tell myself I will end up in shallow water and sure enough after what feels like 10-15 seconds later I'm at the foot of the beach and look back at the water. In the
    water there are two yellow objects: a small one close by and a large one that looks like an empty raft further out. I decide to go check out the smaller one close by and go back into the water and grab it and it is one of those kid's arm-floaties perhaps another childhood memory. I love smelling those rubber items because they remind me of summer water toys that have that distinct strong chemical smell and remind me of wonderful summers past . I get caught in the tide a little bit but I'm slowly being pushed closer and closer to shore before I decide to just fly / zoom on out of the water and on to the shore. I look back out to the water again and there is a big group of what I assume are natives coming ashore. They seem like a lightly dressed but advanced civilization due to their hover-like boats that they come in to shore on (& later by the way that they talk), each with their own "boat" for the most part, a few with small kids along for the ride. They don't seem to see me at first and just come on to the shore in front of me and start walking over to my right. I call out to them and one man who seems to be the leader of the group comes over to me. I ask if they can bring me two of their most beautiful women. Just behind and next to him is a beautiful woman that looks quite a bit like Natalie Portman and I say she will be perfect. She walks over to me and seems fascinated by my mole as if it is some kind of sign and she kisses me on the lips. The leader guy may be with her and he looks a little jealous and he walks over to me also taking note of the mole and reaches around to the back of my neck and feels the bone protruding at the base of the back of my neck and seems to determine something from that and looks at me like I am strange and not like them. I tell him I come from a different time and place. It seems like a different time because it feels like if it were on earth it would be something similar to an Egyptian civilization but perhaps I'm not even on earth in this dream, thus a different place. This woman is so beautiful and I just hold her standing side by side admiring her body and touching her firm buttocks. She's wearing something like an intricate string bikini with lots of extra strings/straps wrapping around her waist area and connected to the bottom piece and something similar to her top covering but less strings/straps at top. It is beige in color as is the clothing of all of them. She is a great kisser! I start looking for the second woman and there is a younger one on the ground half-naked with no top on and while looking around and all the people I s
    tart to fade back to bed and can tell that I am clearly awake now. What an awesome dream! 146

    I later had a false awakening where I was writing down my sports dream where the other player cheated in order to score. While reviewing the notes I noticed that what I wrote didn't make sense and I woke up.

    I will be brief on these 2 sexual LDs:
    5/9: cute woman, see her naked backside at beach and feel bold and recognize that as a dream scenario=DILD, I went over to her and she gave me a very realistic bj, a very good bj that felt like it would be "professional." Another couple came in and the lady was very cute and was right next to me so I tried to reach back and open up her blouse while getting the bj from the original cute woman but the guy with her took her away. The bj portion lasted several minutes at least. 144

    5/10 ex's family (talked about her this day) cg peeking at me changing, feeling frisky but don't yet realize I'm dreaming and go to bed in the dream: in dream wild...wow I think, I started dreaming quick!...as soon as my head hit the pillow! I'm dreaming! Same room cg + other women. Put her hands down my pants and go for a while before seeing another beautiful woman and walking over to her putting her hands down my pants feeling her "ahem" moist through her underwear and then we both get naked and I put it in and out slowly and I talk dirty to her and she loves it. Nice lengthy LD. 145
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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      And I dreamed about....fish.
    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      You are DA MAN. Music, blah blah blah,

      bring me two of their most beautiful women
      NOW we're talking! Seriously though, super sweet dreams! Did I already mention that I want to be you?
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    3. fogelbise's Avatar
      Thank you FM! The music was fun too and I think it helped me get to the 2nd part of the LD...but yeah, what a fantastic dream girl and feeling!
    4. NyxCC's Avatar
      Congrats on yet another epic ld and the advanced totm! These lds are so exciting! Well done, fogelbise!
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    5. fogelbise's Avatar
      Thank you NyxCC! I really feel like I have turned a corner but I have to remember to not let off of the throttle this time!
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    6. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Incredible, your dream control and in particular your stability has just gotten insanely good lately. Love the "In the Air Tonight" solo, that's great! And as usual, you've got a way with the ladies, ha ha...

      But really, the length and depth of that first dream in particular is what I think we're all shooting for when we go for an LD. Just about ideal IMO.

      All right! Spill it! Time to share these LD secrets with the rest of us! Let's hear em!
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    7. fogelbise's Avatar
      Thank you much CL! Some of the current things that I think are really helping me include:

      -self-awareness (recent refocus on)
      -open beta exercises
      -weirdness induction
      -taking control / boldness dream sign

      Also, this LD a couple of journals back reminded me of some of your experiments with really exploring your surroundings and has to be my all time favorite so far:

      5/4 & 5/5 Epic Awesome (Personally), TOTM And Beyond - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views
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    8. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Cool, thanks for the info! I need to check out that open beta. Just been stretched too think to keep u p with everyting the way I would like. And that 5/5 dream is on my list -- can't wait to check it out! You are really firing on all cylinders and it's awesome to see everything falling into place like this for you. Makes me excited about LD, helping my all-important selfish goal of having more LDs for myself too!

      Can you refresh my memory on what "weirdness induction" is?
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    9. fogelbise's Avatar
      It is something that I have been exploring as an induction method. I think that I came up with it myself but in doing a search I found others putting forward very similar methods. It started a while back when I had some weird noise in the house during a WBTB and became more alert than usual and became lucid that night. I then noticed on subsequent occasions, that whenever waking up to any odd noises (possibly HH's in some cases or other times forgetting that a window was open and getting sounds from outside...or power goes out wondering if I am dreaming, etc...)...that these different awareness spikes seemed to almost always lead to LDs! So I have been experimenting with pretending that I see or notice something odd and simulating that heightened awareness during a relatively short WBTB and this may be contributing to a higher likelihood of having an LD. I think the more vivid dreams and control is coming from the open beta exercises. It appears that the author hasn't logged into these forums in almost a week, so I am not sure if he is coming back to post the rest of the exercises but I feel that what has been posted so far is a good set of useful exercises. Edit: the exercises are likely also contributing to the "taking control" dream sign I have been getting lately.
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