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    Deceased Loved One, RC 1&2=0, RC 3=LD!!

    by , 10-16-2013 at 04:22 AM (904 Views)
    **My first DJ entry with tags & categories**

    10/16* My family, at least my wife &I in the beginning, are spending time with my mother in law and my now deceased father in law. It felt like we were spending most of the day with them but I don't recall any specifics so perhaps my mind filling in that part or that thought like a false memory. Anyway we are in the kitchen area mostly is like the house on M. My father in law is sitting in a recliner and I stop and think wait a minute why are you here you passed on at least in my head I said this not sure if I did out loud. I do my float reality check (semi-lucid>>and I don't seem to float (much like when I do the reality check in waking life of course.) I then tried the finger through the palm and it does not pass through the palm. This weakens my lucidity but I move forward in a way that still recognizes that he is passed on because I ask him if I can give him a hug he gets up and I give him a hug and he hugs me back warmly. I then tell my wife to give him a hug too and she doesn't seem to understand why but she goes along with it and I say or think something like this is something you will or would have wanted to do. I decide to reality check once more the nose plug. I can breathe!!! I do it two more times each time making sure I'm really pinching my nose and each time I can breathe! My father in law is so realistic, in the warm embrace, warm to the touch also, and in the way that he looks. This time he looks much closer to the way he looked before he passed on. The only difference is tlhe looked a little bit healthier and not sluggish. Although the experience before confirming for sure that I was dreaming was very touching and emotional as soon as I realized I was definitely dreaming I got overly excited as usual I still need to work on that. I told my son look I can fly and flew up out of the house and back down as if the roof was in there or wasn't a hindrance more like it wasn't there as I did not have to phase through the roof or anything remember looking up at the open sky . At first I had tried to float like I do in my float RC but it did not work at first so I went for the full fly and that worked. I get a phone call and it is an automated message something about by now you've received your new phone some users have reported trouble with voice quality and a number of OBEs!! Odd!! Forgetting some details here and I think that this LD is going longer than the recent ones. I see a woman in the kitchen that I did not see before dark hair 30's wearing a button up blouse that was somewhat silky feeling. She's attractive so I go up to her and start to caress her and she shakes a little bit side to side like she's not sure she wants to be held but then I say you like this in kind of a Jedi mind trick way and then she is totally into it. I start to unbutton her blouse and then I tell her to unbutton it the rest of the way and she continues unbuttoning her blouse as I reach for her pants unbutton and unzip them and slide them down. At this point she has her blouse off and is removing her bra as I put her up on the island in the kitchen . We begin to have intercourse and the dream starts to fade. I attempt to go back into the dream imagining the motion of the intercourse we were just having but I realize I'm too awake and exhilarated by the emotional dream with my father in law and the lucid dream! Also IWL my wife is touching me down there. It makes me wonder if that was what triggered the sexual part of the dream. So many interesting thoughts and theories about this dream turned LD that happened on a night when I only planned to get a good night's sleep after going to bed too late around midnight, later than usual lately. I may post the theories in the comments or on a separate thread.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Nice LD, congratulations! Seeing your father in law sounds really cool. Very close call on the reality checks but the good ol nose pinch came through for you in the end! Great job not giving up after a single (or even double!) RC failure.
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