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    Night 1, Competition#16: DILD, WILD, Sexual, Re-attemp Moon Flight but Fades Before Arrival

    by , 12-13-2013 at 07:53 PM (725 Views)
    Night 1 of Scionox's Competition#16. I actually planned ahead since my dream recall was fading earlier in the week and came up with a little game plan to re-focus on myself and LDing a little more. The night started off poorly with 2 short fragments and some insomnia around 4am.
    Fragment 1: Me and someone helping others recall dreams.
    Fragment 2: Company approves cat naps for corporate wellness program.
    Fragment 3: Getting mad at my son for seemingly losing his keys and telling me that he knows where they are at like he left them somewhere while out but won't tell me where.

    Full dream 1: I should note for anyone new reading this/via the competition that I don't feel that dream world adventures are unfaithful to WL partners. It's all a dream and you can do many things that you can't or wouldn't do in WL. Anyway, a normal dream becomes a DILD: I eventually got to sleep and I am playing a sport "one on one" (sport withheld for privacy)with K from WL and during one of my moves that was very exaggerated and with a surprising outcome I realize that I am dreaming. I decide to approach K all smooth-like and we begin to make out quite heavily. I have always thought she was cute but never thought of making a move on her for many reasons. After making out for a minute or so the dream unfortunately fades and I find myself back in bed and get up to go to the bathroom and return to bed and have a little more trouble getting back to sleep (not trying to WBTB-so not counting WBTB points, just trying to get to sleep). After tossing and turning for a while and some RCs to double check that I am indeed awake and not in a very realistic FA, I decide I might as well do a few of my shortened/combined SSILD cycles as that sometimes relaxes me and can create that small thread of awareness needed to WILD. This did not seem to take very long and something worked to drift me towards sleep. I got HHs of my wife cuddling up to my back like she often does in the morning before she gets up to get ready. She was also whining while kissing my upper-mid back and I decided, even if she really was I should treat it as HHs of a dream girl to keep my consciousness from returning to my sleeping body too strongly...nudging myself further into my dream body. It does get a little ticklish so I kind of push my back towards her a little and I think this was already my dream body moving because I started to get the vibrations Full Dream 2: (maybe ~6:45am) and then started to be able to see through my sleeping mask which moments before I sensed was firmly in place over my eyes. I could see my wife getting ready all nude but she looked a little different from behind and besides I do that all the time in WL so I decided to try change her into N's friend M. Her hair changed color and became wavy as well and her butt which I have never seen but it definitely changed to what I guess I imagine it would look like. I told myself she would turn around and complete the transformation. The rest I will put in spoiler wrap as it is more explicit:
    Spoiler for explicit:
    I admire my mind's creation for a moment and then decide that I want to go on to some goals and go down the stairs and out the front door. I look up into the sky to pick out the moon and find it a little to the right of where I last saw it IWL and start flying very fast but my dream starts fading possibly half way there
    and I find myself back in bed. I RC and attempt to go back to sleep but I am too awake and I see I need to get up soon anyway and I can ask my wife about the whining and kissing my back. She said she might have been whining a little the night before attempting to get me to roll over but not that night, so definitely HH a little before dream entry (unless she forgot she did this IWL).
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      This was my previous LD (not in DJ) from earlier in the week posted in the "dream in one sentence" thread: I become lucid while using my car remote to get my car down from a parking space that was lifted off the ground (for space efficiency it seems) and left my car sitting sideways and took off for some lucid fun that landed me in a false awakening in a church!...that didn't stop me, though maybe it should have...(queue over-the-top evil laugh, haha).
    2. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Nice, congratulations on the lucids! Been out of town so I'm just now getting caught up, but I'm glad to hear you're getting some motivation from the comp!

      Also, I enjoyed this dream premise: "Company approves cat naps for corporate wellness program."
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    3. fogelbise's Avatar
      Thanks CL! Now I know what it is like to be busy like you, so fully understood, but great to hear from you as always! Cat naps, exactly!
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