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    1. Personal Notes

      by , 02-07-2018 at 01:33 AM
      ~~!!falling asleep too fast!! Arm up - NEW: release (centers me) and set intention(s) ; I value my dreams and have vivid amazing dreams; dance-keep it going@any fade!! Incubate romance@GA with GF!! FLOW-er; release+little; MILD where? aha dream location!! Face2face, REM simul w/eyes, release:clear view ; +meditate!! ; focus space=beach+senses; (Beach+senses of beach scene I guess? Focus space: is that when focus on breathing becomes the focus on the space in front of me like space between me and wall and then redirecting to Beach kind of like that idea of taking the release technique and adding one or two exciting elements or minor joys to that clear view which feels joyous much like the feeling of realizing you're lucid in a dream.)

      ~~!! HSOP head, wait4tension+release+sink, awareness-out, pass into dream 1.Before bed mild that I notice dream fade/pre-DEILD focus+dance/; diff from poss waking to closed eyelids: glottal then eye clench; RRCIS; 2.wbtb + MILD and/or SSILD and RRCIS;

      From older 6/4/2017 dj:
      review/practice based on notes from grassy sea period=self awareness C RRC, add balance with environment awareness, open beta (didn't use tonight (old 6/4/17 notes) but it's offshoot- boldness MILD, weirdness induction used (+ mild and ssild in bed)

      ~~!!WBTB exercises: How is your awareness flowing from one point to the next? How often throughout the day are you aware of your awareness as well as your position in your surroundings? Centering!

      ssild my normal then keep up loosely til sleep; ASMR, boldness/take control, other open beta??-childlike fascination, recognize dream scenarios, weirdness induction, self awareness crrcis , spinning. * Found nice awareness by going straight to: I am he who is aware of the awareness WITH awareness power rods coming down into my head. It's a WTF feeling! (Realize it is almost same feeling after release technique)

      After a game, a common way that I break through post game fog is boldness!

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    2. 6/1 Dream Locale Dream Scenario Dream Sign DILD

      by , 06-02-2014 at 01:52 AM
      6/1/14 Super quick entry: familiar dream location, think this is where I usually get lost in dreams...wait...I'm dreaming. Fly up over building and check out miscellaneous ladies.
    3. April 26th & 27th DILD & WILD OBE-Style Start?

      by , 04-27-2014 at 11:38 PM
      4/27* Cool WILD experience from my bed but did not go anywhere. I had Special-K with dried strawberries cereal and milk which is not overly sweet so some carbs and milk during a 30 minute WBTB (about 8 hours into my night!). Slept one hour and woke up to urinate and then WILDed. I had some interesting HI's that I looked past to avoid focusing on them I felt light vibrations which I nudged on stronger and stronger and then everything stopped and there was absolutely no sound and I recognized that external input was basically shut down and I am essentially asleep. This is probably the most clear-headed I have been during a WILD which are fairly clear-headed anyway but some level of confusion before the dream has clearly formed. My dreaming mind is giving me an odd version of still laying in bed and I try to do the glottal clucking sound and it doesn't work right confirming I am dreaming (motionless RC). I start to roll over and my mind is creating my typical DC wife response of getting upset about me doing the lucid dreaming thing again so I actually lay still and she seems to go away or out of my experience. I realize my dream eyes are closed previously not wanting to open them too early. I open them and there is a big screen tv on my ceiling with some romantic scene playing (I actually watched the first 25 minutes or so of "In My Dreams" made-for-tv movie during the WBTB. I recorded on ABC or one of the networks last week. It was about a guy looking for the woman he met in his dreams.) The scene featured a gorgeous woman that looked a lot like the female lead in the movie I watched earlier. After watching it a while it changed into more like a super-8 film playing on the ceiling. Random jumpy scenes of a kid playing in a grassy area with a ball. I wonder if it is supposed to be me. I feel a little stuck and am not that interested in starting in my bedroom so I try a closed-eye teleport and have the sensation of flying through a grayish-black non-descript scene. It feels good but I wanted to end up in a nebula so I do another closed-eye teleport and am back in bed in my dream body and decide to try to roll out of bed to try my lucid dream from there. It is very hard to roll and I start to become concerned that I will move my real body and sure enough I fade back to bed for real.

      4/26 DILD spooning with a woman as we start touching more sexually I realize that I'm dreaming and we have sex. 137
    4. Sky/Cosmos Dream Sign Again!

      by , 03-04-2014 at 12:29 AM

      Late posting, will just post quick tags for my record:

      As in last post:
      Awareness work type: retracing my steps (&looking at myself from the outside)
      Pre bed & short wbtb: visualization, interacting with desired DCs: Scarlett, Girl Friday, Wife
      wbtb: as above + very short SSILD session, closed eye teleport attempts
      1st LD, WILD based entry though not sure maintained consciousness but remember realizing that I can see through my sleep mask. In home and didn't get very far.

      later in morning DILD=group, no respect, bottle rocket into sky creates an usual display and I realize I am dreaming. Fly up, fly back down to slap around the disrespectful for fun, sexy time, more flying. 112&113
    5. Nice Vivid DILD: Sexy Time and Floating Into the Cosmos

      by , 02-27-2014 at 07:12 PM
      2/27/14* Quick entry

      Awareness work type: retracing my steps (&looking at myself from the outside)
      Pre bed & short wbtb: visualization, interacting with desired DCs: Scarlett, Girl Friday, Wife
      wbtb: as above + very short SSILD session, closed eye teleport attempts

      Early non-lucid(!) with Girl Friday, sexy

      LD: I don't recall the beginning of the dream (feels like at least a conversation missed before this). I am in an odd combination of my primary childhood home and M Blvd similar to the early non-lucid which I was thinking about during my short wbtb. My son just left the room and I give my wife the look and close and lock the door but the lock is strange. No door knob and the lock is a sliding switch that looks more like a light switch and I intuitively slide it down to lock the door (don't recall ever seeing a lock like this) and I am already questioning the scenario. I fully realize that I am dreaming as I look over at my wife standing there in atypical blue jean shorts nicely fitting and a tight t-shirt. I float towards her as she unbuttons her shorts and I am amazed at how vivid everything is and I start to look at the wood paneled wall behind her and the old fashioned wall paper on another wall and how the light is hitting everything like when the sun is low in the sky just before sunset. This focus on the backgrounds seems to make my wife disappear and I attempt to summon her in direct view a few times before I start to float towards the ceiling unintentionally and I think, oh well I will just continue through the ceiling and fly or something. I remember the sensation of phasing through the ceiling a little more markedly than usual as if my body warped a little as I passed through...usually I just fly straight up and out. I am floating up into the sky further and further and the sensation is just so wonderful that I simply go with it, allowing myself to float effortlessly into the cosmos it seems until it turns into the void before fading back to bed. Quite a sensation!

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    6. WILD, DILD, FA DILD Sex, Sports & Sunshine!

      by , 02-16-2014 at 10:22 PM
      Quick entries...at least for now.
      Had a good vivid dream featuring my son about 12 years younger than now. So cute!

      Had all 3 LDs late in the morning after getting over the hump of short dreamlets and mostly dreamless period where my awareness usually starts to wane.

      Felt like a breakthrough on a new WILD technique for me. Similar to a few things I have tried before but with the addition of a kind of self hypnosis to put me in a relaxed but aware state. I was basically interacting with both HHs and actual stimuli. My wife moving around in bed I turned into Girl Friday getting into bed. That turned into the first lucid where I was in a bathtub with her we were both naked and I was feeling all over her and we were having intercourse I changed positions to pull her right leg over my left leg. She seemed to get smaller and her face became distorted as I focused on it. I continued kissing her though as we had sex.

      Second LD, DILD inside sports arena getting ready to play. Red John is on our team this time...unusual. I am late and they are starting to play and I think about going out there without all of my equipment and then I realize I am dreaming I can just go without or...and I end up just putting everything on instantly. Our team scores as I'm coming out on the field and I decide to fly up for some celebratory sex with a woman in the stands. I think this is fun! Next I will go out there and score fantastically and I do; it is so much fun! I fly back up into the stands and look for my type. She is sitting in a skirt with nothing on underneath and we immediately go at it! Fade back to bed.

      A bit later I have cool false awakening turned DILD where I am in a bedroom/office and I complete one last task and I look at the time and realized that I worked 38 minutes longer than I intended to. I turn around and the sun is shining blindingly through the window and I realize I am dreaming. The sun feels so vibrant on my skin but the light is a little too bright. I inch my way towards a bed just out of reach of the sun's glare and I restore my bearings. I turn around and there is another bed where the workstation just was. I look closely and see two feet overlapping each other but no one attached to them...at the head of the bed by the pillows! I find this cool instead of creepy and remove pillows to examine further. I touch the feet and they feel like feet, neither warm nor cool to the touch, maybe a little rubbery. I fade back to bed.

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    7. Girl Friday is Back - Flying Bus DILD

      by , 02-11-2014 at 09:06 PM
      2/11/14 Car turns into a bus slowly flying over a huge construction zone and it takes several steps into logic/memory to realize that I am dreaming. More fun with Girl Friday after a bit of an absence. More odd early awakenings. Perhaps too many liquids before bed, ate a bunch of citrus + water. ~1120 ~1230 105 325 DILD ~630 Another apocalyptic dream earlier in the night that I didn't get lucid in unlike yesterday's but that one was later in the morning. Tonight's was a long, memorable tsunami dream in a high school setting featuring the whole school gathering in the auditorium, missing clothes, spilling sauce, senior prank with a (RC?) helicopter, some weird method from Spanish class of calming the crowd after the prank and then looking out to see a tsunami approaching and running up several stories to stay above the water.

      The earliest recall in my DILD started outside a sports arena(?) and I was getting into a car and Girl Friday was there shivering. I tried to rub her arms to warm her up but she was a bit stand-offish and got into the front passenger seat. I started off driving and was getting on a freeway where the shoulder was coned off and workers in orange safety vests were setting up a roadside memorial with flowers, balloons, etc. As I continued the slow lane was coned off and then 2 more lanes were coned off suddenly (must have been 4 lanes total in my direction) so I had to get over in a hurry and check my blind spot. At this point no other vehicles are on the road and the car transitions into a bus in which I am riding in the back (my recall of the transition is a little hazy but it obviously didn't make me lucid yet!) This bus is travelling past major construction and a huge tunnel-boring contraption that I could see digging a tunnel. The bus starts weaving around various parts of the construction that is in the way and I notice that instead of just being elevated like you would be in a bus, that it is actually floating. This part is hilarious to me because logic kicks in before memory when I think to myself "why don't they just float a little higher to avoid all of this mess?...no wait a minute buses don't fly!" I say out loud "buses don't fly, this is a dream!" I remember that Girl Friday was in the front passenger seat (from when it was a car) and I say something like "get on back here." She arrives and we start making out feverishly. I unbutton her blouse excitedly and reach my hands into her blouse and around to her back feeling her bare skin and undo her bra. She is wearing either pants or shorts and I unzip them and I remember the goal to slow down and look more closely at individual items and decide to focus on the copper colored button just above her zipper. It has an interesting pattern that I don't recognize from waking life. The dream starts fading as I try to reach out for her and I also try a closed eye teleport which seems to return me to my bed quicker or it was just the timing of being at the end of REM. I lay still and attempt to DEILD but only manage to semi-interact with some HH's or short dreamlets. One was maybe 10 seconds long and featured what looked like a giant toy ape and I appeared to be near it's midsection (possibly in it's hand like the girl in King Kong) and I managed to look around a little bit before it faded. 106
    8. Boring fragments then Bed Launch Wild, too short.

      by , 10-21-2013 at 12:57 AM
      10/20 Fragment dream related. Dream contest, one player is relaying their dreams and trying to figure out how to count it. Me? There was definitely more to it but in this early morning hour it is so vague and like it's hard to understand.
      Fragment, Big parking lot looking for my car it feels like I'm on a trip. I use the remote to look for the lights to flash. There's at least one of the car that looks kind of like mine.
      Fragment, some group is doing a reenactment. They are part of some little known fringe group and has something to do with Americana. They want to be part of the history. Tom Cruise and others are on board. They have odd pointed hats with labels on them.
      Dream, I am trying to get through a big complex back to "my place"(?)... I see a woman with a small child and ask if I can pass through "this way" to my left...one of two options but both seem to run through her house. Woman stuttered and I said I will just go that way (to the right). Husband goes to check what I am up to as I pass through the other way which seems to lead to a garage and then a chain link fence/gate. As I go out the gate I make sure to not let the dog out (similar to yesterday's dream...hmm). I tell the husband that I am trying to get to my place. But my path is blocked again. There is a chain link fence and something that looks like a dock area to my left in the direction I need to head. I think about climbing over the fence but people are looking. Fade to bed.
      WBTB after 6am SSILD cycles, not getting quickly back to sleep probably due to back and heel pain. Eventually I get the vibrations and nudge them on and I shoot up from my bed laying on my back towards the ceiling unlike any previous dream entry, very cool feeling!! I get ready to fly off then I remember that I should stabilize which I hardly ever remember to do. I rub my hands together and look at them. They are getting clearer and clearer until they are almost glowing like the light is hitting them in an interesting way but they otherwise look normal. I decide it is ok to fly off. It feels like I am in the clouds and it feels like I fly several hundred yards at a fairly fast pace and I quickly find myself back in bed! Ugh!
    9. War mostly like 1500's? turned more modern at end

      by , 10-14-2013 at 06:49 PM
      10/14 Not planning to LD, worknight, but when got up to go to bathroom felt like maybe I could do some quick SSILD cycles and quickly fall asleep(did take a longer than I thought to fall asleep, not even considering a true WILD. Yesterday I did day journal from Mastermind's thread. Incredible amount of day recall...tiring...hmm...11pm 405 658. dream before going to bathroom was a cool open field battle scene mixed old and modern. Tide of battle was turning in our favor. I look over to our side and back in a field of tall mostly green grass I could see the tops of our flags, they were really tall. They were triangle shaped. I tried to see more and could see parts of the armies below the flags. I look back the other way and a country is surrendering and joining our side. I forget the country. Then another flag is coming our way I am trying to make it out..first think it is so&so flag but as it gets closer is Philippines flag which I think may have a sideways triangle IWL on the traditional rectangular shaped overall flag. There are only 4 of them, male. Older man in wheelchair pushed by younger man and a couple of priests...odd(these people were dressed modernly). FA wife got up and apparently went to lay next to out
      son (becomes my nephew and later my niece...after dream while in the half-awake state I hypothesize that my dreaming mind is trying to counter any logic that can make me lucid). Anyway it is my son at first but he is younger more like my nephew's age. His back is to her stomach cuddling. But apparently there is a friend sleeping over a black kid maybe 12-13 and he is cuddling up against my wife's back. I get mad and indicate that it is inappropriate and she gets up and we continue to discuss it I think it was outside front or in the front room of the house on M. Wife said yeah he was horny referring to the kid I think in a teasing way but it made me more mad and at this point I am thinking son became nephew in my mind. Then I thought about discussing it with mother in law and that we can't just leave the kid in there he might try something. At this point nephew becomes my niece which seems more likely to be vulnerable to this possibly horny kid. Niece is
      also younger in the dream maybe 5-7 in my mind. At some point I go back to bed in the dream and at some point feel something tugging lightly on my foot and my logic kicks in...possibly in between sleep & wake and I take it as HHs and quickly vibrate...try nudging more lightly and patiently and enter dream kind of paddling myself out of bed toward the ceiling I get out of the house but dream or recall fades. This time I don't think I faded immediately back to bed and vibrations since that is normally fairly clear when it happens. Instead I think I had a completely separate dream entry late in my sleep cycle with vibrations this time skipping the ceiling and flying/zooming right out of the house. I decided to fly by the beautiful red maples(of some variety) and see how they looked in the dreamworld. They were beautiful and more glowing/transparent leaves but I had marveled at their beauty under the sunlight that very day IWL and they had taken on a kind of dreamlike
      beauty IWL. It seems like I flew on further in the dream but not sure...
      the WL juxtaposition may have stopped me there or made me lose my lucidity. Just remembered when reviewing my handwritten bedside dream journal that I do recall fading out of that at some point and trying to re enter and I could make out a silhouette of rooftops it was changing is if I was scanning the horizon but then I lost it and woke up. Only counting 1 lucid dream tonight, last one not sure if just an advanced dreamlet and the first one seemed incomplete//Notes from half-awake pondering. Black friend in childhood who liked same stuff as me...we planned a sleepover at his house but parents on each side decided not a good idea?? Racial tensions I believe (70's)and then I wonder for the first time if this long held memory could be a false memory...have to ask my parents. I was probably 1st grade...too long ago to be sure without outside confirmation...I don't think I would have doubted it were it not for what I have read about false memories related to dreaming. What if you have a false memory of
      something traumatic or someone tries to convince you that's something traumatic was a false memory? This is also where I wondered if a d see changes to overcome our logic kicking in. Also I am more comfortable when sleeping on my side if I extend my legs out instead of pulling them up closer to the fetal position because of my back. I also think that the newly enacted flying RC may havw helped with my awareness last night. And I really like that as a reality check.
    10. Barcelona? Antoni Gaudí?

      by , 10-14-2013 at 05:30 AM
      10/13/13(written morning of, just now getting around to posting) 1030 355 547 awake
      Barcelona? Possibly recurring dream I have to look at my dream journal I'm quite sure it is very similar to a place I have been before and my dream that was a huge place that had a big tall pedestrian bridge that went over to a shopping area. And this one we are on some kind of rooftop garden with all kinds of weirdly rounded statues kind of reminds me of that artist that did a lot of the interesting architecture around Barcelona, Antoni Gaudí. Wife is worried that we may be missing a lot by not being on an offcial guided tour. pat I think it is was showing us some stuff. It felt like it was supposed to be my sons University . It was such a big beautiful place but a lot of the details are fading. The word "dog flower" came into my head as I was waiting to go back to sleep. I had 3 very short lucid dreams so I will only count it as one. I wonder if I was using too much logic connecting myself back to sleeping in bed in these or if I was just sleeping too lightly. Made
      myself reminder to check out the podcast that talks about light sleepers. Normally I am a deep sleeper. Anyway in the first one I was looking up at the sky and I was telling my wife look how thick that fog is and I realize that moments ago I was simply lying in bed trying to wild and it makes me lucid but also quickly wakes me up and I go back into another lucid dream which I cannot recall the details and wake up quite quick into a false awakening where I thought I wrote down the first two lucid dreams but when I woke up they were not in my DJ so I only realized after the fact that was a false awakening. But i did go back into another one where I'm at the bottom of a cave or in well and I realize that makes no sense, that I am dreaming and I'm definitely not at the bottom of a well but once again wake up very quick. I also had vibrations coming into or out of some of these and I wonder if I am focusing too much on the vibrations since I have been able nudge them on
      Colored red for interesting Some kind of nightmare it didn't seem scary at all must have been semi-lucid. There was someone pretending to have died to get out of some kind of predicament and there were three others in the room that meant that person harm so he just keeled over backwards and pretend to be dead. Next thing I remember is a graveyard scene where he another woman the guy or I'm waking up in their coffins and they are coughing (I just realized talk similar those words sound) as they're waking up as if they had put themselves into some kind of state in order to fool people they were hiding from. It flashes back to what seems like the first room with a guy was first pretending to be dead and it seems like the woman is lying on the table and blood and other liquefied material is flowing out of her like a fountain maybe about 1 foot tall very very odd! Later dream we are in some older hole in the wall restaurant and it seems like it's close to closing. I go in the
      closet and I'm getting myself some ice and this older Hispanic man is sitting near the cash register along with this older hispanic woman who is counting or balancing the cash drawer. I tell the older man that I'm just getting myself some ice in their closet I will help myself. I think we ask them if we can order some food and the older woman just slowly repeats No No No. Some other guy that me and my wife are with starts frying up some steaks on a giant grill that looks kind of like a foreman grill where you can pull the top down on top of the main grill below and serves me up a steak but it is way to raw and I like rare steak but I have to spit it out it was just to slimy inside. Oh before that I told my wife and the other guy that if you want to get a drink you better drink it inside the closet because it looks like they are closing and they are not going to want to sell you the drink. So my wife drinks a coke like always. I just remembered another
      dream while thinking about a street fair. It may have been during the Barcelona dream and we were in a vehicle or a bus and I think it was my wife and son and I inside the bus looking out and was a blonde guy standing there it seemed like at first he was completely naked. He turned around and then it was like he was wearing some spandex shorts with material was missing down the middle in the back and he turned around again and it was the same in the front as if he was wearing the shorts trying to get people to look at the bare strip down the middle where his thing was.

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    11. WILD Basic TOTM, camping trip in the 1800's mixed with modern

      by , 10-12-2013 at 07:38 PM
      10/12 to bed very late 1am 605 615 wbtb 622 flonase 722 still awake some light HHs. Close drapes. Prior dream driving up into hilly area. Almost miss the exit...think using GPS. Pull over after exit and there are 8 or so color coded stakes...all green except last one orange or red? Seem to indicate whether camping spots are free. When get there lots of foreigners or immigrants are staying there and have come from a ship. They have a lot of old burlap sacks and old style luggage. I wonder if they could be passing through the panama canal?? Richly forested area. There are guards for their luggage. I see it sitting there...(did I ever see a ship or water? Maybe a dock.) Camp sites and hotel rooms available. Small thin black guy with accent tells me at least (something like) $39.95/day...assumed for camping. I forgot my tent! Predicament. I check out the hotel and go to same room twice. The 2nd time it looked like someone may have already gotten it as the bed cover was
      ruffled and something I can't recall was out of place close to the door. I go out room see 2 women in the neighboring room and others in hall and wonder if they will wonder what I was doing in someone else's room(reminds me of old dream in multi level apartment bldg...big complex while typing this up...very different looking places). Head toward front desk to see if rooms still available and for how much...fades or forgot rest. (I think this dream was influenced by watching a documentary on the California Gold Rush last night some travelling overland, some by ship from the east coast all the way around Argentina and back up to the west coast.)
      After wake back to bed I do the SSILD cycles and also do what Dolphin mentioned just looking at the back of my closed eyelids waiting for the dream to start but specifically with an intention to wild. I got up a few times to close the curtains go to the bathroom and went back and did the same thing each time. In the final. Before getting up for the day I had quite a few mini dreamlets it kind of felt like dreams trying to start and me interrupting them by paying attention to them and at first trying to grab a hold of them and interact with them but they may have just been ordinary dreamlets I'm not sure. But each one after a while had some action and dialogue to them and I was conscious of them of course as well but I was still waiting to actually enter the dream. (Probably around 10am) At one point I notice thumb index and middle finger tapping the bed beside me in a dreamlike way and it made me think of the fild method and I started putting focus on willing my fingers
      to move and I felt the vibrations and zoomed into a dream where I am flying up out of my bed I'm excited I know I'm dreaming I zoom down the stairs out the door and down the street to where they're often kids playing thinking about the basic task of the month. I zoom up to them half running half flying and just roar like I never have before I felt like a different creature and felt so powerful and the kids just went crazy running off down the street and into the house. (semi-lucid, doubting>>>)Then I am back in bed and hear footsteps it is my wife telling me it's time to get up now but I have since confirmed that it was a false awakening. She had earlier told me she was going to get her hair cut in waking life and when I came out of the room after really waking she was still gone at her appointment and I went in to my sons room who's home for the weekend from college and ask him if he came into my room and if mom is still gone and he said he did not come into my room and
      confirmed that mom is still gone and told him about my false awakening. So it was definitely a false awakening but during the false awakening while i was laying in bed and having her come in I suspected that might be a false awakening but instead of doing a reality check I decided to roar at her but it seems more like I was projecting a roar and I wasn't sure if I was actually doing it and she wasn't reacting anyway.
      Going to bed so late I think made my trip to lucidity a longer road than normal, so need to avoid that!

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    12. Amazing Experience in The Void, possible NREM/Delta Sleep LD

      by , 10-12-2013 at 01:15 AM
      I held off on posting this dream from the night before last since I had no idea what to make of it. I messaged Sageous to get his expertise and what he said brought back the rush of excitement that I had when I woke up that morning. The short version: his opinion was that it was an LD during NREM/Delta sleep and he knew exactly what I was talking about from the description below...

      (Written morning of 10/10/13 in offline dream journal)


      I went from vibrations to a view of my room. I doubt it for a moment and wondered if I had slightly open my left eye IWL but then I focused on my left eye and noticed it was completely closed, both eyes were closed. I think me focusing on my actual eyes started waking me up but I was quickly back in the vibrations and this time I try to imagine a scene I wanted to come into but it did not work and I ended up in a void. This time was very weird it was like I was "inside" & interacting with HH's instead of just hearing them or having them happen to what would normally feel like my normal sleeping body. It definitely was the dream feeling being in the void but dreaming about HH's and experiencing them in a very different way while realizing it was a dream and not just the prelude to a dream. Just floating there, relaxing enjoying the experience. It is hard to explain. But I woke up very excited and just have a pep in my step today. I don't get that from regular HH's. After my wake back to bed a couple of ideas in my head for a possible mantra to use but maybe it's too long. I also got an idea to pull the focus away from my body in order to bring on sleep quicker. It was basically focusing on the dream world as being a vast bubble just above & in front of my forehead just beyond my sleeping body. After I woke up from that I continued to attempt to wild and had an incredible number of regular HH's all quite interesting but did not take me directly into a dream that I recall. Dream before my wake back to bed involved one or two other people bringing dreams to me to compare to see if they were related to mine. recall was quite foggy but I don't think that made me lucid.
    13. Operating table, disembodied foreign language, childhood teacher?, vibrations

      by , 10-04-2013 at 05:35 PM
      10/4/13 Quick notes: operating table looking up at the bright round light over the operating table I think of the task of the month bonus task planning to do a self-bone marrow transplant via my arm but it turns dark as in a darker dream more like a nightmare but then I regain control and I hear a woman quietly whispering in some foreign language or made up language definitely not English she goes on for at least one minute before I drop into a non lucid or perhaps woke up . Going to the office but the door to the office is interior inside of another building some strange big woman with dark curly hair comes in she looks startled to see someone else here this time of night. I told her I'm just here to go to this office as I put the key in its not fitting and I realize it is a dream. I went in and out of a few brief possible lucids with vibrations(can't recall content at this time. I also had a dream where someone was teaching me that there's nothing to fear if someone kills you and you can just say haha I will just come right back you can hurt me. This made me laugh and made me
      realize it was a dream and I got a little excited again about the whole idea of throwing it back into an attacker's face but during the dream I thought that it was strange that I was being taught something that I already knew almost like it was something from my childhood.(was dreaming about lucid dreaming and that was what made me lucid, not truly lucid before that I am thinking)
      Had dream where I was standing in front of my house and my friend had but a nicer house J and in this scenario it was right across the street and I could see him through the bathroom window just his head and I thought I do not want to know that he's about to take a dump...odd. I also had a dream where I might have been semi lucid where I was laying in bed (while my wife was actually getting ready I realized afterwards) we were spooning, some kind of Cinemax movie was on TV and it seems like she was half asleep and didn't realize the TV was on and I started to touch her down there and then I heard a noise from her getting ready and woke up this was probably a false awakening...as well as the one I was
      standing outside of my house. Just remembered another dream I was being told by M that he was going to make a low offer on a house and I kind of gave him a look like there's no way you will get it at the amount. He then turns into someone else that I know that I can't recall at this time and he is saying well who are you to tell me what I should offer! First dream I remember from the night I was looking and choosing some old cheesy action movies and they were all in VHS boxes and one of them was titled something like "(give 'em?) HELLLL" with extra L's at the end of the title. We were choosing a movie for some kind of demonstration project. One of the movie boxes had an actor that looked like Ben Affleck.
      I counted this as 2 LD's instead of 3.5 or something since those last 2 weren't clear enough though I was definitely lucid at least at the end of that childhood teacher one. The couple possible LD's coming in and out of vibrations I don't remember at this time so can't even be sure true LD's. I was motivated to LD this night and planned to go to bed at 10pm..despite going to bed late and feeling too tired to normally try on a worknight I decided to, with SSILD around 5:30am.
    14. Modern U.S. Revolution...or Localized Riot Suppressed?

      by , 10-03-2013 at 07:22 PM
      10/3 I had a couple of short lucid's but my non-lucid dream was the most interesting!
      First of all I am NOT going to read too much into this dream. At this point it's definitely just a dream possibly fueled by news stories about the government shutdown and talk of not raising the debt ceiling. The earliest part of the dream that I remember I was on a bus or tram traveling into a city. (I take it to represent the city to the north of my home IWL). We are pulling up to a downtown area a big building kind of like a civic building. There is a huge crowd gathered around the building almost look like they're lined up and for some reason at this point I thought they were college students coming back from a trip. But there were so many of them and I asked someone next to me what they were doing? I do not remember the response. Then I noticed they looked angry and they were chanting something and raising their fists pumping them in the air. We passed the crowd and we're coming elevated so perhaps on elevated tram or bus going over the overpass and I see a fire down below in the middle of the street but its
      small and for some reason I don't think much of it but then I do see more fires various businesses/stores on fire. They're begins to be a lot of debris on the street on the left side and the right side piles of debris and it is about this time that the bus or tram driver makes short announcement something along the lines of well it looks like the issue was resolved by the public. There were a few cheers and a few laughs on the bus. Myself, I felt awkward. We were in an urban area and a lot of the people that looked upset were African American and I was thinking that this whole bus or tram was full of Caucasians and that this vehicle might be a target when we get off. We are now passing a body of water on the left and there is a piece of what I first thought of as a cruise ship in the water...the section where the captain would look out. But as I looked closer I realized it wasn't quite that big, perhaps a very large yacht. Then I start seeing police
      standing in a marina area . There are yachts that have been pulled up on to the docks out of the water and some of them smashed some of them just pulled up. In one spot a police man is standing in the water up to about his waist or stomach and I assume that he's guarding the yachts that are still in the water and I think to myself I wonder if is gun is below water and will no longer function. The various things put out of the water gets smaller and smaller and there is this surfboard that I grabbed perhaps as we're getting off the vehicle but I don't actually remember getting off the vehicle. There were still police around and no crowds so I guess it seems safe and we walked into a building that must have been a sports club or a resort of some type and at this point my wife is definitely with me(dream mood changes to all is okay, just remembered at some point on vehicle I was thinking that I need to go downtown to where my wife would be and make sure she is ok..but now she is with me?) and we go to an outside area by the pool and decide to lounge on some of the lounge chairs by the pool. There is a woman and
      perhaps her daughter sitting across and slightly to the right of us and the daughter is looking at me in a flirting way, possibly aged 17 to 19. I look away and over to my right and I'm looking at another lounge chair with a towel sitting on it and it kind of looks like the towel is moving but at first I think that it is the pattern on the towel...it is rolled up in a sloppy ball...and I think it is one of those patterns that give you the illusion of movement. But then I notice that the lounge chair is moving also and I look closer and there is a raccoon that is playing with the chair. (I saw a raccoon 4 days ago digging in a trash can in an urban area IWL). I feel like I was semi lucid at this point. The raccoon starts coming over to us and I know that my wife will not want it anywhere near her although she doesn't seem to be reacting so I lightly toss some ice from the cup I'm holding towards a raccoon thinking it will scare him off but it comes closer to me and goes at my neck and
      this makes me fully lucid. At this point it feels more like he is tickling me and the dream fades into vibrations and then back to staring at a close up of some beige carpet probably less than 1 square foot so I must be right on top of it. I know that it is a dream so I think I should reach out and feel the carpet but dream fading again back to light vibrations. I know(can feel) the vibrations are too light for quick re-entry or to even attempt to magnify them after trying briefly. Before the riot/revolution dream I entered the void through vibrations but I can't remember if I did anything from there so probably did not too much...
      Besides my non lucid dream was the most interesting one and it was so vivid. All of the above was after 6 a.m. when I woke up feeling very rested and even though it was a work day I decided to do some cycles of SSILD. Regular dream before that point involved me driving in a car and I hit a couple of grocery carts that were in the middle of the street I was
      trying to weave between them. Earlier there were also what felt like were a couple of false awakenings where my wife was upstairs popping old balloons so she could throw them away while I was downstairs doing something productive I forgot what. And I remember going around the house quite a bit...it felt like a cross between my current house and my grandmothers house that is long gone.
    15. Nightmare & DILDs, TOTM Revisit attempt

      by , 09-30-2013 at 09:14 PM
      092913 (early morning of) 1130 115 (s mental barrier defeated) IWL 145 son home=woke me. 450 SSILD wake from 2nd LD 730 all times are approximations.
      Two mental barriers sex and flonase both defeated! Dream before wbtb: and then unusual nightmare for me perhaps aided by the flonase. Woke up looking at connection between flonase & dreams.

      *Please note, anyone deciding to read this, there is a lot of commentary and analysis that may be boring to someone looking from the outside.

      First dream of night was non lucid nightmare which I will put at the end. Skipping ahead...

      After wake back to bed I have a short DILD. As I am waking up back in bed I tell myself to remember it but opt not to write it down because I felt like I could easily DEILD. I was able to get lucid again but I did forget the first lucid dream. First LD was kind of short anyway I remember that much about it. It wasn't true DEILD because I didn't stay conscious and instead came into a false awakening. In the FA, I
      don't remember (my dream body) getting up but I was at the foot of the bed fumbling around near the TV and I look back at the bed and my son is in the bed as well for some reason. I can't remember if he looked much younger since he might sometimes be in our bed when he was a toddler. But there was also a plump, balding guy between my wife and son. He looked nothing like me(I think I got lucky...got the hair from males on my moms side & have no signs of balding so far...). The guy is touching my wifes face WTF , what are you doing man??! Son asks what is wrong and I tell him that guys touching moms face! I go outside disgusted. I'm rifling through a pickup truck that seems to be mine even know I've never owned one and I look at the next driveway over and I see my wife leaning against a car staring at me. This gives me the "aha" lucid moment. I get out of truck...My wife disappears and I realize that I am standing in front of what is supposed to be an approximation of my
      childhood home in E. I decide that this could be interesting and do not immediately fly off and I think that I want to look around and see if I can really see that house in this lucid dream. As I look at the house some of the details start materializing. Yep there's those multi colored bricks, and the faux shutters. There's the tree we planted and the little border the tree. I forgot about the shrubs, they were prominent. I think about going inside but nah... I'm usually trying to get out of the house lucid as quick as I can seems to be more adventurous outside. I fly over the nearby intersection with the two convenience stores and over my childhood hometown eventually to my highschool, though many details are missing from the townscape (or I forgot details of the LD). I think of the locker room task the month and think about doing it again. I enter and I'm going through the hallways of the school and no one is around at this point. I try to remember
      where the gym is. Do I even remember if I took any physical education classes in high school? I didn't play any school sports that required going to the changing room. Ah, i realize, the gym is where the pep rallies were! ( as my waking memory becomes more clear) but I wake up try to go back into the dream I seem to be to awake.

      Earlier non lucid turned nightmare:
      Earliest part of the dream I can go back to: I was sitting in a church and we decided to sneak out a little early me and my wife and my mother in law. my mother in law left first through the side entrance on the opposite side of where we were heading me and my wife & I decided to cut through the church out of the opposite side to catch up to her. I told my wife we should have went down the aisle that we were already on we went down the parallel aisle which made it less efficient. I'm always talking about efficiency in waking life and it bothers her and my son usually. For some reason we're trying to catch a bus instead of going out to our car. We see that we just missed the bus because it pulls away and I wonder if my mother in law was on it she is nowhere to be seen. There's another bus
      right behind it and it is parking in the parking lot I think that it must be parking in order to wait for the next scheduled time next scheduled pickup. My wife and I walked over to the bus and he starts pushing another vehicle with his bus I can't tell or can't remember if I thought he was helping the other vehicle or pushing it out of malice. Perhaps thinking about the malice aspect lead to the nightmare portion of this dream. Or perhaps the flonase or perhaps my conversation with my son the day before the dream where videos he showed me inspired me to want to have a nightmare which I normally do not look for and which I specifically told my son that the video made me want to have a nightmare. This wasn't really the kind I was looking for though. The video my son showed me IWL was related to Halloween mazes and the end of the dream was much like a dark corridor Halloween maze. Anyway we go up to the bus driver and ask him when the next bus leaves and he says there will be no more at this time of night his bus is out of
      service for the night. He showed us on a detailed map where the next bus stop over still has lines running this time of night. It seem like it would be a long walk but we could do it and then perhaps a false memory of being at that other bus stop before and it was a place with a huge parking lot and lots of cars parked in like a commuter parking lot. All these buses were going into the city. What city I do not know but it certainly was no place familiar in waking life. At some point a dangerous pit bull dog is barking and making a fuss from the bus I believe. I think the bus driver is holding the dog back and giving us a chance to run and for some reason at this point it is me and my son(instead of me and wife) and we are both running as fast as we can . My son jumps into a car locks the door and I don't want to have him re open the door so I run into a warehouse the dog follows me but then I lose track of him I start searching for the dog which seems to be a dream sign for
      me dogs and I wonder if it's because I'm hearing a dog barking in real life while I am sleeping sometimes we have a few dogs barking but not usually too much. And besides I wear ear plugs usually after my wake back to bed but I can still hear a little bit through the ear plugs. Somehow I have a shotgun double barreled so I can get off two shots with each load. I'm searching for the dog I look under to stall doors sort of like bathroom stalls and probably were bathroom stalls. I don't see anything under the bathroom stall doors and I continue looking down the corridor but then I go back to the two stalls and think how could this dog have disappeared maybe he's sneaky and jumped up on the toilet so I couldn't see him under the door? so I kicked in each door nothing there. I go back into the corridor and wonder where in the heck did he go ? This is some kind of super dog. Then I see that there is another room that I missed before that has those plastic
      curtain blades hanging vertically like you have when you walk into a walk in freezer the kind of plastic you push aside to go in for easy ingress and egress but still keeping the cold air in. I finally see the dog facing away from me and I decide to sneak up on him to try to shoot him... Sorry pet lovers I would never do this in waking life unless I thought he was still coming after my son or I. The shot seems to wildly miss or at least it doesn't hurt the dog in the least... I shoot again nothing I reload and try to shoot some more and then I wake up.
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