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    Folqueraine's Oniric List

    1. The Dream where I was Asked to Teach Maths

      by , 01-18-2012 at 08:55 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream where I was Asked to Teach Maths (Non-lucid)


      I'm an English teacher. In this dream I was sent to a high school and told I had to replace my housemate, who was a maths teacher and was himself a substitute for a Mr. Grec or Brac or something like that. He's a biology teacher IRL. The principal and some other guy walked me to the class of senior students and I told her that the last maths I'd done was in high school. She said I'd do fine, and as I was about to refuse some emergency came and the principal and the man had to leave. I was stuck in class because I didn't want to leave the students unsupervised.
      I noticed their were "special" students, doing coloring or beadwork instead of actual schoolwork.
    2. The Dream of the Mall Guerilla

      by , 01-15-2012 at 04:40 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of the Mall Shoot-Out (DILD)


      I went to the bigger island next to mine to meet a local woman whose young daughter was in the hospital. I decided to accompany her to the hospital. We drove there. The hospital was in a giant mall which was partly underground.
      Once there, we got separated because I went to buy a magazine for the little girl. I was in the shopping part of the mall, outside the checkout lanes, when
      people started firing. It was a small squad, about a dozen people. I ducked being a checkout counter. I could only hear them, so I had to guess what they were doing. They were coming from my left and getting closer, shooting people as they went. I heard the victims scream.
      There was a dead female cashier close to me so I crawled there, put some of her blood on my shirt and played dead when the squad passed by.
      When I was alone, I tried to think about what to do. Other gunmen joined the first squad, it was a little army and they were obviously professionals. They occupied the whole mall, stoping the country's forces from liberating it.
      I met other survivors in the mall and we started a resistance. We gathered a few weapons, for instance I had my commando knife with me. Some of the men were older men
      whom I met in real life about a week before. There was also a man about my age which seemed to have war experience. We fought the invaders, it was a real mall guerilla, hiding in boutiques and between shopshelves. Many people died on our side. Everybody fought, mothers, children, old people.
      There were also a few conflicts within our group. I had misunderstanding with the man of my age when I thought he'd stolen my knife, but it was a close-looking one.
      In the end, after a few days, the country's army managed to get in the mall but they realized we'd done most of the work. We were tired, dirty and hungry, so we roamed the mall for food, and the police had the nerve to tell us to stop stealing!
      Flash forward a few months: the mall has been abandonned following the blood shed. The state has decided to convert the office buildings into nice flats, and me and some of the other survivors are imagining our future life there, the landscaping, etc. As for the shopping part of the mall, it will be turned into a giant market like Rungis for the whole south of France.
      End: I'm at home when I receive a phone call from a British woman. She says she wants to meet me to make a film about the attack. For some reason I can't make out a third of what she's saying, but in the end I understand that she wants to make a film and not a documentary, and would like me to star as myself.
    3. The Dream where I was Torn between the Man I Love and my Family

      by , 11-19-2011 at 08:45 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream where I was Torn between the Man I Love and my Family (Non-lucid)


      I was supposed to meet the man I love in a place (town? Resort?) by the sea, after not seeing him for months. I was very excited, but then I learnt that my parents were coming to see me too (I haven't seen them in as long).
      I wanted to see my parents, but I was pissed that they were spoiling my reunion with Joan, all the more so since I'd pointedly avoided introducing them in the last year. I told them so on the phone and they were angry.
      I was at the place already. I decided to let my parents come, and called Joan to tell him of the situation and that we could meet later. The next morning, I greeted my parents, and a minute later Joan appeared. He looked very good and smiled at me with a look saying he got things under control and he'd make sure to make a good impression on my parents, and I smiled back, reassured.
      Tags: dad, family, love, mom, sea
    4. The Dream where I was Torn between the Man I Love and my Family

      by , 11-19-2011 at 08:45 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream where I was Torn between the Man I Love and my Family (Non-lucid)


      I was supposed to meet the man I love in a place (town? Resort?) by the sea, after not seeing him for months. I was very excited, but then I learnt that my parents were coming to see me too (I haven't seen them in as long).
      I wanted to see my parents, but I was pissed that they were spoiling my reunion with Joan, all the more so since I'd pointedly avoided introducing them in the last year. I told them so on the phone and they were angry.
      I was at the place already. I decided to let my parents come, and called Joan to tell him of the situation and that we could meet later. The next morning, I greeted my parents, and a minute later Joan appeared. He looked very good and smiled at me with a look saying he got things under control and he'd make sure to make a good impression on my parents, and I smiled back, reassured.
      Tags: dad, family, love, mom, sea
    5. The Dream of the Apocalypse Train

      by , 11-11-2011 at 07:03 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of the Apocalypse Train (Non-lucid)


      The end of the world is coming. Part of the population can be saved, and in an original twist, actually the majority: there is enough room to host 90% of the world's population in bunkers.
      The chosen are being evacuated by train, and I'm part of them with my parents and my own. We go to the station and board the train. But I'm not sure that my best friends are evacuated, and I'm not feeling too enthusiastic at the idea of being at the hands of the military, so at the last minute I get off the train. I just have time to shout to my family: "I love you" before the train takes off, thinking that I'll never see them again.
      Then I find myself with the 10% left behind. I go to a small town near mine.
      Influence: this is the hometown of a colleague of which we talked recently. The people are in a kind of stupor.
      I think I need wool to knit a hat for the incoming (nuclear? volcanic?) winter, so I go to this wool shop.
      Influence: I mentionned the town's sewing shop to my colleague. There are actually quite a lot of people in the shop. I explore every shelf but I can't find the colour and texture I'm looking for. Influence: I failed to find proper yarn on this island.
    6. The Dream of Shopping for Last Year's Clothes

      by , 11-08-2011 at 06:56 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of Shopping for Last Year's Clothes (Non-lucid)


      I was in a supermarket shopping for clothes. I noticed several items that I already own, such as my grey and pink swimsuit. I realized that the shop sold outdated clothes because this is Mayotte. I told myself this was a good occasion to buy stuff I already have and like for the years to come, so I try on several outfits.
    7. The Dream of Harrison Ford's Revenge

      by , 11-08-2011 at 06:53 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of Harrison Ford's Revenge (Non-lucid)


      This was a dream entirely in third-person perspective. It shocked my housemate that I could be totally absent from my dream, but he liked it.
      Harrison Ford, or a character who looked like him, had a long-standing grudge against his father, who had died when he was 25. At the same time he was amnesiac, having forgotten most everything about his father, as a defense mechanism he thought.
      Harrison Ford worked with an older military guy. At some point, he discovers something about his father that completely changes the way he viewed him, and realized that his father's death was criminal.
      When he goes out on the carpark (of his work place?), he notices an old black car, and it clicks into place with what he's discovered earlier. This old black car... it means that the military guy killed/is responsible for his father's death!
      Harrison grabs his rocket launcher and starts shooting at the military guy to seek revenge for his father's death. He misses at firt and the rockets go flying over the sports field nearby. But then, he hits the fleeing military guy in the back, and instead of it being a carnage, it only makes his backpack explodes in sparkles.
      Harrison Ford feels at peace with his dad now.
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. The Dream of the Pink Harry Potter Musical

      by , 11-08-2011 at 06:53 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of the Pink Harry Potter Musical (Non-lucid)


      I'm with the Harry Potter cast (the three main actors) and I'm part of it, although I can't tell exactly what role I played in the saga, if any. We're all dressed in pink and we go to a concert/musical about Harry Potter.
      Although we're not expected to take part in it, we climb on stage during the concert and start rocking out with the musicians. The crowd is over-excited.
      From then on, the perspective switches to third-person. I watch the show as someone else, and when a song called Vulgarity comes out, I predict that I'll leave the stage, since I hate vulgarity. Indeed, I see myself climb over the railing and into the crowd, still singing, as the song starts.

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    9. The Dream of the Play by the River

      by , 11-04-2011 at 09:55 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of the Play by the River (Non-lucid)


      I went to a place using the ferry which in real life is used to go from my island to the bigger island. I was with some people I knew, colleagues maybe?
      I went to a performance of something I took part in. I think it was a play. The role I had was minor. I discussed it with some higher-ranking guy. We discussed the costume and/or make up. It was night time. We were rehearsing the play by a river. Large, flat rocks were sticking out of the water and were used to cross to the other side. The other bank of the river went up a little and was covered in a gradually thickening forest. It was the main scene of the show.
      It sent a feeling of being a beautiful landscape, the river with the rocks and woods behind it. It reminded me a little of the Pyrénées.
    10. The Dream of the Goblet of Fire

      by , 03-08-2011 at 01:05 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of the Goblet of Fire (Non-lucid)


      There's a long railway along the park of Hogwarts. Ron, Hermione and Harry are hanging out there and think that the tunnels for pedestrians dug under the railway are "lame" because it disrupts nature. (right, because a railway doesn't). In truth, they're really annoyed because the tunnels are an idea of Snape's.
      Harry and Ron, being the smart boys they are, decide to blow up the tunnels, with explosives.
      They put some under a tunnel, which collapses, and then under another one. Hermione isn't there any more, of course, or she'd have called a Prefect already.
      The 2nd tunnel gives them trouble, as the ground starts to give way under them and they can't get away as the walls of Hogwarts are holding them in. Ron is about to be swallowed and McGonagall, who happens to be looking out of a window, pulls him to safety. Harry gets out on his own.
      They expect to be seriously sermonned, but McGonagall blames Snape. Harry and Ron go back to the tower.
      Time Lapse.
      In the Entrance Hall, Ron, Harry and Hermione are about to go to Gryffindor's common room, but Harry gets away though a spiral staircase hidden in the wall behind a light-coloured curtain. These stairs lead to a large room which isn't in the films nor in the books. Its ceiling is very high and it's very airy and light, there are big desks at which a few students are working, and sorts of glass cases with prizes won by students and other Hogwarts distinctions. Harry finds among others his father's Quidditch champion.
      Harry has only come to see the plaques again, but he also finds a very beautiful, ancient-looking book, with golden letters and metal bits. Something along the lines of "For Harry Papa" is written on it in gold leaf.
      In that world, every one knows that Potter means Father
      (Star Wars influence) so Harry thinks that the book is meant for him, but he hasn't got the time to open it since Hermione comes in through the other entrance, opposite the spiral staircase: large straight stone stairs leading to a double door.
      He goes with her, and as they walk though the doors chatting, a gust of wind lifts a curtain, just before the straight staircase, revealing a very dark, wooden spiral staircase. They slip behind the curtain: there hardly any light, and it illuminates a few dust specks in the air.
      The stairs go down to their right. In it they see a strange creature sweeping (not a house elf) which doesn't see them. They decide to go up, on their left. After two flights of steps, they reach a long dormitory where similar creatures are making the beds.
      The creatures apologize, saying they didn't think they would arrive so soon, they tell them to make themselves at home and leave. The dormitory has beds alongside the walls with green sheets. At the end, there's a window through which you can see the park. Harry and Hermione understand that the dormitory is where the candidates to the Goblet of Fire will sleep. This room especially is for the French, whose champion is... Cedric Diggory.
      Hermione wants to see the girls' room, and crosses to the other side, through the boys' bathroom. In it, she's horrified to find some more of those half-formed, half-naked creatures sitting on the sinks and the tubs. She then walks into the girls' bathroom, just as filled with creatures.
      When she goes back to Harry in the boys' dormitory, the Beauxbatons guests arrive (just the boys) and they start a waterfight. Harry and Hermione lose and have to flee, drenched.
      Later, Hermione goes back there with a water bottle, intent on seeking revenge, but the only boy she finds there didn't take part in the fight and in is fact charming. Disappointing, she meets with Harry on a terrace. She's so hot that she pours the water on herself to get cooler.
    11. The Dream of the Doctor, the War, the Flying Policemen and the Pink Pebbles

      by , 03-07-2011 at 11:54 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      In this dream I was a man, who took part in the Cold War, except the Cold War was more like the Blitz, seeing as I was fighting an air battle over London. The Doctor was in my plane with me and I asked him to change history so as to stop the war. He went back in time, did something, came back and voilà, the storm clouds had disappeared, the birds were singing and my plane was the only one in London's sky.
      Then three flying bobbies came towards us to check what we were doing up there. Flying as in, standing straight in the air and hover.
      I realized that policemen don't fly, and in turn it made me realize... [the Unreveal] that the Doctor had fudged something up when he went back in time. He himself confessed to making an error, recognizing that these flying policemen were actually aliens who were supposed to invade and subdue Earth a century from now. Something he'd done in the past to stop the war had made them come earlier.
      Time Lapse.
      We're down to earth, in a town that looks a bit like my home town. We walk to the river, sit on a quay. The Doctor explains that those aliens have (/would have) mentally subdued humans. The key to freeing them is finding what the aliens have done to us. We then have to look in the river. We dived and check the wall of the quay. There's a small pipe in which we find two pink granite pebbles. The Doctor rambles about how they mean that the aliens have changed the human anatomy. Yeah, sure.
    12. The Dream of my Soulmate

      by , 12-26-2010 at 02:01 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Soul mate (Non-lucid)


      This dream left me with a warm fuzzy feeling in the morning...
      I was the new girl at some institutional place, but I was with a group of people I knew; it may have been a merge between schools, or we were just sent there as a work experience. I remember being supposed to work in that school for special needs kids.
      We were being introduced to other young people, and one of the guys seemed to be struck by me, as I was by him. My name was the only one he could remember and we started to flirt more or less openly, although very innocently. It's just that we got on so well.

      He looked a bit like Jackson Davis, who played Jonas in LonelyGirl15, except with bright blue eyes, so I shall refer to him as Jonas.
      Actually, his eyes (and those of his ancestors) were so blue that his surname was "Azur-blue ocean"
      Later on I visiting the school, went to the swimming-pool and then sunbathing with my female friends. Jonas Azur-blue ocean joined us and lay down next to me and we were just comfortable. My friends said nothing but I could see that they were all "Aww look at the two of them they're so cute!"
      The funny thing is, although I did enjoy that soulmate feeling, I woke up feeling guilty towards the guy I'm actually flirting with in real life.

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    13. The Dream of the Escape from the Island and the Introduction into a Secret Society Bank

      by , 12-07-2010 at 12:31 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      I was on Belle Isle island and I was wanted by the evil authorities, so I had to flee, but I knew that if I took the ferry they would catch me easily, so I had to find another way. A relative told me of a fisherman who often took people to the mainland, so I went to the beach and found him. His ship was really a small rowing boat. He agreed to take me to the mainland and didn't even ask for compensation. Thanks to him, I crossed to and fro Belle Isle many times.
      Later, I was in my grandparents house, which is on the peninsula closest to Belle Isle. I had taken a clandestine cat with me from Belle Isle and I had to hide his presence from my relatives, but for some reason the cat had to stay outside in the front yard, so every time my aunt came out I had to go and shoo the cat away so she wouldn't see it.
      Later again, me and my friend/crush John managed to get introduced into a secret branch of my bank. But then, we had to get out to spread information to other underground resistance members. We had pretended to be a couple, so stay in character I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and he was all embarrassed, saying something like: "You've done enough now!"

      Influences: my research into Resistance in occupied Finistere during WWII
    14. The dream of Rio de Janeiro & Dr Tony Stark

      by , 10-05-2010 at 03:18 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      I was with pupils explaining them what favelas were and why they were built on hills. Then I really arrived in Brasil at the time of colonisation. For some reason Rio de Janeiro was inland, on the river Amazon which was very large. I saw from a bird's eye view the river and caravels on it. I swam in it too.
      Then I went to the hospital where I was supposed to take a test. My doctor was Tony Stark. He was his usual flirty self. He gave me a sort of glass to give a pee sample. I went to the ladies' toilet. Inside, I realised that it was only one room with the men's toilet, so I had to lock the men's door too.
      Then I sat on the toilet and realized that the wall were made of glass, with obscure stripes (paint or metal) and thin clear stripes. The thought that someone could see me stopped me from being able to pee.

      Then I woke up with a full bladder.
    15. The shipwreck and being stranded with Galou

      by , 09-24-2010 at 09:23 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      I was woken up at 6:00 by a noisy male student's voice. I opened the curtain and saw that a flat on the floor above and in front of me had its door open and light flooding out. A girl was standing on the deck and noticed me. i went back to sleep, ready to put my ear plugs on, but the girl must have asked to boy to shut up because the noise ceased. Thank you, unknown girl! The dream occured next.
      I was on a small ship leaving Central America for Europe. Not too far from the shore, I noticed several people in the water (over a dozen). None of them seemed to panic. It was weird. I hesitated to offer them to get on my ship because they were so numerous that they might cap-size it. There were other small ships and I wondered which they fell from.
      I soon realized that the ships (and the castaways) had been involved in some conflict between drug or illegal immigrant smugglers. I decided not to get mixed in because those people can be troublesome, but then I saw my friend Galou in the water. She was trying to hold on to her two young daughters.
      (In truth, Galou only has a 5-month-old baby boy)
      Then my ship disappeared (?) and I was in the water. I helped Galou by holding one of her girls. The sea took us to a tiny sand beach surrounded by rocky, sharp cliffs. The girls were not with us anymore, but that didn't distress us.
      We were tired and cold and hungry. A strange, chaotic rock formation sprouted out of the sand. We tried to find shelter in the rock chaos. I climbed on top of the formation. Two electric wires connected to a small light bulb. The night was falling, and I realized that the light was too weak to be seen from hypothetical rescue ships. However I had my laptop, and I thought to use to power to power it (because it's a magical laptop that can resist sea water!) and maybe send someone a email to tell our relatives that we have survived.
      When I got down from the rocks, Galou had prepared driftwood to light a fire. I made sparks with the wires to start the fire. Galou had collected seaweed to eat, but in a small cave we found canned food that had either been stocked here or that came from a shipwreck.
      We spent the night there. We were still scared of the smugglers, because, as witnesses to their dealings, we could be seen as threats.
      In the morning, we noticed one of the smugglers' ships coming towards our beach. Uh oh... We decided to try and climb the rocks to get away. Galou went to the west, and I went to the north, more or less along the shore. But since there were many boulders I felt like I could hide.
      Some gunmen landed on the beach. I hid behind the boulders but one of them saw me. I knew it was hopeless so I didn't move. He found me and shot me twice, once in the back (and the bullet went through my chest) and one in the bum
      (probably inspired by the horrible bruise I got on my backside falling down the stairs while moving furniture out an attic). It hurt badly but I realized I could perhaps survive my wounds, so I played dead. The gunman was satisifed and left.
      The rest of the dream is in 3rd person perspective as I follow Galou.
      Galou has managed to reach almost the top of the cliff. There's a half-ruined castle which we couldn't see from the beach. She is also pursued by the gunmen. Nearing the castle, she has to cross over a precipice on a single stone beam to reach safer grounds.
      She then tries to hide inside the castle, and realize that it's not empty. There's a nun living there. A cat nun from New Earth (Doctor Who)! The nun agrees to hide Galou. She tucks her in a shady corner.
      The gunmen get in and ask the nun if she's seen the runaway. She says she hasn't and pretend Galou is a statue, using her as a stand for her tray, as she offers the gunmen drinks.
      She has her servant bring the tray in. It's Jar Jar Bink,
      and I remember thinking as I watched his feet on the carpet (through Galou's eyes): that CGI is rubbish, it's scintillating!
      Later, after the gunmen are gone, I manage to get up (back in my own body) despite my wounds and limp back to the beach, were I am reunited with Galou.
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