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    The Dream of the Children stranded on Two Islands

    by , 06-20-2010 at 08:12 AM (446 Views)


    This dream has two distinct parts, but they are definitely related through their themes.
    In the first part, I am one of the inhabitants of two islands. The two islands are pretty small, but high, maybe of volcanic origin. They're pretty preserved, as far as I can see, there aren't many tracesof human settlement.
    Deep on the sea bed, there is a tunnel joining the two islands. The tunnel room closest to West Island is room 2400, the room closest to East Island is room 2100. The workers of the tunnel have decided to go on a strike that day. I work in the tunnel too and I wonder if I should work that day or not.

    There are several children living on both islands, but mainly East Island. A baby is born or has been left on a beach to the north-east of West Island, and a child from East Island comes to pick it up in a little boat. But since he doesn't want to be seen by any of the adults (maybe because they would take the baby), he asks a teen girl to come with him. This teen girl has an identical tween who has a young child, so if they're caught, they can always claim that she is the twin and that it is her child.

    Part two

    The children have all been forced to flee to a beach on the south side of East Island. They all live on the beach, which is closed off the rest of the island by foredunes and cliffs. They've built shelters out of driftwood and seem to have settled quite some time ago.
    I then realize that it is silly that they should be locked off the rest of the island just by a dune, so I decide to fly over it (metaphorically, since I'm not bodily present in the dream) to see the other side of the dune.
    I can see that there's a sort of desert with a few trees and bushes sprouting here and there, and a little pond near the beach. I assume that's were the stranded kids get their drinkable water.
    A caravan is coming. Some of the men are wearing bedouin clothes while others are dressed like Westerners.
    I then decide to embody an adult man. I talk with the head of the caravan. He tells me about the two Westerners, one at the beginning of the caravan, one at the end. The one in front is sick, while the one in the back has a broken arm which needs to be put back together.
    I nominate myself doctor of the stranded children and decide to help the two men while the kids deal with the caravan. I hear the leader of the kids tell the leader of the caravan "Welcome to Thoninnio", so I gather that's the name of the settlement.
    The first man is in his late thirties and has short, light hair with blue eyes. He looks very kind and, while I auscult him, tells me that he broke the other guy's arm. They were previously lovers but they had a row about the children of one of them (I think his, but I am not sure) and in the row he seized the other's arm and accidentally broke it. He wishes he could help but his ex won't let him near him. I'm a bit disappointed because he was so hot and kind, I would have liked to hook up, but too bad!
    I ask if there's anything I can do to help them reconcile, but he explains apologetically that he went too far in the row and that he deserves what he got, and there's probably no way to fix things between them.
    I then move to take care of the second guy. He's younger, late twenties or early thirties, with jaw-length hair, and looks vere bitter. He doesn't want to chat, so I just pull his arm and snap the bone back into place.
    And then I woke up and quickly found a trick to remember the name of the settlement before going back to sleep.

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