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    The Dream of the Girls on Horses and the Gun Fight

    by , 06-26-2010 at 10:21 AM (551 Views)
    So I was with this other girl who was my little sister, and we left a group to go on a journey on horses. We were in the country. The landscape was pretty, although the sky was cloud-covered: gentle hills covered in grass and moss, and sorts of pine trees.
    At some point I went behind a tree to pee, and I noticed a chain-link fence not too far to my right, and black puffs of smoke rising behind it. I told my sister about it. Suddenly, a man appeared behind the fence, and I recognized him as our enemy. He started to shoot at us with his rifle.
    Me and my sister sort of played hide and seek with him and his mates, hiding in the large trees. While we were doing this, the landscape morphed slowly. A row of low buildings/shops appeared in the distance behind us, and a mini horse-riding centre/sports centre appeared right behind us.
    The guys on the other side of the fence had found a way to cross it and were getting closer to us. We could do nothing but hide. At this point, a friend from the original group (another teenage girl) joined us. She had a gun too and started counter-attacking. Then, more people joined us and the bad guys were defeated.
    All the good guys gathered in the nearby building, which at this point looked like a greenhouse. The building was well developped underground, with a nursery, a cafetaria, etc... (in fact, it looked like a bunker).
    Several people on our side were wounded, among whom a close friend (possibly my sister) who needed blood. So I decided to inject blood in her with a tiny syringe. There was some air in the syringe, so a friend with some medical background warned me against injecting the air in her bloodstream, which could kill her.
    Then, I carried an unconscious girl in my arms. I stopped in the cafetaria to chat with some of the guys, then went on my way, wit the girl in my arms, to find a place to lay her down. I thought of a little train wagon we have near the bunker. Many of our allies were there (some of them were actual soldiers), I think I saw Captain Picard too. I had to ask Robert Downey Jr to move his arm so I could let the girl rest on a train couch.

    - The Mammoth Hunters, by Jean Auel, for the horse-riding journey bit
    - FallOut 3 for the raiders attack and bunker bit

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