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    The Dream of the Goblet of Fire

    by , 03-08-2011 at 01:05 AM (681 Views)
    The Dream of the Goblet of Fire (Non-lucid)


    There's a long railway along the park of Hogwarts. Ron, Hermione and Harry are hanging out there and think that the tunnels for pedestrians dug under the railway are "lame" because it disrupts nature. (right, because a railway doesn't). In truth, they're really annoyed because the tunnels are an idea of Snape's.
    Harry and Ron, being the smart boys they are, decide to blow up the tunnels, with explosives.
    They put some under a tunnel, which collapses, and then under another one. Hermione isn't there any more, of course, or she'd have called a Prefect already.
    The 2nd tunnel gives them trouble, as the ground starts to give way under them and they can't get away as the walls of Hogwarts are holding them in. Ron is about to be swallowed and McGonagall, who happens to be looking out of a window, pulls him to safety. Harry gets out on his own.
    They expect to be seriously sermonned, but McGonagall blames Snape. Harry and Ron go back to the tower.
    Time Lapse.
    In the Entrance Hall, Ron, Harry and Hermione are about to go to Gryffindor's common room, but Harry gets away though a spiral staircase hidden in the wall behind a light-coloured curtain. These stairs lead to a large room which isn't in the films nor in the books. Its ceiling is very high and it's very airy and light, there are big desks at which a few students are working, and sorts of glass cases with prizes won by students and other Hogwarts distinctions. Harry finds among others his father's Quidditch champion.
    Harry has only come to see the plaques again, but he also finds a very beautiful, ancient-looking book, with golden letters and metal bits. Something along the lines of "For Harry Papa" is written on it in gold leaf.
    In that world, every one knows that Potter means Father
    (Star Wars influence) so Harry thinks that the book is meant for him, but he hasn't got the time to open it since Hermione comes in through the other entrance, opposite the spiral staircase: large straight stone stairs leading to a double door.
    He goes with her, and as they walk though the doors chatting, a gust of wind lifts a curtain, just before the straight staircase, revealing a very dark, wooden spiral staircase. They slip behind the curtain: there hardly any light, and it illuminates a few dust specks in the air.
    The stairs go down to their right. In it they see a strange creature sweeping (not a house elf) which doesn't see them. They decide to go up, on their left. After two flights of steps, they reach a long dormitory where similar creatures are making the beds.
    The creatures apologize, saying they didn't think they would arrive so soon, they tell them to make themselves at home and leave. The dormitory has beds alongside the walls with green sheets. At the end, there's a window through which you can see the park. Harry and Hermione understand that the dormitory is where the candidates to the Goblet of Fire will sleep. This room especially is for the French, whose champion is... Cedric Diggory.
    Hermione wants to see the girls' room, and crosses to the other side, through the boys' bathroom. In it, she's horrified to find some more of those half-formed, half-naked creatures sitting on the sinks and the tubs. She then walks into the girls' bathroom, just as filled with creatures.
    When she goes back to Harry in the boys' dormitory, the Beauxbatons guests arrive (just the boys) and they start a waterfight. Harry and Hermione lose and have to flee, drenched.
    Later, Hermione goes back there with a water bottle, intent on seeking revenge, but the only boy she finds there didn't take part in the fight and in is fact charming. Disappointing, she meets with Harry on a terrace. She's so hot that she pours the water on herself to get cooler.

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