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    Memorable Dreams

    1. The Dream of Harrison Ford's Revenge

      by , 11-08-2011 at 06:53 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of Harrison Ford's Revenge (Non-lucid)


      This was a dream entirely in third-person perspective. It shocked my housemate that I could be totally absent from my dream, but he liked it.
      Harrison Ford, or a character who looked like him, had a long-standing grudge against his father, who had died when he was 25. At the same time he was amnesiac, having forgotten most everything about his father, as a defense mechanism he thought.
      Harrison Ford worked with an older military guy. At some point, he discovers something about his father that completely changes the way he viewed him, and realized that his father's death was criminal.
      When he goes out on the carpark (of his work place?), he notices an old black car, and it clicks into place with what he's discovered earlier. This old black car... it means that the military guy killed/is responsible for his father's death!
      Harrison grabs his rocket launcher and starts shooting at the military guy to seek revenge for his father's death. He misses at firt and the rockets go flying over the sports field nearby. But then, he hits the fleeing military guy in the back, and instead of it being a carnage, it only makes his backpack explodes in sparkles.
      Harrison Ford feels at peace with his dad now.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. The Dream of the Goblet of Fire

      by , 03-08-2011 at 01:05 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      The Dream of the Goblet of Fire (Non-lucid)


      There's a long railway along the park of Hogwarts. Ron, Hermione and Harry are hanging out there and think that the tunnels for pedestrians dug under the railway are "lame" because it disrupts nature. (right, because a railway doesn't). In truth, they're really annoyed because the tunnels are an idea of Snape's.
      Harry and Ron, being the smart boys they are, decide to blow up the tunnels, with explosives.
      They put some under a tunnel, which collapses, and then under another one. Hermione isn't there any more, of course, or she'd have called a Prefect already.
      The 2nd tunnel gives them trouble, as the ground starts to give way under them and they can't get away as the walls of Hogwarts are holding them in. Ron is about to be swallowed and McGonagall, who happens to be looking out of a window, pulls him to safety. Harry gets out on his own.
      They expect to be seriously sermonned, but McGonagall blames Snape. Harry and Ron go back to the tower.
      Time Lapse.
      In the Entrance Hall, Ron, Harry and Hermione are about to go to Gryffindor's common room, but Harry gets away though a spiral staircase hidden in the wall behind a light-coloured curtain. These stairs lead to a large room which isn't in the films nor in the books. Its ceiling is very high and it's very airy and light, there are big desks at which a few students are working, and sorts of glass cases with prizes won by students and other Hogwarts distinctions. Harry finds among others his father's Quidditch champion.
      Harry has only come to see the plaques again, but he also finds a very beautiful, ancient-looking book, with golden letters and metal bits. Something along the lines of "For Harry Papa" is written on it in gold leaf.
      In that world, every one knows that Potter means Father
      (Star Wars influence) so Harry thinks that the book is meant for him, but he hasn't got the time to open it since Hermione comes in through the other entrance, opposite the spiral staircase: large straight stone stairs leading to a double door.
      He goes with her, and as they walk though the doors chatting, a gust of wind lifts a curtain, just before the straight staircase, revealing a very dark, wooden spiral staircase. They slip behind the curtain: there hardly any light, and it illuminates a few dust specks in the air.
      The stairs go down to their right. In it they see a strange creature sweeping (not a house elf) which doesn't see them. They decide to go up, on their left. After two flights of steps, they reach a long dormitory where similar creatures are making the beds.
      The creatures apologize, saying they didn't think they would arrive so soon, they tell them to make themselves at home and leave. The dormitory has beds alongside the walls with green sheets. At the end, there's a window through which you can see the park. Harry and Hermione understand that the dormitory is where the candidates to the Goblet of Fire will sleep. This room especially is for the French, whose champion is... Cedric Diggory.
      Hermione wants to see the girls' room, and crosses to the other side, through the boys' bathroom. In it, she's horrified to find some more of those half-formed, half-naked creatures sitting on the sinks and the tubs. She then walks into the girls' bathroom, just as filled with creatures.
      When she goes back to Harry in the boys' dormitory, the Beauxbatons guests arrive (just the boys) and they start a waterfight. Harry and Hermione lose and have to flee, drenched.
      Later, Hermione goes back there with a water bottle, intent on seeking revenge, but the only boy she finds there didn't take part in the fight and in is fact charming. Disappointing, she meets with Harry on a terrace. She's so hot that she pours the water on herself to get cooler.
    3. The dream of the flooded valley and of the drowned boy

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:03 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Date unsure, before or around 2002.

      One of the longest and most detailed dreams I have ever had.

      My name is Marion and I am antarcticologist. It's night-time and with my friends François and Elodie* aboard our ship, I am en route to the South Pole. We "park" near the ice cap, and François and I take to measure the thickness of the ice cap while Elodie, hands in her pockets, is observing us from far away. The ice cap is 3 metres (10 ft) thick. We then decide to go back to the closest harbour: Cape Town in South Africa (we can already see the lights from Antarctica). Once in Cape Town, we must navigate between the wharves to find a place to park our ship.
      When it is done, I stroll a little in the docks. There are stacks of wooden boxes everywhere, on which you can climb like on a mountain. While I am having my little walk, I see a young man** hiding in one of the empty boxes, the side of which is missing. People are looking for him, calling him a thief. He hasn't seen me and, feeling some sort of sympathy towards him, I do not denounce him.
      Later, my dog and my cat*** go to the hotel to prepare the rooms we had booked. (yes, they can talk). When my friends and I join them, the hotel manager gives us a tour of the hotel. It is built on the side of a valley, near what looks like a big lake, and it also is a camp park. But there is not pitch whose number is under 26, because all these pitches were flooded when a dam broke, and the valley has been flooded since then: there was no lake before. There is also a football field (soccer, for you Americans), which is half flooded too (it is not plane). We are told that 10 years ago, a child tragically drowned there.
      Back inside the hotel. While walking in the corridor, I see a door which is ajar. Inside, the thief is negotiating with a babushka for an expensive object. When the deal is done, I see the old lady putting her money in her shoes' heels. It is a very well known technique among thieves (although I have no idea of how I know that). The thief sees me and kind of wink at me, and I wonder if he may have seen me the first time.
      Then I go back to the football pitch and I have a flash-back of the little boy's death. There was a match between two children's teams on the pitch, although half of it was under water. In the "deep end", there was up to one metre of water (3ft). After the match, one of the boys, the goal, went looking for the ball, under water**** He knew the ball was on the other side of the fence, so he bent under water, slipped his hand between the (how do you call that ???) lozenges of the fence to pull the ball towards him, and his glove got stuck in the fence, and he drowned. When people realized he was missing, it was too late.
      Back to present time. I am leaning on the concrete rail with Olivier Atton*****, thinking about this drama. Oliver is positive, it is a murder disguised in accident. How could the football be behind the fence? It was too high for the ball to get there.
      Another flashback of my own childhood : I was on a train stopped in the middle of a flooded nowhere. There was water up until the wheels. It was raining. The train was empty, except for me.

      *who do not really exist. Exceptionally in this dream, original characters have names.
      **looking like Sidney Bristow's fair haired friend in Alias.
      ***original characters again. I don't have a dog, and none of my cats can speak anyway
      **** Yes, I know. But in that world, footballs don't float. (I should have seen it as a dream sign, just like the talking dog and cat, or seeing Cape Town's lights from Antarctica, but I didn't even know about LD at the time)
      ***** the French name of Captain Tsubasa, a manga football player.
    4. The dream of Poulgolo cloister

      by , 06-17-2010 at 09:56 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Before 2002.

      Poulgolo is part of a moor on Quiberon peninsula, in which relatives possessed a small patch of land without any building, just heather and pine trees. In this dream my grandmother gave me a guided tour of the property, the biggest part of which I didn't know. Other members of my family, such as my younger cousin Joss, my uncle Pivy, were also there. There was actually a cloister on the property, or a half-cloister (only two "walls"), turned North-West. The rays of the setting sun enlightens the place through the pillars. On the East side of the cloister is a huge room with only three walls (the South side is open), without any window or light, so that seen from the entrance, it looks empty. In fact when you progress into it, you can see that the wall on the other side is not finished, there is a 60 cm (2 ft) opening between it and the ground, on all the length, hidden in darkness. We all get into it, using church candles to give us light. Behind the wall, the room is a really huge amphitheatre (or a giant stairway?) going down earth's depths. We walk down for several minutes. It is very wet, there are puddles and moss grows, so it is very slippery. We can't really see the walls on either side. We finally reach the bottom, where there isn't anything particular, just a big stone wall. We go back up the "stairs". My grandmother gives me the cloister and its secret amphitheatre.

      I cannot really interpret this. Someone give me something that was kept secret, so it must be of some value, but in the end it is a dead end.

      A regular pattern in my dreams : I discover that a place I thought I knew was in fact much bigger, with underground levels or hidden passageways. In my list of dreams, this features is joined with the criteria "something is not what it looks like".
      Another systematic feature: the orientation. In my dreams there's always a North, East... (and so on). Geographically speaking, it is most of the time very coherent, to the point that I can draw maps of the locations.
      Another common feature : religious locations. Many dreams occur in churches, monasteries or religious looking-buildings, even when there is no religious "action". It is worth mentioning since I am the most obtuse atheist. Is my unconscious calling for more religion in my life? Or should I say "was it", since I less frequently dream of such places these days?