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    The shipwreck and being stranded with Galou

    by , 09-24-2010 at 09:23 PM (705 Views)


    I was woken up at 6:00 by a noisy male student's voice. I opened the curtain and saw that a flat on the floor above and in front of me had its door open and light flooding out. A girl was standing on the deck and noticed me. i went back to sleep, ready to put my ear plugs on, but the girl must have asked to boy to shut up because the noise ceased. Thank you, unknown girl! The dream occured next.
    I was on a small ship leaving Central America for Europe. Not too far from the shore, I noticed several people in the water (over a dozen). None of them seemed to panic. It was weird. I hesitated to offer them to get on my ship because they were so numerous that they might cap-size it. There were other small ships and I wondered which they fell from.
    I soon realized that the ships (and the castaways) had been involved in some conflict between drug or illegal immigrant smugglers. I decided not to get mixed in because those people can be troublesome, but then I saw my friend Galou in the water. She was trying to hold on to her two young daughters.
    (In truth, Galou only has a 5-month-old baby boy)
    Then my ship disappeared (?) and I was in the water. I helped Galou by holding one of her girls. The sea took us to a tiny sand beach surrounded by rocky, sharp cliffs. The girls were not with us anymore, but that didn't distress us.
    We were tired and cold and hungry. A strange, chaotic rock formation sprouted out of the sand. We tried to find shelter in the rock chaos. I climbed on top of the formation. Two electric wires connected to a small light bulb. The night was falling, and I realized that the light was too weak to be seen from hypothetical rescue ships. However I had my laptop, and I thought to use to power to power it (because it's a magical laptop that can resist sea water!) and maybe send someone a email to tell our relatives that we have survived.
    When I got down from the rocks, Galou had prepared driftwood to light a fire. I made sparks with the wires to start the fire. Galou had collected seaweed to eat, but in a small cave we found canned food that had either been stocked here or that came from a shipwreck.
    We spent the night there. We were still scared of the smugglers, because, as witnesses to their dealings, we could be seen as threats.
    In the morning, we noticed one of the smugglers' ships coming towards our beach. Uh oh... We decided to try and climb the rocks to get away. Galou went to the west, and I went to the north, more or less along the shore. But since there were many boulders I felt like I could hide.
    Some gunmen landed on the beach. I hid behind the boulders but one of them saw me. I knew it was hopeless so I didn't move. He found me and shot me twice, once in the back (and the bullet went through my chest) and one in the bum
    (probably inspired by the horrible bruise I got on my backside falling down the stairs while moving furniture out an attic). It hurt badly but I realized I could perhaps survive my wounds, so I played dead. The gunman was satisifed and left.
    The rest of the dream is in 3rd person perspective as I follow Galou.
    Galou has managed to reach almost the top of the cliff. There's a half-ruined castle which we couldn't see from the beach. She is also pursued by the gunmen. Nearing the castle, she has to cross over a precipice on a single stone beam to reach safer grounds.
    She then tries to hide inside the castle, and realize that it's not empty. There's a nun living there. A cat nun from New Earth (Doctor Who)! The nun agrees to hide Galou. She tucks her in a shady corner.
    The gunmen get in and ask the nun if she's seen the runaway. She says she hasn't and pretend Galou is a statue, using her as a stand for her tray, as she offers the gunmen drinks.
    She has her servant bring the tray in. It's Jar Jar Bink,
    and I remember thinking as I watched his feet on the carpet (through Galou's eyes): that CGI is rubbish, it's scintillating!
    Later, after the gunmen are gone, I manage to get up (back in my own body) despite my wounds and limp back to the beach, were I am reunited with Galou.

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