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    The three Jonas fairy godmothers

    by , 09-17-2010 at 02:07 PM (557 Views)
    I woke up at 6:54 and went back to sleep.
    I dreamt of St Trinian's 2: Fritton's Gold. I haven't seen the end of the film so imagined it.
    Annabelle and her aunt were in their family house by the sea. The Fritton pirate ship was stranded on the seaside. Because the house sat on a hill, you could only see the top of the middle mast from the window.
    To get to the treasure, the Trinian girls had to find something to replace the missing masts. 3 fairy godmothers appeared. The first one took Annabelle to Nelson's statue. Nelson's sword flew out of its hand and turned into a TV antenna to replace the first mast. Nelson then started moving and flew away like Superman.
    The second fairy godmother helped another girl. Then the 3rd godmother turned out to be one of the Jonas brothers. They were on stage singing, and the Jonas godmother sang a song to his fiancée. She was called Selena Gomez and the song went something like "Elle s'appelle Selena Gomez" and then continued in English with a rhyme in "maze".

    And then my alarm rang at 7:30.

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